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beerlover 01-10-2005 11:12 PM

Pick Texans OL prospects
its unanimous the Texans will address the need to provide David Carr better pass protection & the running game more consistancy. So of the available guys coming out who do you all feel would be the best fit, which round & why?

Logan Mankins, Senior from Fresno State LT but also versatile & could replace Pitts @ LG. He has history already protecting Carr's left side, is a leader & only lacks height as a starting left tackle, provides immediate help to the offensive line (maybe could be aquired with additional second round pick via trading down in 1st round).


Chris Spencer, underclassman just declared, Ole Miss 6'4" 310 lbs & can play several positions (including center) across the line. I'm not sure where he will grade out but might be deserving one of the Texans 3rd round picks, eventually becoming McKinney's replacement. There really does'nt seem to be a lot of talented offensive lineman coming out, therefore the Texans may be faced with paying a premium, we've got a few months to figure it out.

  • 1st round - ?
  • 2nd round - Logan Mankins, LT/LG
  • 3rd round - Chris Spencer, Center/RG
  • 3rd round - ?

hou059 01-11-2005 11:03 AM

Logan Mankins will probably be there in the 5th round. The Texans have two 3rd round draft picks. I would like to see then go after one of the following players.
Jason Brown C North Carolina
Geoff Hangartner C Texas A&M
Sam Mayes OG Oklahoma State

I think if Jason Brown is there in the third then we scoop him up. I like this kid, behind Spencer and Wilkerson he is the best Center in the draft and his stock will rise after the combine. he is freakishly strong and rated as the strongest player in College Football. Yeah I know strength is not everything but it sure does help alot! Any chance Wilkerson or Spencer drop to the third round? I wouldn't be shocked. That's when alot of lineman get picked up.

beerlover 01-11-2005 11:19 AM

wow nice pick Jason Brown C North Carolina just read his report & was very impressed. seems like a solid 2nd rd potential kinda guy the Texans need to shore up the offensive line, thats exactly what I was looking for :hmmm:

1st round - ?
2nd round - Jason Brown, C
3rd round - Chris Spencer, Center/RG
3rd round - Logan Mankins, LT/LG

hou059 01-11-2005 12:14 PM

Thanks Beerlover. I like this kids upside. I was doing a little research on possible DT that would work well in the 3-4 scheme and here a re a few names for possible late round choices:

Alber Means DT Memphis 6-4 328lbs.

Darrell Shrosphire DT South Carolina 6-2 299lbs.

Jason Jefferson DT Wisconsin 6-3 306lbs.* run stuffer*

Larry Burt DT Miami (OH) 6-4 299lbs.

Sione Pouha DT Utah 6-3 330lbs ( i think of him as a poor mans Ngata)

Anthony Bryant Alabama DT 6-3 336lbs (just readingthis guys profile I have a strong feeling he would fit in nicely in our 3-4 scheme)

El Tejano 01-11-2005 03:07 PM

I think it is very necessary to make sure our first pick is on the O line or D line. These guys need to be aware their job is not safe anymore.

Panther5407 01-11-2005 04:22 PM

Anybody know anything about Jamie Hightower, the OT from Texas A&M? He is a big guy and can run downfield for a block too. I'm not sure if he's coming out in the draft or what but I would like to see him as a Texan, seems to have great potential.

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