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Grid 01-03-2005 09:29 AM

THE FA acquisition we need to make?
So, I was going down a list of available free agents this year, looking at certain teams that I felt had good Olines, and writing down the Olinemen who were starters for those teams, that would be FAs this year. (assuming that if they are starting, they are worth looking at)

Anyway.. I came across one guy who I think may be the ULTIMATE pickup for us.. like.. priority numero uno. Unfortunatly(or fortunatly) he is young, and talented, and convincing him to leave his team may be difficult.. seeing as this is his first FA period since he was drafted.

ANYWAY.. From the denver broncos.. Right Guard (and also CENTER) Ben Hamilton. Talk about a perfect fit.. if he is a capable center, he could replace Mckinney.. and he has spent the last 4 years of his pro career in a zone blocking scheme. he is small for our line at 283 pounds, but I dont really think that matters.


there is his bio.

here is the other list of guys. I looked at the Broncos, Chiefs, Ravens, Panthers, Steelers and Bills.

Tutan Reyes OG, 27yo, Panthers - RFA

Mike Pucilo C, 25yo, Bills(2nd string) - RFA

Bennie Anderson OG, 27yo, Ravens - FA

Casey Rabach C/OG, 27yo, Ravens - FA

Oliver Ross RT, 30yo, Steelers - FA

***Ben Hamilton LG/C, ?yo drafted 2001, Broncos - FA

Carlisle Cooper OG, ?yo drafted 2000, Broncos(2nd string) - FA

Jonathen Ingram C, 24yo, Chiefs - ERFA

I listed centers that were second string as well.. since a C is probably our biggest need on the Oline. Also listed Cooper from the Broncos cause the Broncs run the best Zone Blocking scheme and he may be worth getting despite being a backup.

anywho.. you may want to watch Hamilton this saturday when he plays agains the Colts. he is #50.

Chawky1 01-03-2005 09:43 AM

The Denver O-line is mainly good because of scheme, not individual performance. They are all on the small side, though somewhat quicker and more athletic then the typical lumbering 330lb O-lineman. Whats missed in all this is that they are notorious for chop blocks, holds, and leg whips. As a cohesive unit they play really well, but I don't think any of them alone is a stud in any sense of the word. I think one of the best, young, up and coming lines in the league is the raiders. Jack Grove at center is MEAN MEAN MEAN, and Gallery will be simply dominant. I bet next year the Raiders will look like the Chiefs O-line, assuming Al doesnt step in and screw things up.

Grid 01-03-2005 09:46 AM

well my reasoning behind Hamilton is that he knows zone blocking.. which is what we are struggling to use right now. If he can effectively perform in a zone blocking scheme.. then that is a step ahead of everyone else on our oline right now.

as for the chop blocks and leg whips.. well.. at this point id do whatever it takes to keep Carr off his back :)

Wolf 01-03-2005 09:47 AM

of couse that is Casey Rybeck

Originally Posted by Grid
Casey Rabach C/OG, 27yo, Ravens - FA

first thought was the Navy Seal cook that saved the Battleship Missouri in "Under Seige" :shocked

jagsfanincanada 01-03-2005 12:24 PM

If I was Casserly I'd be very wary of singing any Denver OL. Their system tends to make them look much better I think. Ephraim Salaam, a former 1st round pick, was a starter at LT for them for 2 years, and after watching him firsthand most of this season, I can say without a doubt he should not be in the NFL. Constant penalties, and he got spun around like a turnstile. He probably shaved a year off Byron's career with his garbage play this year.

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