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JDizzle 06-11-2004 09:56 AM

Trade talks with Dallas over Antonio Bryant
HoustonProFootball reported (from ProFootball Weekly) today that the Texans have initiated trade talks with The Cowboys for a possible trade for Bryant.

I wonder what we 'could' be putting on the table for this alleged trade negotiation.

WWJD 06-11-2004 10:20 AM

That's interesting.

I thought the general consensus was that he was a troublemaker and they had decided to stay away from players whose reputation preceded them!

Hervoyel 06-11-2004 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by WWJD
That's interesting.

I thought the general consensus was that he was a troublemaker and they had decided to stay away from players whose reputation preceded them!

Which makes me wonder what the Texans brain trust feels like it knows about Bryant that we don't. Curious. I can't honestly say that I don't already like our recieving corp as it is so I don't much see a need for this guy. I also can't say that any particular part of our team looks bad to me so nobody comes to mind who I'd like to see traded to get him.

Unless of course they're talking about an Antonio Bryant - Jonathan Wells trade straight up.

After all Jonathan just needs a change of scenery to reach his full potential right? He'd be a monster back for the Cowboys.

WWJD 06-11-2004 10:58 AM

I was just reading up on Bryant.

He has attitude problems; physically he has all the tools to be a top-notch receiver.

He's made some tough catches for the Cowboys but overall has not been as good as they expected. In an area where there is need he has not made the extra effort to be the clutch receiver they need.

I think he's just another very immature athlete that doesn't respect authority at all.

He must know by now that that will not work with Coach Parcells who has the reputation of taking NOTHING off his players

Coach Capers is cut from the same cloth I think as Coach Parcells.

edo783 06-11-2004 11:06 AM

He is upset that he is their 3rd reciever and isn't very involved with the offense so if he is only their 3rd, why would we be interested in him?

Vinny 06-11-2004 11:12 AM

I am a bit surprised HPF is running with Profootballtalk.com's story as a front-page piece. Profootballtalk.com is the National Enquirer of internet sports. It is a pure gossip outlet. It may have some merit, but I have to give this one a wait and see before I buy into it.

Bryant is enormously talented and we may feel we can get him on the cheap. Just remember we practiced with him the last two years so we have had an up-close look at the WR.

El Tejano 06-11-2004 11:41 AM

Well, he might be able to be that 2nd WR we are looking for that does not disappear in games. It kind of makes me wonder what our depth is looking like to the coaches. Wasn't Bryant taken by the Cowboys during our inaugural season? I think he was a first rounder and that could make for a pretty good receiving corp.

Vinny 06-11-2004 11:42 AM

Gaffney and Bradford never disappeared in games. Carr struggled to find his secondary receivers the first two years. Gaffney and Bradford were wide open over and over and over last year and Carr would just dump it down to Davis as the safe toss.

SESupergenius 06-11-2004 12:07 PM

Gaffney and Bradford were open a FEW times but not much. With the collapsing pocket around contantly the o-line bares a lot to blame there too. We had 2 QB's knocked out because of the line play, one of them twice! It's no wonder Carr would be hurrying things.

Vinny 06-11-2004 12:08 PM

On TV that is hard to tell. When I go to games I can see the secondary. Just my opinion. You could be right though. eek:

SESupergenius 06-11-2004 12:34 PM

Well that's the way it is in Madden!

Vinny 06-11-2004 12:48 PM

Ses, to be fair I'm giving Carr a fresh start this year since I have been a bit tough on him last year. He finally has all the tools and a quality line. I'm looking forward to his maturity as an NFL QB. He is a great guy and a hard worker.

BuffSoldier 06-11-2004 01:09 PM

I think Gaffney and Bradford were open more than a few times, they were open alot, especially late in games because teams were starting to key on DD and AJ, which left a lot of the downfield open to the receivers Carr just never looked past the two rooks. But anyway, I wouldnt be against the trade, but I really dont know who we would trade for him, being a 2nd rounder and all. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery, or a good QB. idonno: And if DC wants to trade for him, he probably thinks he can control his attitude.

Doug 06-11-2004 01:23 PM

Both Parcells and DC don't take **** from players but I've seen how Parcells talks to his players and acts like he has no respect for them so they'll try harder to earn his respect and feels he has to be an *** all the time in order to get things done. DC is nothing like that. They both handle their players in completely different manners. DC is firm in what he says and demands just as much respect but goes about it in a different way. May be I'm wrong in my opinion because I'm on the outside looking in but that's just me.

