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welsh texan 02-10-2005 03:10 PM

hi guys, i am welsh and have recently been introduced to the NFL by a number of my mates in school over here in Britain, my Dad lives in houston so i thought you guys would be as good a team as any to support.

so basically i've only watched a couple of games on telly, including the superbowl this year and last (at your place, great stadium!)

problem is, i only know the basic rules, and can only name 2 players- carr and sharper.

so really, i was hoping that one of you guys could give me a 'bluffers giude' to NFL and houston texans to get me started for next season.

thing is, over here we're more into football (oops, suppose you guys prefer 'soccer') (i support Chester City FC, a very small club in a very low league)

thanks for your time, Ben

Grid 02-10-2005 03:45 PM

I cant give you any site that really goes over the basics.. however I was fairly ignorant of the game when I started coming here back in 2002.. and ive since become "fairly" knowledgable. At least enough that I can pass myself off as knowing more than i do :). Im not at my house right now, but ill give it a look when i get home and see if I can find anything. But, if ya hang around and ask questions im sure everyone here will be more than happy to let ya know whats going on.

Grid 02-10-2005 03:58 PM

well... that really really really freakin sucks. I just wrong a LOOOOONG post explaining the 3-4 defense.. and a few other players of ours you need to keep an eye on.. and since im not at my home computer.. when I hit post it said I needed to log in again.. then it deleted my post :).

SO.. im incredibly freakin pissed and im just gonna go ahead and log off.. ill rewrite it all when i get home.

sorry dude.

welsh texan 02-10-2005 04:17 PM

cheers m8 :jumpbanan

SheTexan 02-10-2005 05:11 PM

Welcome to the board Welsh Texan! Just spend some time reading some of these threads. You will learn a lot of stuff about the Texans, your fellow Texan fans, and about the NFL in general. Players kind of come and go every off season, so just keep up with the front page. If you would like, check out TexansTalk.com for a more personal type of MB. Glad to have you here. We have several fans from across the "big pond." I am sure they will chat with you soon.

Grid 02-10-2005 05:24 PM

OK.. the basics. Here are the basics of the Texans. Some of the stuff im gonna explain you may already know, but im just gonna assume that you dont.. just to try and avoid confusion.

We run a 3-4 defense. Most teams run a 4-3 defense. What that means is that most teams have 4 defensive linemen (the guys on the line of scrimmage in the 3 point stance) and 3 Linebackers (the guys standing behind the linemen)

That is two Defensive ends (the linemen on the outside.) and two Defensive tackles (the linemen on the endside) as well as two Outside linebackers and 1 inside linebackers (like sharper)

We run a 3-4 defense though.. that has 3 linemen (2 ends, 1 tackle) and 4 linebackers (2 outside, 2 inside)

Some people say that the 3-4 is more versatile and fast, others say that the 4-3 is. Personally.. I see it like this.

The 3-4 is a more versatile defense because of the many "looks" you can give the opposing offense. with 4 linebackers, you can blitz the QB in many different ways (blitz = sending alot of defenders to try to tackle the QB before he throws the ball).

I think that the 4-3 is faster though.. because they dont need such big linemen. (the 3-4 needs huge 300+ pound linemen because their job is to tie up as many offensive linemen as possible to free up the linebackers and give them holes to blitz through). the 4-3 can have smaller 250-270 pound Dlinemen who can do the blitzing and such.

I dont think either defense is better than the other, but I like the 3-4. When it is working its a beautiful defense, and you can get superstar quality 3-4 players in the later rounds (cause it requires a different kind of player, and not many teams use the 3-4 so more of that kind of player is available in the draft)

As for our offense.. we run a "conservative" offense. What that means is we dont try to trick the opponent, we just run our plays and challenge the other guy to stop us. Its a straight forward, smashmouth kind of attitude. We like to run the ball, but we have a great QB and a great receiving corp, so throwing the ball is just as common in our offense as running. But running the ball, moving the chains(gettings first downs), and controlling the clock.. that is how we play.

Our problems, currently, are our Oline, and our Dline.

On the Oline.. we are struggling to protect Carr. We have started using a new blocking scheme that isnt widely used. its called Zone Blocking. The strength of this scheme is that it can REALLY improve your running game. The Denver broncos have been running the zone blocking scheme for a while, and it doesnt matter WHO you have running the ball for them, he will have a 1000yard rushing season behind that line. So.. we struggled last season but I think with another offseason to train, we will be good in that department.

