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keyfro 07-22-2004 03:05 PM

Dunta Robinson Signed
Texans | Robinson Agrees to Terms - from www.KFFL.com
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 12:47:26 -0700

Len Pasquarelli, of ESPN.com, reports the Houston Texans have agreed to terms with rookie CB Dunta Robinson (South Carolina), the first of the team's two first-round picks, on a six-year deal. The contract will void to five seasons, with the value at $10.7 million. Robinson will receive a $4.07 million signing bonus and second tier option bonus of $3.93 million. He will earn base salaries of $962,000 (2004), $305,000 (2005), $410,000 (2006), $476,000 (2007) and $545,000 (2008). Robinson can also earn an additional $4 million in escalators.

Nawzer 07-22-2004 03:07 PM

Schweet deal! Dunta can now worry about covering receivers now.

TheTim5125 07-22-2004 03:12 PM

Were both out first rounders the first to sign in the league(first round wise)....

Beastlyman2003 07-22-2004 04:02 PM

nope the only other first rounder to sign was Vince Wilfork. He signed yesterday.

Beastlyman2003 07-22-2004 04:03 PM

I also hear that sean Taylor is close to signing with the Redskins

Mistril48 07-22-2004 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by Beastlyman2003
nope the only other first rounder to sign was Vince Wilfork. He signed yesterday.

... but the Texans have an excellent record for signing their draft choices.

Porky 07-22-2004 04:29 PM

Clayton in TB has also signed. All I have heard regarding Taylor is that he finally selected an agent, and they were going to begin serious negotiations.

As to Robinson! Whew Hoo!! :dancing: :jumpbanan

FYI - Update on Profootballtalk.com (sorry for the length but thought it was worth posting:


Houston Texans G.M. Charley Casserly confirmed for us on Thursday afternoon that, as reported here and only here, the team has reached an agreement with cornerback Dunta Robinson.

Casserly acknowledges that the bonus money indeed reflects a significant increase over the bonus money paid in 2003 to No. 10 overall pick Terrell Suggs. But Casserly explained that, from the Texans' perspective, it was more important to consider the difference between the total value of the two deals, which Casserly pegs at an increase of only 6 percent -- far less than the 28 percent increase in the bonus money.

Casserly referred us to Dan Ferens, the Texans' cap guy, who gave us the numbers on Robinson.

Robinson will receive a signing bonus of $4.070 million, a 2005 option bonus of $3.930 million, and a 2004 salary of $962,000, which equates to a first-year haul of $8.962 million.

In comparison, Suggs received a signing bonus of $2 million, a 2004 option bonus of $4.25 million, a first-year salary of $1.1 million and a "one-time guaranteed playing time bonus" of $1.05 million -- which some folks around the league call a "falling off the log" incentive, since it's virtually guaranteed to be earned.

As a result, the total first-year money paid to Robinson represents an increase of only 6.7 percent over Suggs' total year-one pay. Comparing the bonus money (i.e., signing and option) only, however, Robinson's $8 million take represents a 28 percent raise -- as we reported earlier on Thursday.

The key, as Casserly told us, is that Robinson's representatives didn't consider the $1.05 million "log" incentive in their comparison of the Robinson deal to the Suggs deal. The Texans, on the other hand, believe that the $1.05 million payment should be deemed part of the first-year haul.

Thus, the agents think they got a 28 percent raise in bonus money, and the team thinks the increase was less than a fourth of that.

Apart from payments made in year one, Casserly explained that, for a player like Robinson, it's more important to look at what will be paid over the life of the deal, since he's likely to be with the team for the full five years (actually, it's a six-year deal with voids to five pursuant to a "basic" trigger, as Ferens told us).

Comparing the amounts to be paid over five years under the two deals, the Robinson will get $10.7 million and Suggs will get $10.09 million. The Robinson deal represents, then, a six percent raise, which the Texans believe is clearly in line with current NFL trends.

Finally, Robinson's deal includes up to $4.2 million in tiered escalators to be paid in 2008. He gets the full amount if the Texans make the playoffs four years in a row, if Robinson makes the Pro Bowl four years in a row, and if he has at least eight picks in each of the next four seasons.

(Frankly, we've got as good of a chance as Robinson as earning the full value of the incentives.)

The lesson to be learned through all of this is that the comparison of contracts is a subjective, complex process. Some league insiders look at certain factors in the contract, others seize on different provisions (and the media -- us included -- generally is clueless as to these niceties). From Casserly's perspective, however, the deal is a good one that represents a modest increase over last year's contract for Suggs.

SESupergenius 07-22-2004 05:05 PM

That's probably one the most insightful articles I've seen discussing salaries openly.

El Tejano 07-22-2004 06:11 PM

Well some people might argue over Casserly's opinion and drafting capabilities but I have to say he is one heck of a negotiator and an extremely hard worker because these players get signed and he does not procrastinate. Kudos to Mr. Mcnair for picking him to be our GM and kudos to Casserly for getting this job done.

Ibar_Harry 07-22-2004 06:26 PM

That's great news and now they can concentrate on Earl and the others. I to concur they have done a wonderful job. Its time to get ready for the SB. Got to have some fun with all of this. Good luck to DR and I hope he gets his incentive package. It will mean the Texans have done very well.

