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pittbull 07-11-2004 07:34 PM

NFL Respectability
Is this the season the Texans final start to get some respect around the league, rather than teams taking our beloved team lightly?

That is the question I have been pondering all offseason, and it looks like some of the media experts are starting to think so, as long as Carr progresses, the defensive line holds up, and the team can stay healthy. I for one thought that towards the end of the last season, teams we starting to think twice about playing the Texans soft, especially when it came time to playing for playoff spots. Looking at our schedule this upcoming year, this is a season that, given some good breaks, could go in the Texans favor! If the Texans can split the division games, we are actually in great shape for making a playoff run. If the Texans are swept by Tennessee and Indy, and split with Jacksonville, you can forget it. This is the season that late games have to be converted from almost wins, to in the bag wins. That is what marks a contender. I think we had enough shares of those types of games, and this team will pull through the late ones! Look for the Texans to go 9-7 and push playoff contenders to the brink! :headbang:

DominatorDavis 07-11-2004 08:13 PM

Teams are worried. I dont think that anyone was looking forward to playing us last year because we were so unpredictable. Why do you think Tennessee drafted 40 defensive players in this years 2004 draft? That was obviously an exaggeration but you get the point. Texans will be good on offense this year - the Colts too. This year the Texans will pull out at a minimum 7 wins but no playoffs. 2005 is the year that they really start to shine.

clandestin 07-12-2004 01:09 AM

respect follows wins. While we can make good points about deserving respect based on our performance against teams like Carolina, Patriots, Colts, and Titans last year, the flip side is that this is a team that has never had a blow-out win and has never even won two games in a row. We'll need to do some of those things in 2004 to get respect in the league.

War_Eagle 07-12-2004 06:05 AM

Respect is earned, not given. I think we are earning respect around the league. Teams are not just looking at the schedule at the beginning of the year and scratching down a win next to our name. Teams in the league now know at least one thing about the Texans, that we will play them tough for a full 60 minutes and that we can compete with ANY team in this league.......

HoustonTexans4Life 07-19-2004 12:06 AM

weve earned respect
you think we didnt earn alittle bit of respect in or first season when we beat the Steelers 24-3 and set a NFL record for the least amont of offensive points in a game and still won ! That was a bad A.. game ! And i'm sure that patriot fans are gonna be sweating the next time they see the texans on their schedule ! We're earning respect slowly but surly, i dont give very long before were one of the elite teams in the NFL.

flawedout 07-21-2004 10:25 PM

i think more people laughed at our offense in the steelers game than those that gave us respect. this yr we will earn respect by blowing some teams out, however ESPN will always disrespect us no matter what, they hate all of our teams not only will the texans be earning respect in their next season but so will the rockets who are serious contenders now that we got T-Mac

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