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texasguy346 08-03-2004 05:28 PM

'Da Coach' Doesn't Like 'Da Texans'
Just watched Sportscenter as they did a Fact or Fiction on the AFC South. When asked whether the Texans will win more than 6 games this season, Da Coach, Mike Ditka said that they wouldn't, and that the Texans will always be "nowhere". He also mentioned that the Texans continually plug holes every year and never get better. Pretty harsh words. Wonder if the whole Ricky debacle has him a little upset at the moment. What was worse is that in the previous question he praised the Jaguars and their defense. The other analyst Sean 'The Steak' Salisbury predicted that the Texans would easily get 7 or 8 wins this season. Share your thoughts, and please let the hate mail fly towards 'Da Coach'.

TheOgre 08-03-2004 05:35 PM

Deat-Ka is often wrong in his analysis.

I find Salisbury irritating at times but his insight usually decent. I personally think we win 7-9 games this year.

tsquared 08-03-2004 05:37 PM

Ditka's ESPN Comments
I just had Sportscenter on, and watched a Fact or Fiction segment featuring Sean Salisbury and Mike Ditka. The question was asked "...the Texans will win 6 games, fact or fiction."

Salisbury offered a pretty realistic assesment of our chances, saying that he thought it was fact, the Texans would give most teams they play this year a pretty good tussle, and that he thought 7 or 8 wins was not out of the question.

Ditka says they are not any better than last year, that we are still trying to plug the same holes we were last year and that 6 wins will be an achievement...we aren't going to be good this year, next year or the year after that and will still be trying to plug the same holes.

Now I know I am a homer...but c'mon...are we here in H-town the only ones seeing any potential with the Texans...

Gotta admit...ole TSquared is hoping mad right now...never did like that arrogant pompus so and so Ditka....send him back to the E. D. commerical world.

LiveForTheGame 08-03-2004 05:41 PM

Ditka doesn't know much about coaching or anything besides playing the game. There is a reason his coaching career was short-lived. He was a great player, but that doesn't mean you can coach or analyze the game of football.

TheOgre 08-03-2004 05:44 PM


Why do you talk about yourself in third person?

blockhead83 08-03-2004 05:51 PM

I think the Texans are going to be improved around the board this year. I agree much more with Salisbury and think Ditka was way off in his predictions. Merryl (sp?) Hodge was on earlier and he also heavily praised the Jaguars while apparently not expecting much out of the Texans. He said that Carr did little to improve last season and must come out with a strong showing this year.

TEXANS84 08-03-2004 05:59 PM

Now didn't Ditka flip off his fans when he was coach of the Saints? Yeah, I'm not too concerned on what a pompus-*** has to say about our team. As for him on the Jaguars? Its just another sorry reporter who wants to jump on the bandwagon train.

done88 08-03-2004 06:09 PM

Ditka though very opinionated is often wrong. He thought Williams was the next coming of Barry Sanders and his team the Aints ended up trading every pick that year for a couple of picks from Miami. He was a great player an ok coach and bad analyst. They use him like TnT uses Barkley. He brings a little color to the show but everyone knows he has no idea what he is talking about. I believe Bar-kley said Yao Ming would not score 20 points his first year and had eat his words while Ming scored 20 points in a half on TnT. So I for one am looking forward to watching Ditka eat his words as the Texans end up with a better record then both the Dolphins and the Saints this year. It's amazing how one guy can cripple two seperate franchise's.

Blake 08-03-2004 06:25 PM

I really think that Ditka gets his info from ESPN. He brings nothing new to the table about the Texans. He is a "show me" kinda guy. And until he starts to see the Texans do well, they will always be a dismal team to him. He likes the jags because everyone thinks they are this years cinderella, and wants to get on early. He is not an analyst. His guess is just as good as anyone elses who watches football.

Ditka says "they are not any better than last year"

I guess signing Mark Bruener/Robaire Smith, our two first round draft picks, Jason Babin/Dunta Robinson, and resigning guys like Gary Walker, is our way of treading water.