The Dline. Our Dline is old and injured (except for Robaire Smith). Payne and Walker are both getting up their in years, and Payne has had two seasons now with bad knee injuries. They are not doing a very good job of tieing up olinemen and it is hurting our pass rush (putting pressure on the QB on passing downs). Without a pass rush, the opposing offense is more easily able to throw the ball on you and get completions. Our stats show that teams were willing to just sit back and pass all day against us, and that aint good. SO.. look for us to pick up some new linemen over the offseason.

Our Strengths.

Our defensive secondary (the Secondary are the guys behind the linebackers on defense. Your Cornerbacks and Safties, who are responsible for covering the opposing wide receivers.) The stats dont show it but we actually have a very strong secondary. With some help from the pass rush, I think we will be in VERY good shape in the secondary. We were one of the league leaders in interceptions this season.

Our passing game. When Carr gets protection.. he has a great arm, great accuracy.. and a slew of top notch receivers to throw too. When we are on our game.. our passing attack is unstoppable.

Some other players you should know about on our team.

Andre Johnson: Probably the most well known player on our team here in the states. He was a rookie last season, and is going to the pro bowl this season. he is a physical freak of nature at Wide Receiver. Hes huge, hes fast, has great hands and can do some amazing stuff. Hes considered by most to be a top 10 receiver in the league, and will most likely cement himself a spot in the top 5 within a couple seasons. The cool thing about him is he is very quiet, and very humble.. things that you rarely if ever see in a superstar WR. Thing is, on the field they call him "Angry Dre" cause when those cornerbacks start talking smack to him, he gets mad and runs all over them :).

Domanick Davis: Our Running Back (the guy who runs the ball on offense). He came in in the 4th week last season and totally owned. Hes a small, shifty RB.. but hes very hard to tackle and can power through defenders for extra yardage. his only weakness is his size, which has caused some injury problems over the last couple seasons. With some help from our Oline(which hasnt been too good lately) he wont take so much of a beating and will have less issues.

Dunta Robinson: Our rookie this year who really showed his stuff. he SHOULD have been the Defensive Rookie of the Year but he got robbed by a guy who plays in New York (new york players always get more press). He was one of the best Cornerbacks in the league, if not THE best. The neat thing about him is that he doesnt play like other cornerbacks. He does a great job covering his guys, and he is a ball hawk (gets interceptions).. but he also loves to tackle, and thats rare. Hes an awesome tackler and has a slew of highlight reel hits from this season. including a couple QB sacks and forced fumbles.

These three guys you definatly need to keep an eye on.. and also, as you hang out around here you will hear about some more of our quality players like Jason Babin, Chester Pitts, Derrick Armstrong, Antwan Peek, Seth Payne, Jabar Gaffney, Glen Earl, Robaire Smith.. etc..etc..

OK.. hope that helps some and isnt too confusing.

Blake 02-10-2005 05:38 PM

Ben, Check this out. http://www.nfl.com/fans/rules/

It has alot of good info on rules, and regulations.

Then when you are ready to learn about the texans, go to. http://www.houstontexans.com


jagualex 02-10-2005 06:50 PM

If zone blocking is as succesfull in denver as it is, then why dont other teams use it, if other teams do please list them. im curious to know how such a good blocking scheme isnt popular.

Grid 02-10-2005 07:02 PM

other teams use it to a certain degree. Sort of like how 3-4 teams use the 4-3 at times and 4-3 teams use the 3-4 at times.

Why dont other teams use it as "their scheme" im not really sure. Maybe because you have to teach an old dog new tricks to get your line working right? Or maybe there are drawbacks to it that im not aware of.. I dunno.

Maybe its just cause it hasnt "caught on" yet. I mean.. really denver has only been considered "the best rushing Oline in the game" for about 3 or 4 seasons now.

TexansTrueFan 02-10-2005 10:05 PM

watching the games sure must be confusing if ya have no idea whats going on. Just think first downs, holding, safeties.

infantrycak 02-10-2005 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by welsh texan
so really, i was hoping that one of you guys could give me a 'bluffers giude' to NFL and houston texans to get me started for next season.

Check out
About Football for basics on the game. As for info on the Texans try reading through the articles on the main Texans page and reading through the discussions here.

welsh texan 02-11-2005 09:56 AM

cheers guys, a lot of info, (i think i kept up with most of your post Grid, will print it off to use as i learn) it really is confusing to watch at first, especially when you change the whole team from offence to defence! also, beeing used to soccer, the transfer system with football is totally baffling, and with football being on in the middle of the night over here, it's not as if my mates can watch a game with me to take me through it!

