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rickyb 11-17-2007 09:28 AM

ridiculous offer
I just received an offer.

I get:
WR Lee Evans
RB Ron Dayne
RB Laurence Mauroney

I give:
WR Randy Moss
RB Reuben Droughns

Clearly, this guy thinks I am an *****. By the way, Moss is keeper-eligible for next year (by virtue of the fact that I drafted him after round 3 (round 6 to be exact)).

So, if you get Moss, you get him next year too. Our Keeper Rule allows you to keep a player for 1 extra year, and he is your 4th round draft pick. No way I am parting with Moss unless I get a stud QB and position player which puts my team in contention.

I rejected and countered.
I give:
RB Reuben Droughns
WR Wes Welker

I get:
QB Brett Favre
RB Laurence Maroney

Mauroney is keeper-eligible for next year. Assuming Moss is my 4th round keeper, Mauroney would be my 5th round pick.

Max: 2 keepers per year. Moss and Mauroney in rounds 4 and 5 would not be a bad deal.

No way New England drafts McFadden, by the way. If McFadden is on the board, they will trade the pick for a boatload of picks.

Brandon420tx 11-21-2007 11:47 AM

Re: ridiculous offer
Back before the first game of the season, I jokingly offered a guy this trade:

Randy Moss for Edgerrin James straight up.

I am sooo glad he didn't accept, this was his reply


Although I wouldn't mind having Moss, there are issues surrounding him that I shouldn't have to explain to you. You see that little red box with a white cross next to his name? he is injured, Moss has hammy issues and his last two years in the leauge he was injured both years.

The second factor is that Moss is on a team that has too may receivers and Moss is not clearly the stand-out number 1 receiver on that team, perhaps Brady will make him number and perhaps moss will stay healthy and perhaps moss will not ***** everytime Brady doesn't throw him the ball.

Moss has too many issues and he is not worth the value of E. James.

E. James plays on an improved offensive team that already has pass weapons and with the strengthening of their o-line and new coach, James should have a nice year and perhaps be a top 10 back in the leauge.

While it is true that week in and week out James will be sitting on my bench and I could use James to upgrade my team, James is my insurance policy for injury.

You have a few players on your team that I would be interested in, they are: Tomlinson, McNabb, Andre Johnson, Ravens Def, and Vinatieri.

I ran your team through a trade analyzer that I use and it said the most fair trade is for me to give you James, Delhomme and Kevin Jones

You give me Andre Johnson, McNabb, Moss and Vinatieri

My analyzer said this is the most fair trade whereas James for Moss and Curtis was highly unfair, so I ran Andre Johson for James, and again it said it was highly unfair, so I ran McNabb for James etc...

The point is, RB's are very valuable in the league.

Unless we sing the above the scenario, James isn't for sale.

I will consider Carnell Williams for Moss
or Carnell Williams and Kevin Jones for Andre Johnson

Good Luck

GuerillaBlack 11-22-2007 01:49 PM

Re: ridiculous offer
Funny guy. This reminds me of the people in three of my leagues where I drafted Tom Brady in the first round. They said "why the hell would you take Tom Brady in the first. You never take a QB in the first". Tom Brady has never went below 25 points for me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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