He probably didnt even research the team before blabin about em.

SlimBooter 08-03-2004 06:44 PM

Appearantely Mike Ditka was in a coma last year. When you lead the league in players on IR you HAVE to plug holes in that year. We've added a shutdown corner and also Babin which some have compared to Kevin Greene. Did he also not know that we lost 4 games in the final 3 minutes last year, all with backup defensive players that aren't too great.

I say, if Ditka is proven wrong this year (Which he will be) then he has to shave his mustache and keep it shaven until the next years training camp.

ArlingtonTexan 08-03-2004 06:54 PM

Remember ditka was a good motivator as coach, but a horrible judge of talent. He favored productive, blue collar guys to a fault where his team did not have enough athletic ability to compete with NEw Orleans.

Moreover, he did mention on actual move or player when he made that "analysis". IMO, it looked he offered the opposite opinion to be on the other side Salisbury. Maybe he is right, but he has to learn that you give support to ideas, especially when you are going against the grain.

A trip to English or Philosophy 1301 would probably help him a bit.

nunusguy 08-03-2004 06:55 PM

If you're wanting to hear someone at the National level talk in positive terms about the Texans, you should listen to Mel Kiper on ESPN radio on weekends. He seems to think very highly of Carr and has said he expects him to have a "breakout year". I'm not sure how you feel about Kiper, but he is an ESPN guy who's said good things about us recently.

Fiddy 08-03-2004 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by nunusguy
He seems to think very highly of Carr and has said he expects him to have a "breakout year". I'm not sure how you feel about Kiper, but he is an ESPN guy who's said good things about us recently.

Didnt he have Joey Harrington rated higher then Carr on his draft board, though???

El Tejano 08-03-2004 07:11 PM

Ditka posed in a wedding picture with Ricky Williams. Nuff said.

Lucky 08-03-2004 07:35 PM

Let me get this straight: Ditka spews vile about the Texans on ESPN...but according to the Texans, he would be worthy of a media pass?

Lucky's puzzled. :confused:

texasguy346 08-03-2004 07:46 PM

Merill Hodge tends to do an ok job, but he wasn't entirely wrong when he said that Carr hadn't shown much improvement from year one to year two. However, he neglected to factor in Carr's injury. His toughness and leadership was obvious during last year. I have no doubt he'll improve a great deal in his 3rd year if he stays healthy. Kiper also made a good point about the Jaguars. He pointed to the fact that Juran Bolden might be a starter for this team, and that significantly weakens the secondary. They have very good safeties, but their corners aren't very good at all. Also their kicking game is 'iffy' at best. He also mentioned that their linebackers aren't very quick, and don't annoint the Jags as having the best front 7 in the league as Merrill Hodge did.

DFAN 08-03-2004 07:50 PM

Dickta is a moron. I know he played for the Cowboys but it seems he has a problem with Texas. He was bahing the Cowboys yesterday.

I do think though the Texans fans that are expecting 9-7 and better and a possible palyoff berth are setting them self up for disappointment.

7-9 or 8-8 with the schedule would be great.

bckey 08-03-2004 08:31 PM

I could careless what Ditka thinks. Buddy Ryan's defense won the super bowl for him with the bears. He NEVER has been a good coach or evaluator of talent.

Six games will come easy this year. I don't know about playoffs but 6 wins yes. The way the Texans played last year with all the injuries was really phenominal. They played the best teams in the league to the wire. Imagine a healthy team with the additions of Babin, Robinson, Wade, and Smith.


tsquared 08-03-2004 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by TheOgre

Why do you talk about yourself in third person?

Ogre...just a bad habit...??...maybe from sometimes as a salesman having to keep real feelings under control... darned if I know...never psycho-analyzed that...yikes... :hmmm:

hook'em07carter 08-03-2004 10:31 PM

Its cool everyone is jumping on with the jags because i think last year the cinderella was the dolphins or sum1 like that and they didnt even go to the playoffs. the carolina was a cinderella team because no1 thought anything of them so i like when people dont give us a chance we kno we can do god this year

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