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Sideline 04-30-2007 06:42 AM

Coming to Texas!
The dream is finally looking like it could become a reality, as hopefully I will attending a game this coming season. At the moment im targeting the September 23rd Game of the Indianapolis Colts.

Basically, I am currently trying to work out weather it would work out better cost wise to get the package sorted out myself and come for a week in Texas, than to go through on of the Sports Tours packages and come for a Long Weekend and see the game.

Would anybody be able to give me some accomodation possibilities to check out? Also If I was to come for the week, I would love to go and check out a High School Football game as well, Does anybody regularly attend their local High Schools games that I could tag along with?

SheTexan 04-30-2007 03:32 PM

WOW Sideline!! That is GREAT!! Can't wait to meet you! Keep checking back when you make some final decisions. I am sure some of the "guys" will help you out with some of your questions. We'll make sure all your TEXAN dreams come true.


Wolf 04-30-2007 03:40 PM

where are you from sideline?

funny story about highschool football.. I talked to a guy last fall about it and he is from california and he went to a 4a football game last year and he was shocked at the coaches having headsets on their head and all the people in the stadium.. He'd never seen a high school game like that.. all I could say is you should try some of the 5a games I have heard stories and did see in San Angelo in the late 80's with Odessa Permian coming in(Friday night lights era) and how that stadium was packed and yet next day I'd go to Angelo state university football games and wasn't 1/4 of the stadium filled(division ncaa II )

JustBonee 04-30-2007 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by Wolf (Post 659812)
where are you from sideline?

Believe he's in England. ?

Have you been to the states before Sideline? ..welcome over.

Hagar 04-30-2007 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by Sideline (Post 659510)
Would anybody be able to give me some accomodation possibilities to check out?

Get a little more specific on what type of accomodations you need and I'll put up some suggestions.

Tedc 05-01-2007 05:51 AM

Check your PM's.

Sideline 05-01-2007 05:52 AM

Just looking for some cheap accomodation really, somewhere to crash. Thanks for all the help so far guys, already had a PM from Tedc with some amazing help.

Yeah thats right Im in England, Yeah I have been to the States before but never to Texas, really cannot wait to come over, and especially to see our Texans.

What High School teams are in and around Houston? Im guessing some of you also go to the Astros games, I would love to hit one of those as well. Looking for a Sports Filled week in Texas.

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