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Tulip 06-21-2004 08:05 PM

How Do You Feel - Wand at LT and Pitts at LG?
I personally am not thrilled at the idea of basically starting from scratch again at the tackle spot.

I would have given Pitts another year at tackle. But I know that I've been in the minority for a long time on that one. Everyone has been talking about moving him to guard since before his first start.

What is your preference?

Fiddy 06-21-2004 08:18 PM

I am in that same thought about starting over at LT, I dont want to sacrifice Carr's life. But from what I have read and heard is that Wand has worked in the weight room and has really increased his strength. I also think that Pitts has the chance to be a good LT, but a dominate LG. But the difference is that if Wand does falter we have Pitts to fall back on.

Pitts did an admirable job last year. Holding Jason Taylor to goose eggs isnt very easy.

beerlover 06-21-2004 08:42 PM

Texan fans should be thrilled, seems Wand is way ahead of schedule & Pitts continues to improve plus moving him to his natural position, with the addition of Wade to the right tackle the offensive line will be much improved. The only thing to fear is injury, hopefully we'll have better luck in this area.

Vinny 06-21-2004 08:48 PM

I feel great about it and I am one of Pitts biggest supporters. He is a dominating run blocker and will make a dynamite Guard. Pitts was always alone at LT. He had journeymen Guards beside him and no help since we always needed to help our RT. This year Wand will have a solid NFL player beside him in Pitts and we don't need to help Wade at RT. This is not even close to the same scenario as Pitts had his first year. Wand will get the help Pitts couldn't and he is built more like a LT and can use his long legs and long arms to leverage edge/speed rushers easier than the stockier, shorter Pitts.

BornOrange 06-21-2004 10:07 PM

Remember that this move is not final. Changes that occur in the spring don't always hold up after a few weeks of training camp. The promotion of Wand to starting left tackle and the move of Pitts to left guard could be looked at several different ways:
1. The coaches think this is the best lineup.
2. The coaches are rewarding Wand for hard work and improvement.
3. The coaches are trying to light a fire under Milford Brown.

Remember that a lot of lineup changes before the summer are meant as motivational tools. This could just be the coaching staff's way of motivating somebody into doing something. It could be that the staff wants to see how Wand will hold up during exhibition games. If Pitts needs to return to left tackle, he could easily make the adjustment after a couple of preseason games.

I personally think that the coaching staff is making this move because of a combination of all three motives I mentioned above. They see Wand as being the left tackle of the future and would like to see how he would work out, and to see how Pitts would be as a guard. They also want to reward Wand for his hard work by showing confidence in him, and if they end up moving Pitts back to left tackle they will make it clear to Wand that he is the left tackle of the future, just not the present. Also, they want to light a fire under Brown/Weary/Washington to compete for the left guard spot and show that the position isn't a weakness that needs to be addressed by moving Pitts.

BuffSoldier 06-21-2004 10:13 PM

Wand is massive and has good footwork and technique, it all came down to him getting stronger and extending his long arms. He has gotten stronger and hopefuly the coaching staff has gotten him to extend his arms, if so, he could be at least an above average LT this year and could become a very good LT by 2005. Also by moveing Pitts to LG we are able to place him back in his natural position , where I think he has chances to be a Pro-Bowl caliber player, it improves the line in so many ways.

Hervoyel 06-21-2004 10:46 PM

I'm thinking this move is a really good sign. After what happened in 2002 I don't think the coaches would make this move if they didn't think that Wand was ready for it. Plus they know that if things get out of hand they can go right back to Pitts a LT and it won't be a problem. This potentially could be a truly great line and the coaches seem to think the chances are good enoug that it's time to put it together and see what happens.

I don't see a negative here.

clandestin 06-21-2004 10:57 PM

I expect there to be some growing pains with Wand manning the LT spot, particularly in the early season--there's just no replacement for game experience. With the upgrade at LG though I expect the left sides net performance to improve by the middle of the season. Casserly and Capers have clearly taken a trial by fire approach to this team, with Carr, AJ, Robinson, Babin, Gaffney, etc. expected to come in and learn on the job.

One advantage Wand will have this season is that our division isn't particularly stacked with premiere pass-rushing REs. Freeny leads this group, but as an undersized speed rusher I think Wand's superior footspeed makes him a better match then Pitts. Kearse is gone with a likely rookie replacement in Tennesee. Hugh Douglas in jacksonville is getting old, and Brackens has some injury concerns (I don't think j-ville has decided which is playing RE yet.)

I'm looking forward to seeing how Wand handles TB's Simeon Rice in the last pre-season game. It should be a good barometer on what we can expect out of Wand this year.

infantrycak 06-22-2004 07:26 AM


A number of people donít know Wand has a learning disability. In university, the school had average-to-less-than-average coaches for the line at least as far as dealing with a learning disability.
This was what NFL.com had in Wand's prospect profile.


Has a documented learning disability that could pose problems digesting a complicated play book.
Has anyone seen any better description of what the learning disability is?

In any event, Boselli was quoted last year saying Wand was the fastest learning Olineman he had ever worked with. I would think demonstrating knowledge of the playbook and necessary techniques would have been a prerequisite to the Texans putting him in at LT.