"watching the games sure must be confusing if ya have no idea whats going on. Just think first downs, holding, safeties."

i can sort of get the jist of whats going on, 10 yrds = 1st down, you get 4 downs, endzone = 6 pnts + kick for extra 1, 3 pnts for kiking the ball over the post during open play, i just don't get the tactical side, which is what watching sport is about, you can know that the idea is to tackle the guy to stop him from getting through, but you might still not be able to tell the difference between 1 tactic and another, i'll also get madden, it should help me understand things as i play.

cheers for all your help guys, post again if you think of anything you've missed!

jagualex 02-11-2005 11:04 AM

"i'll also get madden, it should help me understand things as i play."

oh how you can learn everything from that game.....its probably the best invention since well electricity :)

Vinny 02-11-2005 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by welsh texan
cheers guys, a lot of info, (i think i kept up with most of your post Grid, will print it off to use as i learn) it really is confusing to watch at first, especially when you change the whole team from offence to defence! also, beeing used to soccer, the transfer system with football is totally baffling, and with football being on in the middle of the night over here, it's not as if my mates can watch a game with me to take me through it!

American football is the ultimate team sport. Both offensive and defensive units that have unique specialties and unique body types for their specialization. The Offensive line will have big 300 pound types that block for the skill position players to create running lanes and to protect the Quarterback so he can pass the ball. The skill players are all faster players who have body types that reflect speed and toughness (take a lot of hits).

On the defensive side you have a “front-7” group of players who are bigger and stronger than the secondary men (4 men who play behind the front-7 players who cover the offensive skill players). The front-7 generally engage the Offensive line close to the line of scrimmage (the yard-line where the ball is marked) and try to disrupt the play.

The basic alignment is always static on offense. The offensive line has 5 men on the line who are the blocking men for the skill guys (ball carriers) and two “ends” on either side covering the Tackle at the end. Either a “Tight” end (hybrid blocker/pass catcher), or a “split” end (Wide receiver). The End needs to “cap” the lines on each side and must line up ON the line of scrimmage. Once the line is set there can only be motion from the skill guys, but if one of the ends goes in motion someone has to step up to the line of scrimmage to “Cap” the line (so to speak) so that you always have 5 men plus someone covering the Tackle at the end.

The defense can line up however they choose and can move around at will.

TEXANS84 02-11-2005 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by jagualex
"i'll also get madden, it should help me understand things as i play."

Madden will help everything. When you play it enough, it will help you figure out the game tremendously.

Tailgate 02-11-2005 01:05 PM

Welcome to the Texans!!! You have picked a GREAT time to join our ranks. Bright years are right ahead for this team (knock on wood).

BUT.... to help with your situation. If you go to the home page and click on multimedia right above the picture.... then click on MORE VIDEOS (kind of small) in the blue center strip with all the white links... that should take you to the video vault. There you will find old highlights, the history, and just about anything else pertaining to the Texans.

What you want to click on are the MATCHUP videos. These will give you great insight to how our team strategizes for upcoming games on a position by position basis. Its a great way to learn the game, our players, and our competitors straight from our coaches themselves.

Good luck!


grandslam1 02-11-2005 01:18 PM

welcome...im from finland myself....

chicagotexan 02-11-2005 02:35 PM

What's a telly? Is that one of those freaky creatures that make those creapy sounds my son watches on television? Is it the bald guy that played Kojak?

welsh texan 02-11-2005 02:49 PM

sorry, it's brittish slang for television, we also say TV sometimes

a few other linguistic differences:
a fender is a bumper
a hood is a bonnet
and saying 'fanny' is very rude

welsh texan 02-11-2005 02:54 PM

i've just been wondering about the draft, could you please go into detail, do NFL teams ever pay money for transfers or is it all done by this draft thing? :um:

also, do you get 'local rivalry'? thing is, with the US being so big i guess it's hard, especially since you don't use a league system, i dunno if you know, but in Soccer we have a league system, where teams are promoted or relegated each season up/down leagues, which allows over 1000 clubs a route to the top league (but it would take many years for them to get there) my club chester, are currently 4 leagues below the top league, but because teams change leagues, we can be big rivals with teams that we wont play most years, we hate wrexham to the point where there is a lot of violence (stabbing, rioting) each time we play, but it creates a lot of excitement, do you have anything at all like this?

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