SESupergenius 06-11-2004 02:26 PM

ok then I will give Pitts and Gaffney a new slate this year. I am not too fond of them but will start with brand new pair of eyes.

Porky 06-11-2004 02:27 PM

Like Vinny, I'm skeptical of the report. While supremely talented, he has also proven throughout his college and pro career that his talent stops at his neck. If he gets his head screwed on straight, there's not a team in the league who wouldn't want him. The Texans have to answer several questions. First, do they want to take a chance on upsetting team chemistry, by introducing a me-first type who may challenge the coaches and other players - ie, do they want a potential cancer. Secondly, does the upside potential physical talent outweigh the potential risks in attitude, desire, and chemistry? There have been many a coach who thought he could turn a guy around. Maybe Capers thinks he can, who knows. Lastly, if they answer in the affrmative to the above, then the third equation is what is he worth? Personally, although ironic, I wouldn't give up a third for him. I might take a gamble with a fourth. That is why they get the big bucks though.

If the guy wakes up, he has first round talent, and would make a great one-two punch with AJ, with Gaffney in the slot. I would use Bradford in the 4 WR package, with Sloan Thomas and Armstrong probably duking it out for the 5th spot. I doubt they keep 6, but you never know.

Hervoyel 06-11-2004 02:33 PM

Well, on the "Gaffney and Bradford were/were not open" question and whether or not Carr gave them the needed looks" question I think it's important to dissect the seasons.

First off you can pretty much throw out almost all of 2002. We all know about the pass protection problems of year 1. That season even if he had had Davis to throw to it wouldn't have made much difference. Between Carr's imaturity and the lines poor play he often didn't have the time to even give his primary reciever a good look. That leads to 2003...

2003 was surprisingly good in terms of how many times Carr got sacked but it's not like 2003 happened all by itself. It followed 2002 so many times Carr reacted exactly like a guy who had just been through a 76 sack season one year before. That's not a knock on Carr. Find anyone not gun shy after taking a beating like that and I'll be surprised. Still in 2003 it led to Carr focusing on his primary reciever and then when the protection finally started showing signs of giving way he went to his safety valve quickly. It helped that his safety valve in this case was DD who could do some damage but he went to him soon. Too soon at times maybe.

I've probably watched the 2003 season more than almost anyone on this board. I've been burning DVD's of it for people most of the off-season and every time I make a DVD I spend some time watching it. Many of them I've watched almost all the way through and it happens often. Believe me, they're open quite a bit. They just weren't getting the looks.

The good news is that last year Carr took a very acceptable amount of punishment compared to other QB's in the league. Our line looks to be possibly even better in 2004 so he should start to see some consistent time this year. With 2002 fading into the past I expect him to take the time to see more of the field and check on those 2nd and 3rd options more this year. You can be sure that if we've seen it from games on television and in person then Chris Palmer and Dom Capers certainly know about it and will be working with David to get those other recievers more involved in the games.

El Tejano 06-11-2004 02:47 PM

Shouldn't alot of the quick dumps also be pointed toward the offense wanting to do alot of three step drop type passes? That might've had alot to do with Bradford and Gaff not getting alot of catches also. I do believe Carr will be standing taller alot more this season in the pocket with time to make better decisions but that may also lead to more INTs.

dalemurphy 06-11-2004 02:48 PM

Let's get Bryant!
The guy could be a great WR... I've not seen a lot of evidence of an attitude problem (i know that he has a reputation from college). He definitely suffered from a lack of confidence catching the ball midseason last year, though. However, getting into a fight with Keyshawn Johnson hardly has "bad seed" written all over it. I guess he threw his jersey at Parcells also... Obviously, that's not good- however, Parcells was raving about the kid last year. I'd like to give him a chance...

Our team is to the point where it's character and leadership is established enough so that we can bring in some reclaimation projects without it infected the organization. This would be a great opportunity to do just that!

Fiddy 06-11-2004 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by __V__
Gaffney and Bradford never disappeared in games. Carr struggled to find his secondary receivers the first two years. Gaffney and Bradford were wide open over and over and over last year and Carr would just dump it down to Davis as the safe toss.

That is what I was trying to say in another thread. Carr was too quick to dump it down to Davis when Gaff and Bradford were open downfield.

But on Bryant, I dont think we will go after him unless Capers, Palmer, and Casserly thinks that he could be a better #2 WR then Gaff. I like Gaff and I remember reading a quote on profootballweekly.com that one of the coaches thinks that he has the tools to be a good #1 WR.

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