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rickyb 08-28-2007 10:00 PM

let's get medievel on KEYE
Anyone up for organizing a picket line of the station?

Someone was going to create a flame website? (Did this person discuss with an attorney, just to make sure they are covered?)

Other ideas?

Of course -- the easiest thing we can do as Texans fans in Austin is to PACK THE HOUSE at Third Base, each and every damn week. Word is gonna get out. And when KEYE shows up, we can tell them where they can shove their cameras, and statistics, for safe-keeping. :bat:

Go. Texans. :texflag:

TEXANS84 08-28-2007 10:40 PM

Re: let's get medievel on KEYE
The only way for the Texans to get recognition is to earn it. The rest shall follow.

Specnatz 08-28-2007 11:48 PM

Re: let's get medievel on KEYE

Originally Posted by Elle (Post 721346)
This is true, 84. They need to win. When they do, I want to be smiling and watching my game from home. I'm also going to try the nice girl thing and see how that goes.

I am not advocating being rude or an A-Hole but damn it, I will not sit by while the team I love is screwed over and over again by the media in my home freakin state.

If we send enough letters that are thoughtfully written and we gather at third base, maybe someone (not saying who) could get a story written about how keye is not supportive of in state stuff.

Hell most of this city is so screwed up that the do not support anything to do with any professional team, even with the triple A affliate in round rock.

DiehardChris 08-29-2007 12:14 AM

Re: let's get medievel on KEYE
I'm all for keeping everything civil and the whole 'get more flies with honey' angle - but let's also keep in mind that KEYE did in fact LIE about this situation. They specifically said at that end of last season that the station would start the 2007 with the Texans and 'see where it goes from there'. In light of recent events, that is a BLATANT LIE, and they need to be taken to task about it. Not by us being classless and jerks - but by being firm and assertive - but at the same time with well thought-out reasoning... not just blind anger.

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