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calitexanfan 10-11-2004 10:48 PM

think we can finish in 2nd place
damn even though we lost i coudent b proud of our team we stuck around and they made the bigg plays botom line...also finally carr is coming around and he is finally getting recognized 4 it..its gonna b tough beating the colts but i think we can beat the titans and finish 2nd place and make a run at the wild card :thumbup

blockhead83 10-11-2004 10:50 PM

Our division is just plain tough. We'd have to play to our optimum level and then some to end up 2nd in the division. Having said that, I believe we can do it! ;)

rittenhouserobz 10-12-2004 05:43 AM

If we can take second, then we can take first. Less turnovers has led to more points, but the defense can't be on the field 20 minutes in the first half of every game. This year is a turning point for the Texans.

Corrosion 10-12-2004 06:52 AM

The way i see it , fans saying finishing second is good enough is like the coaches gameplan .... lets just stick around , stay close and maybe win one late .... I for one have had enough of that mentality , this is a much better team than their record shows. If the coaches turn the offense loose and the defense plays every game like it has the second half of the last three , winning the division isnt outa the question , maybe not likely but not un-thinkable either , stranger things have happened ..... the Astro's won the wildcard ...stranger still they actually beat the Braves in a series.

Carr throws deep , Beltran makes a diving catch at the wall , Touchdown !
Texans beat the Cardinals. :headbang:

Double Barrel 10-12-2004 10:51 AM

:rofl: @ corrosion!! Right on, man!! :thumbup That's the spirit!

First things first, though, we MUST beat Tennessee. At this moment, nothing else matters. We are 0-4 against the Titans, and with our history, and the good karma from the Astros, we the 12th man shall WILL this win!!

I want to see a huge defensive game, like our first season win over the Steelers. Add in some Prime Time highlights for the offense, and I really want to see a smackdown in Tennessee. :boxing:

ledzeppelin229 10-12-2004 11:03 AM

The best thing, in my opinion, is that every game our guys look better and better. If we can beat the Titans then we will be on a roll going into the bye and Jville better watch out when Houston is let loose following the break. I only hope the coaches adjust the gameplan some to fit our players so we don't keep chains on our biggest threats (like in the first half of the Vikings game)

TheOgre 10-12-2004 11:50 AM

When the dust settles, the Colts will win the division and the other 3 teams will be cluttered around 8-8.

Titanico 10-12-2004 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by calitexanfan
its gonna b tough beating the colts but i think we can beat the titans and finish 2nd place and make a run at the wild card

Not so soon, the season is just entering on its second quarter, and I am not sure what will happen.

But if you watched yesterday's game between the Titans vs. Packers, you can agree we left that slump behind us, and on sunday's game is gonna be a great one, but the Titans will play as good to avoid a third loss at home.

and the Texans had improved greatly on the past two games...so it's going to be an very good match.

texasguy346 10-12-2004 02:39 PM

I feel that the Packers/Titans game was a good sign for the Titans fans, but they also were playing one of the worst secondaries at the moment. Manning torched them, McNair torched them, Harrington will torch them next week, and in all likelyhood Carr will torch them when we play them on a Sunday night game. The Packers didn't look good in any phase of the game Sunday, and thats unusual for their team. The biggest positive I saw in the Monday night game for the Titans was the return of their physicality (if thats even a word...I feel like Don King now). They were physical up front on the offensive and defensive lines, and they tackled better than they had in previous games. That being said, I feel that even if the Titans were still winless, and had no McNair or Brown, that the game on Sunday would still be tough since its a divisional game. Division games are always tough, and both sides are hyped up for it. They know their opponent well, and try their best to exploit their weaknesses. I expect Sunday's game to be tough, and it could be a "last one with the ball wins" type games. I also expect Carr to pick on Dyson much like Farve picked on him last night. Rolle will have his hands full with AJ, and Gaffney could have a big game in the slot. Can't wait till Sunday.

Corrosion 10-13-2004 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by TheOgre
When the dust settles, the Colts will win the division and the other 3 teams will be cluttered around 8-8.

I hate to say it but i have to agree with you 100%

Here's a quote from today's article in the Houston Chronicle by of all people Corey Bradford .(wonder how much we will see him on the field this week ....hopefully only in 4 wide sets)

"Our focus is to try and win our division, and to do that you have to beat Tennessee and Indianapolis, and now even Jacksonville," wide receiver Corey Bradford said. "For the last three or four years, those guys have been in the playoffs, so we have to close the gap. We have more guys and more experience, so hopefully we can pull it off this year."

Hopefully hell .... Get It Done :headbang:

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