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SDBoltz 09-10-2004 10:15 PM

Chargers Point Of View
ok i can tell you texan fans are confident your going to beat us... but keep a few things in mind..... in 2002 we were 8-8 rolled over you guys and should have been in thee playoffs.... in 2003 it was supposed to be a push year with alot of people picking us to win the division or come in second.....that obviously didnt happen do to injuries and lack of experience.... we played much better at the end of the season once our secondary gained some experience and learned from their mistakes..... i only worry about the johnson sammy davis matchup because of the size issues. although in the pre season against much bigger wr's he did well... but thats pre season..... our conversion to the 3-4 has been a smooth transition and while people think we keep it simple... we actually have some complicated blitzes that we come at you with brees led the pre season in passing.... the defense led the league in sacks we have all pro's liek mike goff and roman oben anchoring our line which is much much better than yours we have donnie edwards and ben leber coming from outside with donnie stuffing the middle with fellow all pro jamal williams....we had no pass rush what so ever last year and that is why our secondary kept getting burned.... l.t. has been known to eat up a 3-4 defense ur better off goin 4 down not that it matters kuz i can guarantee you he is going to run for 150 catch 7-8 passes some 20 or more yard screens and lots of reverses for you to think we are push overs is just foolish... or to expect to win.. you should just be hoping to win.. and expect a dog fight like us our play action fakes will kill your aggresive safeties you think we have no playmakers at wr when erik parker is a superstar rising this year... he has some of the best hands in the league i just wish you would look at the game realisitically and realize that its going to be a close one

HoustonTexans4Life 09-10-2004 10:52 PM

Yeah Brees really kicked *** against a couple of second and third string defensive players. I watches a few of their games i could prolly do good against some lil kindergarden players as well,,,,,but hey no need to rag on brees i mean look at ALL the success he's had. Plus if ya wanna get down to it yall had a better preseason than us so ya know maybe your right lol: i dunno i guess we'll see sunday !

JDizzle 09-10-2004 10:57 PM

That is the longest sentence ever in the history of this board, and it's still not finished!

Lucky 09-10-2004 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by SDBoltz
ok i can tell you texan fans are confident your going to beat us...

Well, Texan fans are just naturally confident. That happens when your team never loses an opening game. :)

Believe me, you don't have to remind Texans fans about the 1st loss in team history. I pretty sure David Carr remembers being sacked 9 times in the 2nd game in franchise history. Don't expect that the Chargers will walk into the loudest stadium in the NFL with warm applause. Take a pound of flesh, you owe a pound of flesh.

As far as the logic used to explain why the Chargers should win, I'm not following you. The Chargers defense used to be good, now it's not. The team used to be average, now it's not. The Chargers had injuries and...wait, hold it right there. The 2nd year Texans led the NFL in players on IR in '03. And they still had a better record than the Chargers. You can't play the injury card here in Houston, my friend.

Look I respect Tomlinson, he's a great back. Considering the lack of talent around him, his production is legendary. I respect Marty, Wade, and the Chargers coaching staff. Given the time and the talent, I think they'll turn this team around. I don't think they'll get the time, but that's for another time & another thread. The Chargers are rebuilding, just as the Texans have been building for the past 2 seasons. The Texans are just a year or so ahead of the curve than the Chargers are. The Chargers have maybe 3 players on defense, and only 1 player on offense that would start on this Texan team.

Homefield, motivation, talent...the Texans have the edge. I believe in the adage "On any given Sunday..." Just not this Sunday.

HoustonTexans4Life 09-10-2004 11:06 PM

:thumbup very nice i like lol:

jhawktx 09-10-2004 11:08 PM

The Chargers are never going anywhere as long as they have Marty as the head coach. He's a loser.

RTP2110 09-10-2004 11:12 PM

The Texans are favored in this game for a reason, and it's not because SD is the better team. That entire rant could be said by any NFL fan. All teams have injuries. All teams have potential stars that other teams don't know about. Every week there are aspects of a team that you could say the other team is underestimating. I could re-write that whole piece and switch it from Chargers to Texans and make just as many points.

JDizzle 09-10-2004 11:14 PM

Many folks don't understand what Seau brought to that defense. He is so energetic and a wonderful leader, he made the people around him play harder, and brought a spirit to that defense.

Hopefully for Charger fan, with a renewed fire under Drew Brees' rear end, their offense will pick up some. I really do think that this is going to be a good game. Even though I really want my boys to whip up on the 'Chah-jus", I think it will be a pretty good game.

texasguy346 09-10-2004 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by SDBoltz
texans have no chance for a blow out this year because they arent a blowout kinda team no players that are among the top 3 at their position on offense that could open a game wide open.... but the chargers have 1

42-13 chargers tomlinson rushes for 323 breaks the nfl rushing record. Carr gets sacked 8 times loses 3 fumbles chargers convert them all into TD's that is a more likely scenario than some of the nonsense you all have put up

LT breaking the rushing record huh? Exactly which OLinemen is going to help him on his way to doing that? Jamal Lewis has ProBowl LT Ogden helping him out. Don't think you got that on your team. Even your starting center from last year doesn't want to play for your team anymore. Sad state of affairs over in San Diego that is for sure. I'd also like to hear who on your team is capable of getting a sack on Jeff George much less David Carr who has decent mobility. Igor perhaps? Other Charger fans seem to be touting him as if he'll be a pressence as opposed to just another lousy player on a lousy team. Good luck with this coming season because you guys are going to need it. Especially after having your ***** handed to you by the Texans.