ArlingtonTexan 06-22-2004 07:48 AM

Often a learning disability means that a person can't learn in a certain environment or a certain manner, does not mean that the guy can't learn and even learn quickly.

BTW, I think this is the year let Wand adjust to the left tackle position. The texans as a team have a shot at the playoffs, but are the classic "year away" unless Indy and Tenn have major injuries are fall back to the pack unexpectedly.

nunusguy 06-22-2004 09:20 AM

Richard Branson, one of the worlds great entreprenuers, has a learning disablity but it didn't stop him from becoming a billionaire. In his case its dyslexia - so there's all kinds of LD but it doesn't mean you can't succeed. According to Wand's bio he majored in MIS - thats computers if you didn't know ! So he's obviously not a drooling *****.
I happen to be a native Missorian like Wand and know something about his
alma mata - Northwest Missouri State in Maryville, Mo. To say it is small college is a huge understatement - he must have been blown away when he
came from there to play in the NFL just last year. If this guy does turn out to
be our team's long term left tackle - my hat is off to Cass for a real "find" from

sprtsfanatic 06-22-2004 09:33 AM

I'll have to agree with most members here. I feel great about the move. It shows that Wand has progressed at an unimaginable rate, besides with the Boss man being his mentor and teaching him all the trades of the position I cant wait to see him there.

For all of you "the glass is half empty" frame of minded guys....like many have mentioned if Wand isn't ready...Pitts could always move back and take care of Carrs blind side.

But for now, I like what I hear coming out of our mini camp about Wand and I think he'll be more than ready to make the leap to the starting line.

TheOgre 06-22-2004 09:58 AM

I think this is the perfect time to do it. This is a transitional season for us. We have several guys moving to new positions. I would rather Wand learn this year than next. I am earmarking year 4 as our breakout year. Could it happen this year? Sure. Is it as likely with all of the roster reshuffling? I don't think so.

I'm curious to see Milford Brown's progress this season. Hopefully he can live up to his potential. If so he might push one of the interior linemen.

I like Pitts at LG. He will be a Pro Bowler there some day IMO. He is a great run blocker and playing on the inside should improve his pass-blocking as well.

J-Man 06-22-2004 10:18 AM

One good thing I have noticed about this thread is that it all boils down to we have what appears to be a solid line and no matter who is in the starting 5 there is some decent backups waiting in the wings.

I like Wand and I think it is a testament to the scouting crew and CC that we found someone like him. As for laying him on the line at LT...does any of us truly believe and Dom and CC wouldn't have made some moves on LT (maybe even moving Wade to that spot) if we were concerned about the strength of that position? I am pretty anxious for the preseason to get going so I can actually observe these guys functioning as a unit...the ability to work as a unit is key for zone blocking schemes to work. I would suspect that chemistry among the O-line might have be a factor in ordering the depth chart.

Lucky 06-22-2004 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by Lazarus
A number of people donít know Wand has a learning disability. In university, the school had average-to-less-than-average coaches for the line at least as far as dealing with a learning disability. So for all intents and purposes, Wand has only one year, last year, with quality personnel who have the time Ėand the snap Ė to be able to teach someone with such a disability....

Could you expound on the nature of Wand's disability, how it relates to football, and what the problems Wand had in deciphering instructions in college? This is news to me, considering how well Seth came off in interviews last training camp. And he's clearly not let it hold him back in the NFL where most feel he's a year ahead of schedule. What's the scoop?

El Tejano 06-22-2004 02:56 PM

Well I don't think the strength is really the issue here. I do believe Wand might be liability to us penalty wise. I am not basing this opinion on one game but the Jets game last season is a good example of what we can expect this season. He plays well and can handle the duties but his inexperience might kill a few scoring drives. Now this is a problem that can be easily corrected and hopefully solved during camp so I expect to have a very decent line.

Also you have Mark Bruener to help now, unlike Pitts who had no real help out there, so this would be the time to make the changes.

Again, I am not saying Wand will cause all kinds of penalties but his lack of experience might show in that department.

rittenhouserobz 06-22-2004 04:16 PM

I think Wand will get the experience that is needed for him to develop into the player that the Texans want him to be. I think Carr will be more demanding of Wand's discipline than Capers. No matter what happens Wand's game will improve this year.

Tulip 06-22-2004 04:33 PM

Wand will probably get lots of penalties at first. It comes with the territory.

infantrycak 06-22-2004 06:31 PM


Well I don't think the strength is really the issue here. I do believe Wand might be liability to us penalty wise. I am not basing this opinion on one game but the Jets game last season is a good example of what we can expect this season. He plays well and can handle the duties but his inexperience might kill a few scoring drives.
More than Pitts? IMO Pitts has did a wonderfull job last year except he committed way too many penalties. The holds don't bother me--hey keep the QB off his back and not-injured, but he had a bunch of false starts trying hard on speed rushers--nervous feet. Still did a great job but I suspect Wand won't be any worse in that regard and Pitts should settle down considerably at LG.

Ediddy73 06-22-2004 06:38 PM

how do you feel-Wand at LT...
one word....nervous

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