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Txn_in_FL 09-26-2004 06:15 PM

Davis. What Happened?
What happened? The place I was at had 10 games going so I couldn't keep up (sorry, my bad). One minute Davis is in, next minute Wells. Did he get hurt? Why not Hollings?

ATX 09-26-2004 06:26 PM

sprained ankle, and hollings is hurt.

Fiddy 09-26-2004 06:54 PM

Davis did what he does a couple of times each year: He got hurt and missed the game...

TexanExile 09-26-2004 07:00 PM

Each of his one years? :) Not sure I understand that dig.

Unfortunately, we have no depth at RB right now. Wells looked OK, but he really wasn't scaring anyone out there. The BEST thing about DD being hurt is that it forced Carr to LOOK AROUND, for crying out loud, and use the rest of the offense!

Fiddy 09-26-2004 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by TexanExile
Each of his one years? :) Not sure I understand that dig.

Dont forget college

scourge 09-26-2004 07:40 PM

it also didnt help that DD had an avg. of about 1.2 ypc... besides, without DD out there to use as the 2nd receiving option, I think it may have actually helped Carr find his receivers a lil more

RTP2110 09-26-2004 07:49 PM

From kffl.com....

Texans | Davis Suffers Ankle Injury - from www.KFFL.com
Sun, 26 Sep 2004 13:10:48 -0700

CBS Sports reports Houston Texans RB Domanick Davis (ankle) suffered an ankle injury.

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