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Ibar_Harry 08-09-2004 11:34 PM

Any comments on tonight's practice?
Haven't seen much from anyone. I hope some saw the action and can give us some insight.

aj. 08-10-2004 06:45 AM

Re: Any comments on tonight's practice?
The new cheerleader with the jet black hair riding on the back of Toro's 4-wheeler was drop dead gorgeous. That's about all I noticed.

It was nice and cool out there after the rain.

Oh yeah, the tempo was very "up." Lots of plays run at full speed for a change and lots of real hitting going on.

Albert Johnson is almost as tiny as JJ Moses.

McKinney took all the snaps and seemed to look no worse for the wear.

Peek had an off night. He got rolled a few times on punt coverage drills.

Hervoyel 08-10-2004 10:00 AM

Re: Any comments on tonight's practice?
Well, I have been reading in various places where Jonathan Wells was having his best camp in three years and I felt like last night I saw it. I'm not sure if that translates to anything very important but I thought he looked much more focused and intense than in years past. Contract years have a tendancy to do that for you I guess.

I thought Hollings looked wicked fast at times. He's got that little "Zip" when he pops through the hole. Davis looked like Davis (which is a good thing) and all in all I'd say that our running back situation looks great.

Honestly every time I go to one of the practices I have all these intentions of trying to look for specific players and see how they're doing, maybe take some notes and of course I bring my camera. Reality is that once I get to watching them I lose focus. I guess I'm not a very good training camp reporter. My observations from last night amount to something like this:

Backs looked good to me.

JJ was fun to watch.

Ragone didn't seem terribly focused and I thought he looked a little lost.

Renteria (DE, #64) who I have been pulling for got owned a few times when I was watching him. I wasn't impressed.

The offensive line looked good to me. I thought Wade and Wand looked huge out there on the ends.

That's about it. Like I said I'm not that good of an observer.

It would have helped if so many people hadn't kept walking in front of me constantly. Next time I go to a practice I'll avoid the front row like the plague. Good view when you don't have someone stopping right in front of you to watch the play you were trying to get a picture of but next time I'll head for the top of the bleachers.

fball 08-10-2004 10:34 AM

Re: Any comments on tonight's practice?
One thing I've noticed is that our defense this year is stout, at the end of practice they were doing some goaline drills and the offense just couldn't get the ball in the endzone. Well except when AJ caught that ball! :headbang:

edo783 08-10-2004 11:40 AM

Re: Any comments on tonight's practice?
The "D" news is good, but not being able to push it in at point blank range well??????

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