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jacquescas 09-27-2004 01:18 AM

The Rest of the Schedule
Oakland (2-1) They played pretty strong on sunday night. Their Offensive line looks huge. Will Gannon or Collins start.

Minnesota (2-1) Culpepper had another 325+ yard game

Tennesee (1-2) First divison game. Struggling early but still are strong team.

Jacksonville (3-0) They have a good defense, good running back in Fred Taylor, and a top 10 draft pick playing wide reciever and quarterback.

Denver (2-1) Another strong offensive line and Champ Bailey to deal with.

Indianapolis (2-1) They should probably be 3-0 (just like us).

Green Bay (1-2) Brett Farve, Ahman Green, the best Offensive line in the NFC

Tennessee Again....

NY Jets (2-0) Chad Pennington, good start.

Indianapolis 5th game in a row playing a pro bowl quarterback

Chicago Finally a break in the schedule

Jacksonville They could be pushing for a playoff spot at this point.

Cleveland Expansion team bowl. consolation prize is a higher draft pick in the draft that will now be on everyones minds.


I think we have pretty much a brutal stretch after this Oakland game,not to say that we wont win a game, but it wont be like the Detroit or San Diego games where it looks like a should win situation.

We might only end up with 5 or 6 wins this season, although we could be set up to finish the season winning 3 in a row.

HJam72 09-27-2004 08:05 AM

Last year and the first 3 wks. of this yr. may not be at all indicative of how hard or easy those later games might be. The Colts could be having temporary problems by the time we play them late in the season and, by contrast, Cleveland could actually be hot. Throw in our own unpredictability and we don't know what's going to happen. It does look tough, but I think how our guys play will matter more than who they play. They played well against some top teams last year and then blew it against SD to start this season. It's all up to them.

I'd rather see them play up to Indi than play down to SD--but that Minnesota game does kind of scare me. :eek:

Meloy 09-27-2004 09:09 AM

Hopefully, the team will continue to jell as we go forward. I still like the ingredients of these players. We have yet to see a game that all parts play well. That can be exciting if you are a "glass half full" person. We could be back at 500 a week from now.I just want to see good effort this year.

Hervoyel 09-27-2004 10:54 AM

One would think that after seeing the Texans lose to San Diego and Detroit then win at Kansas City people might see the futility of trying to predict which game on the schedule is going to be an easy win and which one is going to be a loss. There's no way to know what kind of shape many of these teams are going to be in by the time we get them.

We'll win a few that we should lose and lose a few that we should win. We'll catch some good teams when they're playing flat and get beaten by some bad teams who are up for us because the world predicts that they're going to lose to the Texans.

We'll end the season around 8-8. I just hope the wins come on days I have tickets :)

J-Man 09-27-2004 02:23 PM

If you think about it everyone makes picks before the season by going down the schedule and saying win or lose...Ive probably seen 50 variations on this over the last month, and I'll bet prior to the season 50 outa 50 would have said KC beats the Texans. Guess that's why we play the games, huh? :twocents:

Hervoyel 09-27-2004 02:37 PM

Before the season I had San Diego and Detroit down as the Texans first back to back wins and then gave the Texans an outside chance against K.C. for three in a row. In fact I was pretty sure of it and you see how close I was. The NFL is so unpredictable that it's silly to do it (but yeah, I still do).

I think, in retrospect that the Texans did not play with the necessary focus and intensity against San Diego and that they got a wake up call then. They didn't hear it clearly enough and failed to improve by much at Detroit but two games like that did the trick. They still made many mistakes at K.C. but they didn't quit trying and pulled out a win. I wonder if they'd won two in a row to start the season if that determination would have been there to win against the Chiefs. We'll never know.

Now I wonder whether they'll beat the Raiders. 2-2 would be a very nice ending to the first quarter of the season after the way we've started. Maybe it'll happen.

TheOgre 09-27-2004 03:01 PM

There are very few games I can pin as an automatic "W" or "L" before a season. I tend to clump games together. With road wins in Pittsburgh (2002), Miami (2003), and KC (2004) and home losses to Cincinnati (2002), Vinny and the Jets (2003) and San Diego (2004), we have proven that anything goes with us. I have this feeling we are going to go 2-1 over the next 3 weeks and go into the bye 3-3. I'm just not sure which of these 3 games we win.

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