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Ibar_Harry 08-07-2004 11:34 AM

Are the Texans using the weight room too much?
Seems like we have a lot of groin injuries again. I'm beginning to wonder if the team is stressing their musscles to much. Is the team streching enough? I see DD has a puffy knee. It looks like we are heading back to the same problems we had a year ago and I don't think many of us were happy with that situation. Some of you are more versed in this subject than I am, but it certainly seems like its becoming all too common. Yes, some injuries are expected, but we seem to get the no return kinds of injuries and the ones that take an awfully long time to heal. Our we bulking up too much and not lengthening the musscles? I know the trainer is suppose to be one of the best, but may be he's going too far with some of this.

TEXANS84 08-07-2004 11:51 AM


Here is your answer.

rittenhouserobz 08-07-2004 12:39 PM

I must admit I like the message on the wall. :twocents:

JDizzle 08-07-2004 12:52 PM

It will take your body a while to adjust to a heightened level of activity. Even throwing the weights around won't fully prepare you for training camp. I'm sure these bugs (except Joppru) will iron themselves out as training camp and the preseason progress.

Vinny 08-07-2004 01:22 PM

Injuries are common in the NFL. It's a tough, physical game played by guys with the craziest ratios of size/speed on the planet (for a team based game). You just happen to follow our team. Other teams have their share too, trust me on that. That is why it is important to be a deep team and the foundation of why expansion teams don't generally win in the NFL right off the bat.


Running back Chris Brown also sat out practice Thursday with a tight right hamstring. He pulled his left hamstring early in training camp last year, which limited him to 11 games. Fisher said he wasn't concerned.

"When players feel tight and can't get loose, we're going to back them down. We're trying to be smart about this, and hopefully he can get back on the practice field [Friday] afternoon," Fisher said.

Ibar_Harry 08-07-2004 03:19 PM

V I posted this to get some response from some of you who know more than me on this, but its just that it seems like we have a lot of hamstring injuries. Even Glenn was having some problems again. I wondered if we were doing too many things with the legs to the point of causing deteriation rather than a bulid up of the legs. In some of the pictures it looks like they have been doing some very strenuous things to the legs. Is it possible we are just going to far in an effort to develope the best player.

Vinny 08-07-2004 03:29 PM

Perhaps Ibar. I donno for sure, but our strength coach is supposed to be one of the finest in the NFL. He has a big time resume.

LiveForTheGame 08-07-2004 03:39 PM

Injuries aren't always caused by lifting weights. I'm not very old, but I do know that you can lift as much as you want as long as you're doing it correctly and stretching enough to keep flexibility and not "overbulking." These guys are working all week long all day long so their bodies are under tremendous stress and work so injuries are going to be more abundant than in the season. I agree that most of the injuries are just minor and will probably be fine once the season rolls around. I just wonder when they're getting injured...if it's later in the day after the first practice then they might not be stretching and loosening up enough after resting and getting tight.

BornOrange 08-07-2004 04:00 PM

Football is a tough game that is extremely demanding on the body. Even when there is no contact, the sharp cuts and sudden starts and stops all take a toll. Look at David Boston. He is out for the season after a non-contact injury. Even though Boston has been the poster-boy for excessive muscles and possible steroid effect, he isn't the only one who has suffered a season ending injury already during the first week of camp. To prepare their bodies for the NFL season, players have to practice at full speed and push their bodies to do things that normal human beings just can't do.

All of that has an effect on the body.

Texansbacker 08-07-2004 07:13 PM

The Texans need to stay healthy. The Texans can make the playoffs without any injuries. Each injury will obviously lessen the chance of a successful season but that is where some of these second line players like Tony Hollings, Derick Armstrong, Antwan Peek etc can step-up and over achieve and the Texans still make it to the playoffs! Either way, it will be an exciting season because as the Dolphins watch their playoff hopes slip away with the departure of Ricky Williams and now David Boston from their starting lineup the Texans are still hopefull that after a long offseason they are ready to take it to the next level. I know I and a lot of fans are READY NOW! Now, if we don't make the playoffs but the Texans still look like a markedly improved team at the end of this season, I will still be happy......just not utterly thrilled, like I am at the possibility of the first playoff game at Reliant Stadium other than the Super Bowl!

JustBonee 08-08-2004 09:07 AM

After last year, we are probably paranoid about any injuries that surface.
Hope the law of averages gives the Texans a break in 04..

After looking at news coming out just this week from around the league, it makes you wonder what is going on sometimes:
Jerry Azumah/Bears - out 3-4 months - herniated disc in neck
Marcel Shipp/Cardinals - out 8-12 wks - dislocated ankle
Peter Sirmon/Titans - out for season - ACL
David Boston/Dolphins - out for season - knee injury
Terrell Owens/Eagles - hip pointer in practice - sounds like he will be fine if his own defense doesn't smack him around too much!
Rattay/Niners - inflamed right forearm
Joe Jurevicius/Bucs - needs surgery to repair herniated disc in his back
Tony Gonzales/Chiefs - resigned to playing with pain all season - stress fracture to right foot

(At the present time, I'm up near Berea, Ohio where the Browns hold training camp. They had a scrimmage in Rochester, NY this weekend against the Bills.
And speaking of injuries, we all remember that backward knee bend that Willis McGahee took ... THAT IMAGE is hard to forget! Anyway, he is looking pretty darn sharp these days in Buffalo. Had a great day against the Brownies, but yes, it was the Browns... trying to morph into a power running team if Winslow should ever decide to join them!)

PS ... what news of the Texans that gets up here ... is GOOD news! They are respected and highly thought of ..

keyfro 08-08-2004 09:50 AM

well don't read too much into the players not practicing because of "hamstring", or "grion" injuries...most of the time during early preseason with starters who didn't warm up good enough and their hams are tight or something they won't even suite up just in case...if this was the regular season...we'd probably only have a few not suiting up...so just keep in mind that it's just training camp and that capers is just making sure all his starters are healthy for the season opener

texasguy346 08-08-2004 04:07 PM

It's no surprise about TO's injury. He said that he was trying to get used to the more physical practices that Andy Reid runs. He said with the 49ers they didn't tackle during practice. So I imagine he'll get a few more bumps & bruises.

CaptainPatriot 08-08-2004 06:36 PM

I Think NFL Teams.....
Should take up Yoga! Saw Tim Dwight doing yoga on NFL Network. Only thing I could find on him is lung issues! Couldn't hurt idonno: Sorry to say it but I think DD is Injury Prone eek:

JustBonee 08-08-2004 08:00 PM

In a world of information overload, yoga can help relieve chronic pain. I'm a believer. As they say in the yoga world .. return to stillness.

clandestin 08-08-2004 11:59 PM

Something to keep in mind is that these types of injury happen all the time during the season and players will play right through them. In training camp that would be an obviously silly thing to do given the risk/reward ratio, so they sit out and the injuries become stories rather then being silenced with anti-inflammatories and aspirin.

The nicks, bruises, swelling, and sprain can be overlooked. It's the tears and broken bones that we should be afraid of. If we come out of this off-season with only joppru facing a 'serious' injury we will have been fortunate.

flawedout 08-09-2004 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by CaptainPatriot
Sorry to say it but I think DD is Injury Prone eek:

how can a guy be injury prone and still run for over 1,000. why cant any of you fans respect the guy and believe in him. it seems like the only posts about DD is negative. show some respect for a guy that is working hard everyday for all of you fans. after this season you will see just how good DD is.

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