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tacoman_j 07-24-2004 10:37 AM

Barret Robbins & CHAD EATON
We need to pick up CHAD EATON During Training CAMP. WE May also pick up Barret Robbins since he has been cut. idonno: :jam:

Fiddy 07-24-2004 11:19 AM

I dont think we pick up Robbins because he has just failed a physical and we already have great competition for the backup spots on the O-line..

Didnt Chad Eaton already sign on somewhere else???

Vinny 07-24-2004 12:20 PM

Robbins has a degenerative knee condition on top of his mental situation. I think I read where we already offered Eaton a contract a while back so it looks like he passed. He is coming off of knee surgery also I believe.

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