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HowBoutThemCowboys! 06-02-2004 09:02 PM

Arena Football star to Come not this season bu the season after
Adrian Mcpherson of arena football's Indiana Firebirds has been a phenomanol QB in the league. He had the chance to play in the upcoming NFL season but decided to full fill his contract with Indiana. If you dont remember him, he was the star Q.B for the Florida Seminoles. Dont be suprised if he's a hit in the NFL come 06'


Fiddy 06-02-2004 09:18 PM

I'd like to see how he looks in the NFL because it is totally different from the AFL. 50 more yards 4 more people on the field per team (I think, how many people are on the field per team in the AFL?), actual running plays for RBs. It is going to be a big jump for him.

Do you guys know that the AFL had better TV ratings then the NHL. I found that intresting.

HowBoutThemCowboys! 06-02-2004 09:21 PM

8 players, Im a big fan of the Austin Wranglers (New AFL expansion) Here's the basics of the league if your intrested http://www.arenafootball.com/around_the_afl/afl_101/

texasguy346 06-02-2004 11:16 PM

It doesn't surprise me that the NHL was beaten out in the ratings by the AFL. Hell the NFL Draft gets better ratings than the NBA Playoffs. Football being the huge sport that it is makes nearly anything related to it get pretty good ratings. Except the XFL :rofl: :bag:

El Tejano 06-03-2004 09:12 AM

AFL is fun football to watch and it allows you to get your football fix without getting all worked up about it if the team you like wins or loses. The thing I love the most about it is how they are sticking to their brand of football and not trying to be like the NFL at all. My team, The Austin Wrangler's, fell short of the playoffs but oh well.

Kurt Warner came out of that league and had a nice little career and could possibly ressurect it again with the giants.

I would like to see how a FG kicker makes it in the NFL from the AFL. You know? With the FG being so small and all. Matter of fact, I was thinking what if the NFL changed the width of the goal post. A while back I know they were considering getting rid of it, but really I think changing the width of the poles would encourage more teams going for the 1st on 4th down in later parts of the games which would then mean less overtime games.

I am rambling but what do you think about that?

HowBoutThemCowboys! 06-03-2004 10:12 AM

NFL should definetly look into that. Its a really good idea for the NFL, but they might be embarraresed of copying th AFL. So your a fan of the Wranglers too? Man they had to lose to Georgia!!Cant believe them, if you lose to team like Georgia then your pathetic. Austin will do better next year

BuffSoldier 06-03-2004 10:59 AM

I look at the AFL sometimes and think that if you are a superstar there, then you have a chance to be at least above average in the NFL. Its a totally different game though, on a totally different level.

El Tejano 06-04-2004 09:25 AM

Honestly, I believe Warners problem was that he adjusted to the NFL. When he was fresh out of the AFL, he released the ball alot quicker and man it was hard to sack that guy. As his NFL career went on he began to change his mind on alot of decisions thus giving him more interceptions and more sacks. Then again when you're running game isn't working like it once did that can lead to alot of that stuff too.

As for the Wrangler's, I think they started out good but the season just took its toll on an expansion team. They will be good next year.

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