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BuffSoldier 06-01-2004 07:47 PM

What about Marcus Bell
He was one of the June 1 casualties from the Cards, he plays DT and is big enough to play NT in a 3-4 scheme. Now I dont know much about this guy, but hes only 25 and the guy is massive, 6'2, 323. He wont start, but he could come in and play as a backup to Payne and maybe get some starting time if Paynes injury doesnt heal as fast as we hope. Has any one seen this guy play, or knows if hes good or not?

Marcus Bell

clandestin 06-01-2004 08:12 PM

Funny, this was the guy I first thought we picked up earlier in the off-season, turned out that we picked up Marcus Bell the LB. I don't know much about him, but he does seem to have the size for the position. I agree, he might be a nice backup player if his price tag is reasonable.

aj. 06-01-2004 08:28 PM

It's kind of odd because the Cards had just re-signed him a month ago. He was a RFA this year and he received a the minimum tender so he would have been fairly cheap to keep. But they drafted Darnell Dockett so I guess the writing was on the wall for one of their DTs. It doesn't look like he was their full time starter -- he had 9 starts. Had some knee problems last year too (sprained MCL). This is a better example of the type of player the Texans would probably pursue in post June 1 free agency as opposed to a guy like Trotter.

keyfro 06-01-2004 09:42 PM

as a back-up i have no problems with bell being signed...he would recieve the minimum vet. offer...and a chance to be the back-up NT...who knows maybe he just needs to get out of arizona to really jump start his career

pittbull 06-02-2004 06:59 AM

If you llook at the depth chart, we're not pretty strong in the DT position. I can see the Texans making a run for some added depth. It's best to have the players to rotate and keep fresh, rather than not have anyone at at all!

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