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texan279 01-20-2005 05:13 PM

D'Brickashaw Ferguson
I never watch college football so I have no clue as far as this year's draft or any players in the draft. I have never heard anything about D'Brickashaw Ferguson, but one website I visited has him as the top O linemne in the draft but none of the mocks I have seen have him going in the first round. In the scouting report they have on him they say he "is everything you could wish for in a franchise tackle" and that "he has the determination to be pro-bowl talent at the next level." The only con they have listed for him is that he is undersized at 6'5'' 295, but they said he has put on 30 pounds. My question is is there anything to this guy or did I stumble onto a website that has about as much knowledge about college football as I do? Or is he even entering this year's draft?

astrofan 01-20-2005 05:19 PM

he has a catchy name
Daniel Loper from Episcopal and Terry from syracuse are better LTs

Blake 01-20-2005 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by astrofan
he has a catchy name
Daniel Loper from Episcopal and Terry from syracuse are better LTs

Im pretty sure D'Brick was going to be taken before Loper and Terry.

Loper and Terry are hardly 1st round material.

astrofan 01-20-2005 05:43 PM

which makes them a better value
Loper played against the best defenses in the nation for more than three years, how many times did he get beat?

maybe he should change his name from Daniel to something like Keyunta, Osazee, SirDon, or Khalid?

texansfan88 01-20-2005 07:09 PM

to clear it up, Ferguson is not in this draft

travfrancis 01-20-2005 07:14 PM

ferguson is a JR, and chose to remain in school for his SR year

F-minus67 01-20-2005 09:26 PM

How can you say those two are better than Ferguson? He is a great LT, nibble feet, great pass protection as well as unbelieveable athleticism. He ran a 4.6 or something at 265lbs and ran it again at 295lbs.

jacquescas 01-21-2005 05:53 AM

anyone thats saying he is small, Turley is down to 240 right now after his back injury, there are smaller players that bulk up considerably to play the O line.

astrofan 01-21-2005 11:41 AM

how many plays do we run that require the left tackle to run 40 yards down the field? if he played left guard that would be one thing, but he doesn't

F-minus67 01-21-2005 12:53 PM

that speed helps him get to the second level and take out LBs.

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