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nunusguy 12-02-2004 01:43 PM

Treatment of Joppru seems inconsistant & very puzzling
Capers is on record as saying he wants to play(and even start) D-Rob, Babin, & Earl to give the rooks some experience rather than have them sit on the bench and let vets (who aren't part of our long term plans) be on the field.
Makes sense to me and is what I'd expect the policy to be for coach who is
developing a team for playoff appearances in future seasons.
Well, if there is one guy in need of some playing experience, it's Bennie Joppru. Maybe he's not quite in "football shape" - it's been a while since he's
even scrimmaged or even hit anybody in a one-on-drill. But what's to lose ?
He's is reportedly in good general condition and god knows his psych and morale and spirits could use some playing time. Who's playing time is sacrificed - Miller, Breuner. I think those guys qualify as vets - just like the ones who aren't playing so that this years rookie crop can learn the ropes and have the experience for future years.
And I think we all know we have to find out if Bennie can really help us @ TE,
cause we need a full purpose TE to complete our array of offensive weapons.
With only 5 victories, not much chance of us going "deep" into the playoffs this year - but next year might be different. He really owes it to the future of the team to find out about Bennie.

Vinny 12-02-2004 01:59 PM

I really don't think they question his ability at all. It's not like he is a walk-on and they don't know what they have. To me, they like what they see in Joppru and are not going to push it and are playing it safe with his detached groin injury. No sense in pushing it when you can have him come to camp fresh next season and compete for a starting spot on a playoff team. We aren't going anywhere this year. Why risk it?

ArlingtonTexan 12-02-2004 02:03 PM

If Joppru had at least seen sometime in the preseason i would agree with you, but he has not taken a snap on a live field since 2002. 3 weeks of practice won't make this guy ready for the NFL and since part of his job would be protecting Carr I don't want any part of taking that chance.

Grid 12-02-2004 02:06 PM

considering that the last time the O.K.ed him he came back and reinjured himself pretty quick. They want to see him actually become a member of the team.. they dont want to waste that draft pick. 5 weeks of playing time now, are not a big enough benefit to risk reinjuring him. As much time as he has lost, sitting him until next offseason isnt gonna hurt.

texacutor 12-02-2004 05:02 PM

I agree with NUNUSGUY. The treatment of Joppru is suspect and smells like someone is not coming clean in regard to his true physical condition(ing). I hope this young man can regain his football "body" back next year(not rushing himself),and help this team at TE. Meanwhile,if Capers has said he wants to see what we have in the "BULLPEN", why not give Murphy a shot? I mean, I thought preseason play was figured in on a players ability to play in the NFL, and to see if he should be a worthwhile investment for the team. I realize all my posts hype Murphy, but signing him here,(possibily because of a Cowboy interest), and then to not really use him, (as a receiver), is just,IMHO, plain dumb. I have watched him since the 2001 Orange Bowl (5 catches, 42 yds.), and again, IMHO, think he CAN block and catch! How about some feedback,VINNY,AJ,NUNUSGUY, and others that see our glaring need at the TE position? :twocents:

Porky 12-02-2004 05:35 PM

I think the coaches have a pretty good feel for Murphy based on practices and preseason games. Miller and Bruener are proven vets. Unless you consistently show on the practice field that you can beat out one of those two, he will stay third string. It can happen, as Armstrong has proven that if you stand out long enough and consistenly enough, you can force your way into the rotation. I can only assume Murphy hasn't shown he is another Armstrong.

nunusguy 12-02-2004 06:41 PM


Originally Posted by texacutor
why not give Murphy a shot?

I dunno, the Joppru saga is frustrating an ther're gonna make us wait another
year - again - to see if he can help the team. Atleast the whole experience
has had one big upside for Bennie - it's made him a wealthy young man !
Re. Murphy, I don't know much about him. Looks like he's got the physical
dimentions to be an NFL TE. I say play him against starting NFL players and see if he can effectively compete. Players like him and Joppru are where our teams future is, not with Breuner & Miller.

jhawktx 12-02-2004 08:14 PM

I hope I'm wrong but I think there's more than meets the eye on Joppru. I'm afraid I won't be surprised if he never plays a single down for the Texans.

texacutor 12-02-2004 08:35 PM

Just another thought on the Joppru mess. I wonder if management might feel somewhat respondsible for his 2nd injury? Now BJ has got the Texans in a "trick bag" situation, and is reluctant to rush back any time soon or at all. I wish him well, but if he can't make a go of it, at least,(moneywise), he can try something else instead of the NFL. Hey NUNUSGUY, that's all I was saying about Murphy, play him now to see what's up. Hopefully we won't have to pin our TE future on Joppru's actual start,or a precious 2005 draft pick, but at least we would know where to go from here.

Reddevil63 12-02-2004 08:37 PM

I think that even though he was drafted a year and a half ago hes still a rookie and there is no reason to cut anybody who has contrinuted all year for an inexperienced rookie. Joppru has practiced the past 3 weeks and is as close to 100 percent as he has been since his first training camp. If he can keep healthy this offseason he will be ready to be our starter next season after camp and pre-season, something he has never had. Dave Ragone said in a Chronicle article that he has never seen a TE like Joppru and has looked very good the past 3 weeks. Its just to early to jump to conclusions, patience will pay off shortly.

ArlingtonTexan 12-02-2004 09:21 PM

I think a two way TE (block/catch) is needed even if Joppru is healthy and good..the one trick pony acts of Miller and Bruenner are not good enough at the one trick not to be challenged.

Honestly, I would look FA first because a decent guy can be had for not a ton of money.

