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profan 12-13-2004 03:24 PM

Can a Conserative Offense Win ?
The way the league has changed the rules for pass inter., it encourages the offense to throw more and more? Would we have gotten some penalties our way if we challenged the colts secondary with some long balls. It just seams that a conservative offense will not win in this league unless you have a top defense. How many times this year has our offense attacked a secondary? I realize you can't throw every down, but, I'm just curious. Over the past six meetings we have averaged well under 200 yards a game passing against the colts. I don't think we ever had a game against the colts where we passed for over 200 yards. If our coaches and players do not figure out the cover 2 we will see it every game next year.

TheOgre 12-13-2004 03:27 PM

Look at the Steelers. They have a conservative offense and win. It only works, though, if you have a decent defense.

profan 12-13-2004 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by TheOgre
Look at the Steelers. They have a conservative offense and win. It only works, though, if you have a decent defense.

Exactly, a conservative offense will no longer work in this league unless you have a dominating defense and our defense does not dominate.

TheOgre 12-13-2004 03:42 PM

Caper's game is to have a dominant defense with a ball-control offense. I don't see him deviating from that. I think that the emphasis will be on defense this offseason to help create a dominant defense rather than to change the offense to a more wide-open one.

You may not a agree with that, but that is the likely direction we will take. I think we have to win 9+ games next year for Capers to keep his job.

keyfro 12-13-2004 04:05 PM

a conservative offense can win but you have to flat out dominate people physically...our team is no where near dominating people...look at the steelers what do they have that we dont'...two solid big backs that can run over people...three explosive recievers that are all big play guys...and offensive line that dominates in both pass protection and run blocking...and most importantly with conservative teams...an aggressive, head hunting, smack you in your mouth and tell you how you like defense...do we have that defense no...can we? yes...i think our guys like d. rob, earl, peek, babin, and smith need another year to firmly get their feet planted in defense...but guys like payne, walker, glenn, coleman, wong, and foreman definetly need to step up their game and hit some people with authority...as of right now the only defensive guy who is where we need him to be is sharper...walker looks like he's feeling his age...payne is still recovering from surgery...wong has slumped down after a brillant start...coleman is injuried...glenn is slower that usual...and everyone else just looks tired

Vinny 12-13-2004 04:11 PM

If you want an example of if a conservative offense can win, the Jets beat us pretty soundly with their running attack. I think that is pretty much the offense Caper's wants to run. You can win in the NFL by making plays. You can make more in the air, or on the ground, either way you have to be good at it. We just need to get good at something on a consistant basis other than a 3-step drop and quick pass.

wags 12-13-2004 04:19 PM

One of the Colts linebackers said this "Just think how many sacks those guys would have had if Houston had panicked and started throwing every down."

In the two games against the Colts Carr has dropped back 72 times and been sacked ten times. Sacked once every 7.2 times he drops back. So no, we should not have attacked their secondary more because our O-line bites.


pek281 12-13-2004 04:21 PM

Agreed. O-line's the culprit.

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