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pl32 11-06-2004 10:51 AM

Good Luck Texans from a Falcon Fan
I just want to say that after watching you guys play this season, I think yall are the most underated team out there. I love the fact that yall are one of the few team (and I mean few) in the NFL right now that is balanced with a solid offence and defence. I know not may people except yourselves will say this but I honestly think yall will be in the playoffs this year. I think Johnson is the most underated reciever. Man he is a beast. Fast for his size and I honestly think Champ doesn't have a chance against him. That is a mis-match all game and I look for Carr and him to hook up about two or three times in the endzone. My Falcons exposed the Broncos last week but looking at yall, I see no problem with the Texans handing them their third straight loss of the season. Good luck on the rest of the season

Grid 11-06-2004 11:16 AM

Hope you are right. Playoffs could be difficult for us. our chances of winning our division are not incredibly good. We have a rough schedule for the rest of the year.. and we are not ahead in the division so we cannot afford to lose many of them. As for the wild card.. San Diego and Denver are neck and neck.. and The Jets and Pats are neck and neck.. its gonna be real hard for us to beat out those teams for a wildcard spot.

As for this week. In the past we have made it a habit of showing up stale for a big game after we have had success the week before. This year we have been putting up 2 wins in a row more often.. but.. as we saw with the Vikings.. after winning 2 in a row we showed up incredibly stale for that game and were not able to do ANYTHING in the first half.. allowing the vikes to get up by 3 TDs. The good news is that in the second half we woke up and almost won that game.. and the Vikings said afterwards that we are the best defense they have played all year. SO.. the question this week in denver is "have we learned our lesson?" will we show up to play for 60 minutes? I think if we can take the lead early.. we will be able to hold it and win the game in the end.

but thanks for the respect and the well wishes :).. we can always use more of that. I dont think you need my support to win in your division but you have it anyway :). I cant say that im impressed with Michael Vick personally :)..i get tired of hearing about him on sportscenter when he hasnt really done all that much yet, except break some rushing QB records. But, it looks like he is coming around and maybe in a season or two he might be living up to the hype.. which would be scary good.

pl32 11-06-2004 12:06 PM

I understand what ou are saying, I havn't seen the rest of your games but it looks as to me that yall can hang with just about anybody. Any game is hard to win period, but yall have the talen to beat anybody in the league. As for Vick, you have valid point. The first part of the season was rough for him. I don't blame it all on him though, with our new coaching staf and system, it was like starting all over again. I expect him to have a better second half of the season and he showed signs of the that in the Denver game

Jagsbch 11-06-2004 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by pl32
My Falcons exposed the Broncos last week

I missed the game would you care to elaborate further?

pl32 11-06-2004 01:08 PM

Sure, the best way to defeat the Broncos is to stop the run. We were able to hold Droughns for only 68 yards rushing the whole game. By us doing that, that force the Broncos to go aireal on us and that really not there game. Coach Shanahan is a run to open he pass game type coach. We made them go the other way around. While Jake Plummer did pass for 499 yards on us (that still concerns me) it really through them off their rythem b/c Plummer is not the kind of QB that can pass comfortably all game. Yalls front seven, with Smith, Sharper, Wong, Babin, and the rest should be able to handle Droughns like we did. I don't see them rushing 100+ on yalls D. You also have to Keep Plummer containded in the pocket b/c that is where we got our 3 int. from him. He's most efective when he rolls out but I beielve the speed of yalls D will keep in in check.

TexansTrueFan 11-06-2004 08:49 PM

Thanks for tha support ,,,not many other people out there see our potential, but if we dont make the play-offs this year i see us making a strong run next year,,,but i dont have much patience so why not make our run now ?

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