Joe Texan 12-02-2004 09:55 PM

When Miller is in we catch touchdowns
When Bruener is in we drop passes
Joppuru needs to earn his spot just as Billy has done

texanfan 12-02-2004 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by ArlingtonTexan
I think a two way TE (block/catch) is needed even if Joppru is healthy and good..the one trick pony acts of Miller and Bruenner are not good enough at the one trick not to be challenged.

Honestly, I would look FA first because a decent guy can be had for not a ton of money.

True, it is important to have a versatile tight end that can both block and catch. And, yes, sometimes when a team gets lucky you can get that player at a bargain because they are not well known yet . But, everyone needs to give Murph a little credit. This kid played better than both Bruener and Miller in every single preseason game. He had 5 catches averaging 17 yards a catch (2cnd overall on the final stat sheet for receiving yards). Now, I know that preseason is not the same as regular season games but it should at least say something for the tight end that Murphy could become if we actually utilize him and start giving him some experience. I saw that he had a really good block last week on the last touchdown drive helping Domanick to open up and score some points. When Murphy has been suited up and playing we have won 5 out of 7 games (close losses to Minnesota and Green Bay)...this means absolutely nothing (or does it), but had to add it in since some people think that when certain players are in we either drop passes or score touchdowns.

Mistril48 12-02-2004 11:50 PM

In order to keep rights in Joppru (I accept Vinny's comments that the team likes what it sees), the Texans either had to put Joppru on the 53 man roster, or IR him.

If they put him on the 53 man roster, someone else had to be released (and his rights lost), or possibly put on IR (Simmons might have been a candidate, I don't know enough about his medical situation and likelihood of return).

There is no point in putting Joppru on the 53 man roster unless you plan to activate him on the 45 man roster for game day. Again, to add Joppru you have to leave someone off. Also, unless you are a starting QB, you have to play special teams on game day. If they activate Joppru, then how many reps can he get anyway. Don't they still need to give some reps to Miller and Bruener? How many reps can they hope to get from Joppru if he's missed so much time? What about chemistry between Carr and Joppru? Wouldn't it be a little off now (compared to Bruener and Miller) after all the missed time?

As a fan, I'm disappointed, because I'm anxious to see Joppru play, but without an injury to Miller, or Bruener, I think they did the right thing.

nunusguy 12-03-2004 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by Joe Texan
Joppuru needs to earn his spot just as Billy has done

Right - but see that takes me back to my point @ the top of this thread.
One might argue, say, that there is some basis that Jason Babin has played well enough (at times) to retain his starting position, but no one can deny that he was handed that slot gratis even before preseason games started this year.
I'm not proposing that we start Bennie Sunday in Gotham City, just put the boy in the game for a series now & then. Now if they don't want him in a full-contact environment and want to give him more time to heal, then I guess IR is the best path for him at this time.
But let's get the Jopprus (or the Murphys) in some games this year to help us determine what our personnel priorities might be in the College Draft & FA, which happens between now and when the '05 season starts in earnest.

infantrycak 12-03-2004 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by nunusguy
but no one can deny that [Babin] was handed that slot gratis even before preseason games started this year.

Well I think that can be argued. He was tried out as any 1st round draft pick was at the position they drafted him for, LOLB. Wong was brought in as a FA to play ROLB. He has been a team player the last two years by playing LOLB and was happy to move (possibly reflected in the upped level of his play this year) to ROLB. Moving him wasn't a demotion or lack of competition it was part of a long term plan and presented a twofer like Robinson and Coleman. There was competition in camp with some discussion that Peek might even beat Wong out of the ROLB spot. IMO playing well enough at the position that you are drafted for that you don't get thrown out of the position isn't being handed that slot gratis.

Dime 12-03-2004 08:33 AM

Does anyone here believe that BJ wont been a Texan next year? He hasnt had a single live snap in a game. In addition, Once he does get healthy (IF), It would be effectively his rook year. What would you consider the Texans would wash thier hands of him, 3 years? or an injury before next years games?

nunusguy 12-03-2004 08:59 AM

I tell you, Cass is good - he can spin it with the best of them. Right now on
610 he's saying Joppru is really a bonus 2 pick for us next year. Also says no roster spots or they could have activated Bennie, no mention of him not being fit to play. I see 2 spots right now and both of them are TEs, what a coincidence. One of them is a 30 something over-the-hill guy and the other is a slow, over-sized, marginal WR.

Hervoyel 12-03-2004 09:17 AM

I think the entire experience with Joppru is colored by our previous bad experience with Boselli. When something like this happens and a player misses this much time it starts to smell like the Boselli situation to us and we all know how that turned out.

I don't really care to see Joppru this season. It's not like adding him to the roster is going to be the one missing piece we need to get past the Colts, win the division, and march on to the Super Bowl. If that's going to happen then it's going to involve a higher power than a tight end who hasn't played football since 2002. In short adding Joppru isn't going to make a difference to the Texans this season.

Sit him down, handle him gently, and let him come to camp healthy next season. If he blows that thing out again after all this time then yeah, start thinking of that as a pick that didn't pan out due to injury. Those things happen. For now we're ok at TE. We aren't great but we're ok.

beerlover 12-03-2004 10:18 AM

lets detach your groin & see how fast & high you jump in a couple of years not to mention stretching your limbs while two 300 pounders pull in opposite directions :soldier:

look its unfortunate, agreed. the Texans need Bennie to fill a huge hole & so far as much as he would like to be that missing cog in the offense it makes no sense to chance a career ending injury with 5 games left in the season.

the Falcons already tied up the top free agent TE (Alge Crumpler) this years draft lacks what the Texans need @ this position so the best case is for Joppru to make a full recovery for next year, Brunner will be released & Miller will continue to be the back-up with Murphy as a reserve.

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