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fresno8 12-27-2004 01:27 AM

Watch Virginia v. Fresno State Today
This game has some intriguing prospects. Fresno State LT Logan Mankins all-american 6-4 320
Fresno State DE Claude Sanders 6-3 240
Fresno State DE Brian Morris 6-2 250
Virginia LB ahmad brooks 6-4 249 (award watch list),*soph, but draft elgible,
Virginia Elton Brown gaurd 6-5 338 (award watch list),
Virginia OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson 6-5 295 *junior possibly coming out,
Virginia RB alvin pearman 5'9 205
Virginia C Zac Yarborough 6-4 276 (award watch list)
Virginia DE Chris Canty 6-7 290 (all-american candidate)
This game features lots of good draft elgible players who could fill some of our most glaring holes on D and on the o-line. With all of Virginia's prospects they should win, but don't count out the Dogs. Go Dogs
The game is on @ 2eastern, 11 pacific on ESPN

ArlingtonTexan 12-27-2004 06:44 AM

this from gbnreport.com 12/27

"Cav junior OT says no to draft; others waffling... Virginia junior OT D'Brickshaw Ferguson, one of college football's rising stars on the offensive line, is being quoted as saying that he will definitely be back at school next fall. The 6-5, 295-pound Ferguson is also a very good student and plans to graduate; indeed, Ferguson reportedly has some thoughts about ultimately attending law school some time down the road. It appears that junior OLB Daryl Blackstock will also be staying in school. Blackstock, a big-play outside backer, changed his number for today's MPC Computer Bowl in Boise against Fresno State (see above) from #56 to #1 and says that he did not plan on wearing the new number for only one game. Meanwhile, the father of sophomore MLB Ahmad Brooks is being quoted as saying his son will likely return to school, however, "anything could change. On the other hand, TE Heath Miller, who is expected to be the first TE off the board if he enters the draft, hasn't stated publicly whether he'll be staying the scholl or entering the draft; Miller, though, is widely believed to be strongly leaning toward turning pro"

fresno8 12-27-2004 03:30 PM

If TE Heath Miller comes out we gotta look at this guy he's a stud and our D @ Fresno State is no slouch also the gaurd Elton Brown is pretty darn good. LT Logan Mankins is handling their great outside rushers very well.

wags 12-27-2004 04:46 PM

Heath Miller was pretty good today. He has really good hands, doesnt seem real athletic though. Pretty good blocker too.

Ahmad Brooks was terrible. He couldn't get off a block to save his life. Saw him miss some tackles and kinda loaf around out there. Very unimpressed.

Congrats to Fresno State.

fresno8 12-27-2004 05:16 PM

Thanks Wags we played our a@@ off. What a great game. What did you think of our LT Mankings he played well against good comp this year and played great against the best comp he has ever faced. Brooks was bad he made one good play on our last drive that we scored on that was it. Elton Brown looked pretty good as well. Your right Miller didn't seem real fast and looked like he never got real low when blocking I would't pick him in the 1rst round, would in the 2nd maybe and definatelt the 3rd

beerlover 12-27-2004 05:32 PM

Great coaching both sides, really impressed with Fresno St. & that gives me alot more confidence about Carr, looks like he came from a great system, no wonder the Texans were impressed.

Brooks looked good but would greatly benifit from another year in College, since Virginia utilizes the 3-4 it would behoove the Texans to revisit him next year along with the other underclassman.

I expect Heath Miller to be a perfect fit for Pittsburgh late 1st round, the offensive line is set which will allow him to catch more Roethlisberger underneath outlets.

Mankings I thought was very impressive LT, I would not be upset at all if the Texans took him in the 3rd round (if he lasts), again a team like Carolina or Cleveland may jump all over him.

I also liked the RB Mathis from Fresno St. and the WR Fernandez.

Again great game, congratulations :jumpbanan

wags 12-27-2004 05:47 PM

I thought Mankins was good. The announcers were sure throwing him some love. It will be interesting to see where he goes in the draft.

fresno8 12-27-2004 07:51 PM

From what I hear in our local newspaper (which sucks by the way) Mankins will go Late 1st to 3rd rounder. I believe he'll be drafted in the 2nd round early to mid. Our backs at FSU are great. Mathis started the year 3rd on the depth chart and Sumlin was 2nd. Both are very very good and could start for many teams (Mathis was UCLA transfer), however we had a gamebreaker who was an absolute stud. Reminded me of Frank Gore of Miami. Dwayne Wright until he ruptured his patella tendon in the third game. He still will have 2years of elgibility. This guy could have come out this year as a junior and been a 1st or 2nd round pick. It was a shame to see him go down, but he was awesome I hope he can recover like McGahee and Gore. Our backs are very good though. We've got a great program hear in Fresno. Brooks will need another year. Wasn't to good today. We could use Miller, but we don't need to take him round 1. Elton Brown the Gaurd was a stud we could definately use that guy w/ our 1st round pick if he's there. He's 6-5 340 and can move. Got out and pulled really well good pass blocker. It was a hell of a game.

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