Mistril48 07-22-2004 06:27 PM

Well, that settles it. The Texans, C'boys, titans and Colts have all signed all their first round picks!

mtravis03 07-22-2004 07:58 PM

Actually, last I heard, he's not signed yet. They have a verbal agreement which has to be approved by the league. This is really just a formality, so I guess you can say he's signed.

Texizgreat 07-22-2004 10:48 PM


(Frankly, we've got as good of a chance as Robinson as earning the full value of the incentives.)

What a cruddy little jab!!

texasguy346 07-22-2004 11:52 PM

I don't think it was a jab at all. Merely pointing out that a rookie coming in and getting at least 8 picks a season for the next 4 years is quite a difficult task. Only three guys in the NFL got 8 or more INTs last season. Russell, Chavous, Parrish. The highest number of INT for a rookie came from New England's Eugene Wilson with 4.

Fiddy 07-23-2004 12:06 AM


Originally Posted by texasguy346
The highest number of INT for a rookie came from New England's Eugene Wilson with 4.

And didnt he play FS??? Charles Tillman had 4 last year, too, and he played CB....

Vinny 07-23-2004 01:48 PM

Robinson agrees to terms
HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans will be holding a press conference to announce the signing of rookie cornerback Dunta Robinson in the Texans team auditorium on Saturday, July 24 at 11 a.m.

Robinson was the 10th overall pick in the draft and is the sixth of the Texans' nine 2004 draft picks to sign with the team. The Texans have now signed both of their first round draft picks, the other being linebacker Jason Babin (27th overall).

"There are a lot of different levels of elation I'm feeling right now," Robinson said. "I'm happy to be a Texan, I'm excited to be going to training camp and I'm relieved to have my contract settled. This is a great day for my family and I. Now it's time to go to work."

Robinson (5-10, 186) was the Gamecocks' Most Valuable Player in 2003 after recording a career-high 50 tackles (four for loss), one interception and 12 passes defensed. A first team All-Southeastern Conference selection and a third team All-American as a senior, Robinson is the first Gamecock to be drafted in the first round since the New York Jets selected defensive end John Abraham 13th overall in 2000. He is also the highest-drafted South Carolina player since Sterling Sharpe was taken seventh overall by Green Bay in 1988.

"There was an obvious focus on defense when we drafted players this year," general manager Charley Casserly said. "Dunta was at the center of that focus because of his versatility and we liked his mentality. I'm glad both sides worked so hard to get him in on time."

article from this site.

DoCt3rJ 07-23-2004 07:25 PM

So did Newman =)

texasguy346 07-23-2004 11:09 PM

Yeah Wilson came out as a CB, but Bellichick flipped him to FS after cutting Lawyer Milloy. Goes to show you how hard it is to get 8 picks in a season, much less from your rookie season on.

Fiddy 07-23-2004 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by DoCt3rJ
So did Newman =)

His dont really count, didnt he get them 3 in the same game against a QB that wasnt even in a training camp before the season started???

But 3 picks in a NFL game is hard to do, I give him that....

Vinny 07-24-2004 02:15 PM

With the excitement and slight awkwardness of a big-time award ceremony, the Texans signed their second and final first-round draft choice Saturday. In a neatly pressed suit, his agent and family by his side, cornerback Dunta Robinson smiled for the cameras and thanked nearly a dozen people who helped him along the way. Now he’s ready to get to work. “I wanted to be in camp on time because it’s very important to me learning,” Robinson said. “Over the years a lot of rookies have held out and once they get onto the football field things are kind of slow and they’re not being as productive as they should.”

Robinson signed five days before the team reports to training camp. The Texans signed another first-round pick, linebacker Jason Babin, June 26. Babin was the 27 th pick. As of Saturday, Robinson – the 10 th overall pick in April’s draft – was the league’s highest pick to be signed. He was the second cornerback selected in the draft behind DeAngelo Hall (Atlanta). The rookie is expected to compete for a starting position with the Texans opposite veteran Aaron Glenn. Coaches have begun the process of moving last season’s starter at right cornerback, Marcus Coleman, to free safety.

Robinson and coaches can now turn their attention to developing the rookie’s game from college to pro. Robinson had 50 tackles and one interception last season at South Carolina. “From a coaching standpoint it’s always encouraging when you’re able to get your number one pick signed prior to training camp starting,” head coach Dom Capers said. “There’s nothing more frustrating to identify and be able to pick the guy you want with your number one pick and have him not be able to start training camp on time.”

Capers said he gets a good feeling when he enters meeting rooms and sees Glenn and Robinson talking. He smiles, knowing more than small talk is being traded. Glenn, a three-time Pro Bowler and 11-year veteran has plenty to teach the rookie. “Sometimes I see Aaron doing something and I’m like, ‘how did he do that,’” Robinson said. I see him make plays and it’s because he’s been here for so long. He understands the game. “

“When I came here I didn’t know there was as many tricks to the NFL game as there are. Talking to some of the (veterans), especially Marcus Coleman and Aaron Glenn, the guys who played my position, they’ve showed me some things. I still have a lot to learn but I’ve improved a lot since the first time I stepped on the practice field.”

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