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Ediddy73 08-09-2004 10:44 PM

man, I know it is just the first preseason game after less than 10 days of camp, but both of the first rounders from Miami, DJ Williams and Sean Taylor look like veterans out there. Williams basically played the whole game, and he was and animal. It seemed like he was in on every other tackle. Taylor is a man. I knew he was a big hitter and he had great instincts, but he read that route before the tight end even broke. His eyes were shadowing Mauck the entire time, and he has great field vision. 2 picks in your first game ever preseason or not, and a TD? Not bad. Can't wait to see our rookies progression this preseason. I know it's an exihibition, but at least it is football. Is Miami that much better at producing NFL ready talent? Williams, Taylor, Portis, AJ, Sapp, Mackinzie (sp), Rumpf, McGehee, Lewis, just to name a few.

TexansCanes 08-09-2004 11:45 PM

if you look at the 21 first rounders in the last 5 years: bubba franks, damione lewis, dan morgan, reggie wayne, santana moss, bryant mckinny, jeremy shockey, ed reed, phillip buchannon, mike rumph, andre johnson, jerome mcdougle, willis mcgahee, william joseph, sean taylor, kellen winslow, jon vilma, d.j. williams, vernon carey, and vince wilfork, all of these guys would battle each other in practice. when you're going against guys that good everyday, it is going to help you when you enter the league.

DoCt3rJ 08-09-2004 11:54 PM

I don't think Taylor looked like a Veteran out there... he was basically playing against his college people (rookies) - Watts, and Mauck(sp?). He did solid, but they have been saying he looks sloppy at camp, and you notice he dident start over Matt Bowen......come on, MATT BOWEN? lol, Im sure he'll be ok though, I just don't think hes gonna be that GREAT as his # 4 overall or whatever pick it was.

"Williams basically played the whole game, and he was and animal. It seemed like he was in on every other tackle."

Really? Why does he have 0 tackles on the NFL.com stats report?

TexansCanes 08-10-2004 12:37 AM

Re: Miami-NFLU?
sean taylor played like sean taylor, he played like he always does, so his performance wasn't unexpected. actually he didn't start over andre lott, not matt bowen. i can't tell you why he didn't start but a few things i came up with were that they didn't want to just hand him the starting job, but make him earn it and maybe they were concerned about his knee. we'll see how he does next saturday against carolina.

DoCt3rJ 08-10-2004 02:37 AM

Re: Miami-NFLU?
Apparently you don't read the reports on Redskins training camp, Im sure he'll pull around, but apparently hes been very poor in training camp, and looks " lost ", I know he will bounce and take the starting job Im just saying from what Iv'e read hes been very sloppy, and he already wants a new contract? lol.....

TexansCanes 08-10-2004 12:58 PM

Re: Miami-NFLU?
actually i read the washington post every morning and i would say that for a rookie he is doing just fine. yeah he looked sloppy at times, but everyone one does when you're learning a new system. at other times he is making plays so it all balances out. also the media is blowing every little thing the guy does out of proportion, so all you hear about is the bad stuff.

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