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pittbull 09-13-2004 03:47 PM

Is Capers on the hot seat?
Often we talk about the Offense and Defense coordinators, but fail to remember or mention that the Head Coach OK's everything! With an overall record of 9-24 over three seasons, and a bad opening day loss, with a season full of expectations from fans, the front office, and around the league, Is Dom Capers on the hot seat? How long will the Texans give the "Expansion Guru" time to make things happen in H-Town? Obviously, we have some key positions taken care of now, with Carr showing extreme growth, a great young back, a promising wide receiving corps, and a fast, possibly aggressive defense, but when will the Head Coach be given the hook. I think the guy is a great coach, but he may not be the best gameday coach, and rarely makes the appropriate adjustments in the second half. Is it the players, the coaching, is it the fans? Time will tell, but I just wonder how long he'll last, before the media starts asking for Jimmy Johnson, some other retread coaching legand or Bob Stoops? :soapbox:

TexansTrueFan 09-13-2004 03:50 PM

I think next year will be capers last year,,,,,dont get me wrong him and casserly did a good job building this team from the ground up ,,,,but i just dont think capers will be the one to take us to the next level,,,,,isnt he a defensive coordinaor anyways ??? I thought most head coaches were usually offensive masterminds ????

Fiddy 09-13-2004 03:53 PM

Capers job in jeopardy??? This is over reaction. Do we need to remind people that the New England Patriots got shut out 37-0 on opening day last year and then went on to win the Super Bowl???

RTP2110 09-13-2004 03:54 PM

If you're referring to this yeart, no he is not on the hotseat. It was a 3 to 5 year plan all along, and we're only 1 game into year three. Really I dont put this one on Capers, he didn't fumble the ball or throw any pics, and that is what cost us. Now if we are not in the playoffs by next season, he may be on the way out.

Marcus 09-13-2004 03:58 PM

If you actually think that Capers is on the hot seat, or better yet, if you wish he was on the hot seat because you don't like him . . .

. . . then you'd better start talking about Bob McNair.

My view is that Mr. McNair is very happy with the progress that is being made with the organization, and how it is run.

mrtexansfan 09-13-2004 04:07 PM

dom is not and should not be on the hot seat. this organization is heading in the right direction and from what i saw during the game capers did not turn the ball over once and its turn overs that cost us the game!!! fireing capers would set this team back several years.

NoBullTexan 09-13-2004 04:08 PM

Let me just remind Fiddy that the Texans are not the New England Patriots. They had a SB in their near past and was soon to have another one. We, on ther other hand are just a struggling 3rd year team trying to find out just who we are.

Insofar as Dom Capers is concerned, I think he as the head coach, should bear just as much blame as the team for having such conservative game plan. You stop LT with an agressive, blitzing, attacking defense. Did any of you experts see any of that?

Fiddy 09-13-2004 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by NoBullTexan
Let me just remind Fiddy that the Texans are not the New England Patriots. They had a SB in their near past and was soon to have another one. We, on ther other hand are just a struggling 3rd year team trying to find out just who we are.

I am not saying that we are going to win the super bowl. I am just saying that some people are over reacting over one loss....

texansfan88 09-13-2004 04:15 PM

you guys are nuts...after this week 16 teams will be 0-1, why of all people would capers be the one on the hot seat?

Reddevil63 09-13-2004 04:15 PM

Its a 3-5 year plan, but if we dont make some serious strides this year, he may very well be on that hot seat. A 3-5 year plan still includes alot of improvement year after year. I wouldnt be upset seeing Capers being made into the D-Cordinator and bringing in a more proven head coach.

NoBullTexan 09-13-2004 04:17 PM

No but the point I was trying to make is trying to compare the Texans to the New England Patriots, is like trying to compare apples to oranges (at this point in our development.).

rhc564 09-13-2004 04:21 PM

The key here is selling out every home game and all that goes with it--
as long as that happens, there will be no changes. But, if we put together
back to back to back games like yesterday, things could get a little touchy.

And, these comparisons to the Patriots not winning their first game last
year ignore several other factors. First, their head coach is a defensive
guru who lets his coaches coach. Second, the Pats were winners before
and after that 1st game. Third, their coach has stated on the Pats web
site more than once that the Pats focus on only one game at a time and
will do whatever it takes to win that game-- maybe offense, maybe defense,
maybe special teams, maybe causing turn overs (like against the Colts),etc.
Charlie Weiss, their Offensive Coordinator, says he designs a game plan
that will allow his players freedom/flexibility to use their talents/strengths
against that weeks opponent...approach to each game is different,goal
is to win.

Marcus 09-13-2004 04:21 PM

And just exactly where did some of you come up up with all these 'high expectations' anyway? I didn't hear Capers or Casserly go off half-cocked like McLane and Hunsicker did with their sick "nothing less than a World Series will be acceptable this year" rants.

I think a little more patience is called for before you want to start firing everybody.

