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texansalltheway 01-31-2005 11:57 PM

My Mock
my mock
1. DE Marcus Spears, LSU
Trade down with St. Louis and pick up their 3rd (from Miami) if one of the top tackles fall to #13. They might lose Pace and Turley and need replacements. We could use depth and an eventualy replacement on the DL

2. C David Baas, Michigan
Get solid protection from the middle McKinney is not a natural C and could push for a spot at Guard

3. OLB Demarcus Ware, Troy St.
Tremondous pass rusher that impressed at Senior Bowl.

3. ILB Marcus Lawerence, South Carolina
Strong, tough and likes too hit and is good in coverage

3. WR/TE Matt Jones, Arkansas
What is a Texans draft without drafting a QB and converting him.

4. S James Butler, Georgia Tech
Another prospect in the secondary we can groom to take over for Coleman

5. RB/FB Manuel White, UCLA
Type of bruiser to help compliment DD

6. TE Anthony Curtis, Portland St.
Sleeper with potential, tall and rangy and a good blocker

7. CB Antwuan Rogers, Purdue
6-2 with 4.4 speed but lean and can be overmatched

Free Agents:
NT Kendrick Clancy
ILB Kendell Bell
CB Gary Baxter

WR Andre Johnson/Derrick Armstrong/Kendrick Starling
WR Jabar Gaffney/Matt Jones/Sloan Thomas
LT Seth Wand/Chester Pitts
LG Steve McKinney/Milford Brown
C David Baas/Todd Washington
RG ZachWiegert/Fred Weary
RT Todd Wade/Garrick Jones
TE Mark Bruener/Billy Miller/Anthony Curtis/Bennie Joppru
QB David Carr/Tony Banks/Dave Ragone/BJ Symons
FB Moran Norris/Manuel White
RB Domanick Davis/Tony Hollings/Manuel White

LDE Gary Walker/Jerry DeLoach
NT Robaire Smith/Kendrick Clancy
RDE Marcus Spears/Junior Ioane
LOLB Jason Babin /Charlie Anderson
LILB Kendell Bell/ Marcus Lawerence
RILB Jamie Sharper/Troy Evans
ROLB DeMarcus Ware/Antwan Peek
LCB Aaron Glenn/Gary Baxter/
SS Glenn Earl/Eric Brown/James Butler
FS Marcus Coleman/Jammal Lord
RCB Dunta Robinson/Demarcus Faggins /Antwaun Rogers

D-ReK 02-01-2005 12:15 AM

Overall, I would like that draft, especially if we could get Curtis in the 6th, he's a low-risk high-reward guy...Instead of Marcus Lawrence, I probably would've taken Boomer Grigsby, but the rest looks nice...

From what I've seen, I don't think we'd have the cap room to get the 3 free agents you listed...Maybe 2 of the 3...Gotta admit, though, the depth chart would look nice...

V Man 02-03-2005 09:46 AM

1st- Pac Man Jones-CB-West Virginia Too much to offer our team to pass, Good Corner, Special Teams. Plus for him to study under Glenn for a year or two wouldn't hurt.

2nd- Luis Castillo-DT-Northwestern Big Kid, former wrestler (really helps d-linemen battle in the trenchs). Would spot Seth this year, and be ready to replace next.

3rd- Ben Wilkerson-C-LSU Mckinney has one more year, and this kid would be an upgrade.

3rd- Bill Swancutt-DE-Oregon State Would be great in our system and Rotation.

4th- Adam Snyder-G-Oregon Solid Guard, would be a real solid pro.

5th-Cedric Houston-RB-Tennesse Would be a nice fit with DD, help take some of the wear off of DD also.

6th-Marcus Lawrence-MLB-South Carolina Take him here, great instincts, will be a player for us.

7th-Cole Magner-WR-Bowling Green Love this kid, kind of a Randle El, Slash type. Can do it all Special Teams (returning and coverage), can run, can throw, and can catch. Real gutsy player.

astrofan 02-04-2005 09:23 PM


perfect world

13 Matt Roth, OLB or Dan Cody, OLB - as draft day approaches it will be easier to judge who would be the better fit for the Texans

47 David Baas, OG or OT Adam Terry, OT - we are in severe need of some sort of improvement across the board as far as our oline play is concerned; maybe an infusion of young talent will get the ball rolling

73 Luis Castillo, NT or Rob Petitti, OT - without Seth Payne being a lock for next season with the injury/contract troubles, the middle of the line will be a void until we can find a real NT; Castillo will make do until then

78 Brandon Jacobs, RB or Matt Jones, WR - Jacobs and Davis could turn into a pretty fierce duo in the next few years and really help mold our gameplan more into Capers' style of ball control offense

108 Ronald Bartell, DB or Adam Seward, ILB/OLB

142 Vincent Jackson, WR or Sione Pouha, NT

173 Matt Grootegoed, SS or Jammal Brimmer, SS

204 Daniel Loper, OT or Brady Poppinga, OLB

206 Kyle Eckel, FB or Jordan Beck, ILB

real life alternatives, since everyone I want will be off the board:
13 heath miller, ronnie brown, pacman jones, david pollack
47 bill swancutt, mike patterson, mark clayton, troy williamson
73 khalif barnes, dan bunning, logan mankins, eric shelton
78 cedric houston, donte nicholson, antonio perkins, lofa tatupa

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