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TexaninDenver 11-06-2004 05:09 PM

Back in Denver and this one is for real!!!
Well, since I'm stuck living here in the Mile-High city and never get to see the games -- this one will be a real treat. I'll do my best to make some Texan noise here in Hobby-Horse land. In our last meeting in August, the Texans out played the Broncos with our 1st string offense -- we only lost the game when the 2nd and third stingers were in. Now that both starter sets will be there for the entire game -- it should be interesting.

TexansTrueFan 11-06-2004 08:53 PM

Yeah babin is a beast at stopping the run and he will shut down his side of the field !! This game will show if we are real playoffs contenders or not !!!

Reddevil63 11-06-2004 09:32 PM

Ive got a feeling about this one. A real strong feeling. Maybe Im just hungry :popcorn:

TheTim5125 11-06-2004 09:44 PM

I'm so pumped... you have no idea. I even watched the Pre-season game again just to get a lil feel for wutz going down 2morrow.... Go Texans!!!

TexansTrueFan 11-06-2004 09:57 PM

Hmmm speaking of hungry i'm hugry to,,,,,, anyone got any horse meat<< wait the season starts tomorrow doesnt it :thumbup

ledzeppelin229 11-06-2004 10:11 PM

Tomorrow will be tough. I usually wake up just in time for the games, but since this one is later I might have to endure another team for a few hours. Those hours feel like days...

TexansTrueFan 11-06-2004 10:14 PM

you and me both i cant stop looking at the clock and that just makes time go by slower !

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