Meloy 09-13-2004 04:31 PM

Not that it would happen,but if McNair said it was keep Capers or the entire team, I'd say ok Dom, who is the 1st choice for our new team? Remember when the owner went looking, he asked knowledgeable people active and inactive in the NFL advice on Capers
We got the best over all coach football in my opinion. Gruden?Dpn't think so. Joe Gibbs? Maybe, but let's see how the entire season goes. I would like to see Capers open up the offense but other than that he is MY coach!!

pittbull 09-13-2004 04:33 PM

Not reading what I wrote
OVERREACTION!!! :crazy: What I am stating is, when will he be on the hot seat? The media loves to create the hot seat for some story to be printed. I actually like Dom Capers, loved him in PGH as a d-coordinator, and love him here as a pure coach! Capers may not have the best off field personality,may not be quotable, iffy second half game plans, but my question is, when would he be on the hot seat? I would give the guy 4-5 years before a change needs to be made, but this is the NFL, not the office cooler! Guys get canned quicker than 1 hour coffee, and don't let McNairs'(Unbeleivable Owner!!!)smile fool you, he wants to win too. :headbang:

Reddevil63 09-13-2004 05:37 PM

In Len Pasquarelli's (sp?) Morning After article on ESPN.com...

The strong suit for the trademark Capers 3-4 defense, of course, has always been rushing the quarterback. But the Texans, who registered a paltry 19 sacks in 2003, second fewest in the NFL, got just one in their Sunday loss to the San Diego Chargers. No pressure on the quarterback, no turnovers, and Capers needs to generate both. In addition to failing to harass Drew Brees, the Texans surrendered 121 rushing yards to Chargers tailback LaDainian Tomlinson, too.

This is a key year for Capers, who is supposed to be getting a contract extension but is now causing some restlessness among the natives. The organization's strong public stance aside, no one really expects Houston to be a playoff contender, but most feel that, in Year 3, the expansion franchise and Capers need to demonstrate viable progress.

To repeat, we're hardly suggesting Capers and Lewis aren't doing solid jobs. But both men's reputations were built on their respective defensive acumen. They'd better hope that Sunday's performances weren't an indication that their teams' defensive lapses of 2003 are extending into 2004.

Sounds like we arent the only ones speculating Caper's future

kbourda 09-13-2004 08:42 PM

I too read that article. It was a very interesting take on Capers. I wouldn't say hot seat but i'll go as far as saying it might be lukewarm at most at this point.

Mistril48 09-13-2004 09:59 PM

I believe the Chargers started inside their 30 yard line 7 times during the game and they only got 3 points on those drives. (I heard this on the radio) If this is true, then I think it's a little unfair to say the defensive coaches don't know what they are doing. It's true that a defense has to be ready for the sudden turnover and problems presented by this (the momentum change and field position), but 4 turnovers is tough on everyone.

I believe that we really needed a big play out of our defensive veteran leaders of Walker, Sharper, Glenn, or Coleman and we never got it.

pittbull 09-14-2004 08:17 AM

I understand the 5 year plan, and I am in full agreement with it. I personally am in the 50 year plan for life :crazy: ! But as for the way mankind is these days, everything has to be done quickly, and at times, people fall to the pressure around them. I hope that Mr. McNair and Charlie C stick with the plan, because in the long run, this franchise will have more stability than others in the league, that are looking for quick wins with bigtime free agents and high priced coaches. Mr. McNair has thus far shown me no reason to think otherwise Vinny, but history of mankind and this league, says the odds may be against him. How many owners can we name in the league with integrity these days, holding firm to what they believe in and keeping their coaches, regardless of what they guaranteed them upon taking the position? Rooney in Pittsburgh? Possibly Al Davis? Yeah, some of the other owners have won quick championships, but look at the state of the franchise and are these guys respected around the league. These other owners change coaches like underwear, and don't give a guy an opportunity to emprint his personality on the team! I want an owner, organization, team, fans, and city with character, and I think we have it in Houston! But don't get me wrong, I'm on the Capers for Head Coach bandwagon: :twocents:

HJam72 09-14-2004 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
,,,,,isnt he a defensive coordinaor anyways ??? I thought most head coaches were usually offensive masterminds ????

Jeff Fisher was a defensive coordinator. Don't hold that against Capers.

I'm just gonna be honest here. I don't think coaches make nearly as much difference as people WANT to think, unless it is in the choosing of the players. The best coach I can think of was Jimmy Johnson and that's because he chose his players and had A LOT of money to do it with. The only other exception is when some ***** insists on running the prevent defense until they blow a 31-3 lead. Capers is a coach. His scheme is no better or worse than anyone else's, within reason, and he yells at them when they mess up and he shouts pep talks in the locker room. Take the worst coach in the league and give him an all-star team. He will win. Coaches are scapegoats. None of them are way better than the average. Some extremely few are just ignorant.

Saying that the coack is what really matters is, to me, like saying that your great grandfather can kick your butt, because he's more experienced.

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