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RTP2110 07-11-2004 08:46 PM

Football Pet Peeves
Obviously we all love football here, but there are some things that are a little annoying.

#1 When radio announcers have to call every line that the ball carrier crosses. Someone breaks loose, and all of a sudden, "hes at the thirty, thirty five, forty, forty five, fifty, forty five, forty, thirty five..." Ok, we get the point, he's running. Some announcers dont feel a 7 yard TD run is long anough so they have to say "he's inside the five, four, three, two, one, Touchdown!!"

#2 The use of the word "healthy". Just because someone is missing a game with a sprained ankle doesn't mean he is unhealthy, IMO. The broadcasters will tell you the some team will be better when so and so is back healthy. Or they were lucky to stay healthy this year. When I think of someone who is unhealthy, I think of a raging alcoholic, drug user, or maybe someone with a fatal disease. I wish they would think of another word to use.

As you can tell I'm getting restless waiting for the season to start.

Scooter 07-11-2004 08:54 PM

1... when the announcers dont know the starting players' names

2... players running 1/2 way down the field to celebrate after making a routine tackle (or something similar)

TexanNut 07-11-2004 09:05 PM

1. The price of beer and peanuts at the football game.

2. That the cheerleaders don't come visit me during the game.

Besides that, I love everything about football.......and actually, #2 isn't too bad because with my binoculars, I can pretend that they are that close to me. :)

RTP2110 07-11-2004 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by Scooter
1... when the announcers dont know the starting players' names

2... players running 1/2 way down the field to celebrate after making a routine tackle (or something similar)

Yea I forgot about #2. That one gets under the skin.

gwallaia 07-11-2004 10:03 PM

1. Announcers who use a individual player to describe types of players,
ie: "You have your John Elways and your Brett Farves."

2. The over-used term "class act". This term is only used in sports.
ie: "He's a class act." or "Coach Whistle Britches is a class act."

3. When announcers say, "There's no love loss between these two teams." What does that mean?

Joe Texan 07-11-2004 11:05 PM

When the cops tell me to get out of the box after putting the jerseys away

texasguy346 07-11-2004 11:12 PM

When the cheerleaders find the videocamera i planted in their locker room.....ooooh wait...they havent found it yet. Nevermind...forget what I said. :rofl:

hot4SteveMcNair 07-11-2004 11:49 PM

Artificial turf! I hate artificial turf.

I also hate when there is a baseball diamond in the middle of some of the fields during the first part of the season. Drives me crazy.

SheTexan 07-12-2004 08:23 AM

When they leave the roof open when it's hot enough to fry an egg on my seat, and close it for "threat of rain." Give me a little rain ANYDAY!! Keep folks in their seats, shut the dang roof when it's 100 degrees outside!!

Meatball or girl fans sitting in the Bullpen!! :crazy:

When DC or Billy Miller jumps into the wrong end of the Bullpen!

TheOgre 07-12-2004 09:54 AM

When they use the term "He really creamed him." It paints the wrong picture in my head.

dmt217 07-12-2004 10:31 AM

Penalties/fines for taunting/celebrating (yeah, I think it's entertaining)...and artificial turf

Tulip 07-12-2004 10:36 AM

John Madden.

TheOgre 07-12-2004 11:04 AM

You don't like John Madden?

Now Dan Dierdorf irritated the hell out of me. That guy did nothing but complain for 3 hours when he was on MNF.

Blake 07-12-2004 01:04 PM

When commentators just talk to talk. They don't have anything insightful to say about the game. Example. "The defense filled all the gaps and the runner had nowhere to go." Oh really? That's very interesting.

Panther5407 07-12-2004 01:51 PM

Annoucers that laugh at themselfs all the time. If they are that funny why isn't anyone else laughing? idonno:

keyfro 07-12-2004 07:34 PM

you know i hate the annoucers...madden...al michaels... deon sanders...i hate them all...because they take your mind away from the game...and they think they know everything about what's going down there...plus if the coach does something they didn't agree with and it goes bad...it's because they didn't do what the annoucer said they should do

i hate stupid penalties...man just let the guys play

and i gotta agree with most of ya'll on the cheerleaders...there isn't enough of them...they are wearing entirely too much clothing...and they are never around when i need them...haha

and i also hate the stupid celebrations at the end of half the plays

Frailty 07-13-2004 12:01 AM

When players skip out of training because aren't making ANOTHER million dollars

FINES FOR HITTING A PLAYER TOO HARD it seems, Kennoy Kennedy, some of those calls were bs. Why do these players get paid big money? because its a violent sport, let them be violent, they have been taught technique if they don't use it their fault or entertainment.

When they fine guys for celebrating.

Long waits on challenges when it's terribly obvious

When they review the call and still get it wrong! (Ravens)

When teams go for onside kick when they are losing by 30 in 2nd half.

When running backs run out of bounds in 1st half, hit somebody come on!

why streakers are 95% guys ?

when announcers talk about when they were coaching or playing and they werent even good.

Thats about it :)

texasguy346 07-13-2004 12:22 AM

Yeah the offseason is the worst. But in particular the dead periods like now when no NFL news whatsoever goes on. idonno:

Hervoyel 07-13-2004 12:33 PM

Well some of us DON'T HAVE AN OFFSEASON!!!!!!

That's right, I'm "on" year round. This is nothing but a long bye week.

My worst gripe I think is the stupid rehearsed celebrations. Everything from the "Touchdown, whip out a Sharpie and sign the football" to the stupid little "kneel and pretend your digging someones grave after you tackle them"

My advice to any and all NFL players who wish to not look like extreme *****s while being on the field is to think about your celebration. If you had to think about it or practice it before you did it then it wasn't genuine and it didn't make you look better or the crowd more interested. It was just stupid. Try again.

powda 07-13-2004 04:58 PM

the offseason

commercial breaks

food and drink prices

the term "shutdown corner" wich is applied to everyother cornerback in the nfl and draft.

penalties for hitting someone to hard

cheesey halftime stories about this one time when elway saved his pet rock from drowning.

jeff garcia. dude get out of the closet already.

kickers who celebrate extra points.

kicker's face mask.

strahan's gap

pre game shows-half time shows-post game shows that make mention of the cowboys doing anything but loseing.


a crowd wave that wont start

tiny stadium seats...(and no im not overweight...im not even big boned)

blacked out games (ok so im thinking back to the oilers)

the fact that i watch an entire broadcast with aikman doing a game waiting for him to have a spontaneous concusion ,but it never happens...

madden dosent say "boom" nearly as often as he used to.

mic'ed up players you dont actually get to hear because everyother word is bleeped out.

the probowl


ridiculous trade rumors involving bryant and j. wells

mel kiper

mel kiper's hair

mel kiper's term "angular"

having to give back the governor's cup even though dallas has never won a game against the texans in regular season

cambels chunky soup

nicknames like "tuna" wich evoke an overwhelming stench everytime i see bill parcells

ohhh, and the fact that over the course of his career with the texans, matt freakin stevens almost single handedly lost us 3+ games

someone in here will defend matt stevens.

aside from that i think im good to go.

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