SDBoltz 09-10-2004 11:27 PM

neither team is a dominant team but in today's nfl its about team chemistry and playmaking. any...and i mean any team can make the playoffs if they can get into the right rhythem and get on a roll of winning early...maybe thats why you texan fans are so amped up... just like we are.. its not the nfl of the mid 90's where you could just write certain teams off

Lucky 09-10-2004 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by SDBoltz
... l.t. has been known to eat up a 3-4 defense ur better off goin 4 down not that it matters kuz i can guarantee you he is going to run for 150...

Just for grins, I took a gander at Tomlinson's rushing yardage against 34 defenses.

Houston - 84 yards

Baltimore - 105 yards
Pittsburgh - 91 yards

Now, averaging 93 yards/game isn't shabby, but it doesn't spell doom & gloom for the Texans, either. It will take an extraordinary performance from Tomlinson for the Chargers to beat the Texans 34 defense. Not his ordinary performance.

Mike Goff & Roman Oben are All-Pros? Huh?

BTW, did you give yourself a 5 star rating for this thread? Talk about overrated!

RTP2110 09-10-2004 11:33 PM

Chargers' best bet is to try and get out to an early lead. If they get behind and have to pass it will be a long day. They need to have the lead and be able to feed LT all game long.

Both teams are closely matched, but one important factor being overlooked is the Reliant Stadium advantage. Reliant Stadium is LOUD. Now, I've never been to Arrowhead or any other crazy stadium like that, but I could not imagine it being any louder than Reliant gets. That will be another distraction for S.D.

SDBoltz 09-10-2004 11:36 PM

chargers win
LT has the best line this year that he has ever had with all pro mike goff roman oben courtney van buren and toniu fonoti clearing the path for him.... LT will break the single game record this year why not this game.

swisher 09-10-2004 11:36 PM

I don't get the "we beat you in 2002" argument. What does that prove?

And you know the first sign of denial that your team sucks?....knowing what your defense ranked in the preseason and thinking others will be impressed by it.

texasguy346 09-10-2004 11:39 PM

One thing I can say for the Chargers is that at least there are a few fans that aren't bandwagon types. It might be like staying with a sinking ship, but you guys seem to be content to go down with it. LT is a great RB, and among the best in the league. Unfortunately for you he is all you have to hang your hat on. If you had a great WR, or even a very good O-Line then you'd have something going in SD, but you don't. I dare say our 4th WR could start for your team right now. Armstrong has been amazing in the preseason, and SD's defense will have the pleasure of meeting him if we go to a 4 wide set. One thing I can gurantee you'll see is plenty of DD running over your guys, and you'll see the improvements that Todd Wade and Mark Bruener bring to the running game. All smack talk aside I just hope you guys show your faces on the board come Monday, and take your just desserts for all the smack you've been spewing. It's the stand up thing to do, and I hope you'll do the stand up thing after losing to the Texans.

SDBoltz 09-10-2004 11:40 PM

chargers win
igor is more than capable of killing carr as is ben leber..since he has done it a few times b4 lol and he kinda liked it....adrian dingle is more than capable..... you know steve foley is goin to be jacked up and you know he helped your Def out alot last year.... he wants to murder you guys..... we'll even throw in some corner blitzes i wouldnt be surprised to see drayton florence or quentin jammer gettin a sack or 2

texasguy346 09-10-2004 11:50 PM

CB blitzes huh? Wow that's a novel trick. Who will cover AJ? Bradford? Gaffney? Guess you haven't seen DD's ability to pick up the blitz, but you'll see it on Sunday. Foley helped us out tremendously did he? That's why he was a starter, and we put so much effort in trying to resign him. Oh thats right he wasn't a starter. He's a quality depth LB, but he couldn't start in Cincy or in Houston yet he can start in San Diego. Must be some nice LB depth there I bet. How bout LT's success against 3-4 defenses? I believe Lucky stated in another post that he averaged 93 yds a game? You're expecting to win the game with 93 yards of rushing? Looks like your shaky passing game is going to have to contribute something. Who are you going to throw to, and how are they going to beat coverage? You've got a rookie kicker, and since when did Oben become an All Pro? Take a look at our O-Line before you start predicting sacks. Todd Wade, Zach Weigert, Steve McKinney, Chester Pitts, and Seth Wand. Add to that TE Bruener and FB Norris and I'd love to know how you plan on getting by those guys. Wand is the only question mark, and he's done well against premeire pass rushers such as Jason Taylor, Simeon Rice, and Trevor Pryce. As I stated before I just hope you Chargers fans show up Monday after your team's loss, and take your just desserts. Good luck with the rest of the season, because you guys will need it.

SDBoltz 09-11-2004 12:06 AM

chargers will win
chargers have arguably the best TE in the game in antonio gates and thats not just homer talk. and you know how a corner blitz works so dont play stupid. we have the most depth at linebacker in the afc and thats not just my opinion go on espn and check it out... but thats all paper talk... bottom line is we have more and better playmakers than you... i wouldnt put andre johnson over erik parker... and corey bradford is shut down by jammer so thats a non factor you have no1 like LT nobody does really but you definetly dont... LT can take over a game easily... look at the New england game of 2002... their first loss after winning the SB or ask oakland how hard it is to stop LT. I just think we are a better squad than you i'll be here monday to explain why the texans lost

SDBoltz 09-11-2004 12:09 AM

chargers win
bottom line is Chargers are better than the texans
padres better than the astros
democrats better than republicans and chargers win

swisher 09-11-2004 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by texasguy346
All smack talk aside I just hope you guys show your faces on the board come Monday, and take your just desserts for all the smack you've been spewing. It's the stand up thing to do, and I hope you'll do the stand up thing after losing to the Texans.

It's weird being on this end of the conversation isn't it?

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