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Playoffs 12-30-2013 02:48 PM

Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
Josh Norris 12/30 Mock draft...

1. Houston Texans--QB Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

The obvious choice but the right one. The statement will pop up many times throughout the draft process (and this mock), but if a team does not have a quarterback, they are treading water. Find the guy, then go and get him.

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of Bridgewater’s. The recent criticism seems to focus on Teddy’s lean frame and size. I think that is a topic we will laugh at in a few years. Bridgewater does not take unnecessary hits or produce frenetic behavior in the pocket (see RGIII). His eye level, movement, anticipation and placement are all great. His vertical shots have been listed as a negative, and I have critiqued them, but maybe he is asked to put lost on these targets. I do not think there is a debate on the top passer in this draft. It is Bridgewater.

2. St. Louis Rams (via Redskins)--T Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

This is a tough one, and I half expect the Rams to trade this pick. Jadeveon Clowney should be the first non-QB off the board, but I don’t see Chris Long shifting inside often enough for the three man rotation to be practical. Yes, The Rams signed Jake Long last summer. A late season injury along with Joseph Barksdale in a contract year, plus the assumption that Rodger Saffold is not resigned, makes Matthews the logical pick. He is a technician with a powerful punch and experience at both sides of the line.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars--DE Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

Clowney is a rare talent, and I would not be surprised if a team moves up for him. The Jags lack consistent pressure from the edge. Windmill Andre Branch has improved, and the scheme does not ask Tyson Alualu to impact upfield, but Clowney would add an instant impact. His burst off the line is ridiculous, as is his arm over swim, but hand use is the most important skill in order to sustain success. Clowney’s blend of size, strength, and speed is unreal. And if you are worried about the drop in sack numbers, just keep in mind disruption is production.

4. Cleveland Browns--QB Derek Carr, Fresno State

Whether it is Josh McDaniels or Bill O’Brien, there will be plenty of buzz around Lombardi trading for Ryan Mallett or sticking with Brian Hoyer. Regarding Hoyer, keep in mind he was a free agent and the Patriots, with McDaniels on staff, chose to sign Tim Tebow.

No one has a better arm in this class than Carr. From short to vertical routes, he displays velocity or touch to hit windows many cannot. A potential problem is that Carr understands this, so he does not always play with a proper base or throw with balanced footwork. This has improved, but it can be a major issue. The comparison I keep going back to is Jay Cutler, and we have all watched the highs and lows of his career. Carr bugs me.

5. Oakland Raiders--QB Blake Bortles, UCF

Bortles has not officially declared, but signs seem to point that way. While Bridgewater is drawing so negative buzz for his frame, Bortles seems to be gaining steam because he has that look of an NFL QB. That might sound crazy, but these really are the types of comments made to justify selections. I do like Bortles, but I am not sold on him as a quality starter. His game could be classified as a poor man’s Andrew Luck, displaying strong pocket movement, an ability to lift the talent around him, and passes that appear to have more touch than velocity. The Raiders could do some serious self-evaluating at the QB position this offseason, and Bortles is different than any passer on their roster.

6. Atlanta Falcons--T Greg Robinson, Auburn

I still have plenty to watch on Robinson and would love it if someone put together a clip of Robinson’s individual pass protection opportunities on the outside. Many of Robinson’s blocks are double teams when crashing down or second level moves that allow him to get in space. He is so strong and a great athlete with a mean streak, but I want to see Robinson’s balance and recovery skills. I bet the NFL loves him, though.

7. Tampa Bay Bucs--SLB Khalil Mack, Buffalo

The Bucs need pass rushing help, but there are no traditional defensive ends worth taking at this spot. Mack could replace Dekoda Watson on the strong side, and even though Watson is an adequate role player, Mack offers much more. He would then move into a pass rushing role in specific situations. I do not know if the NFL considers Mack a better prospect than Barr, but he is the better player right now.

8. Minnesota Vikings--QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

Again, I have no clue if the Vikings consider Manziel “the guy.” Maybe it is Brett Hundley instead. Either way, it is time to exit QB purgatory. Manziel’s pocket movement is his gift and his curse, but he has the improvisational skill of Tony Romo. I would love to see him be more patient and not back up 11 yards in his drop, but Manziel has displayed quick decision making and an ability to throw to contested receivers outside the numbers and downfield. He has absolutely improved as a passer this season.

9. Buffalo Bills--Pass rushing LB Anthony Barr

The Bills can go in a variety of directions, but I believe Barr fits the versatility up front. I know Jerry Hughes played well, but consider Barr a replacement for Manny Lawson. Barr is only in his second season on the defensive side of the ball. He added weight this season and kept the same ridiculous closing speed. When he keeps that space on the edge, watch out. When he loops inside, watch out. But I want to see more hand use and counter moves from Barr. The upside is absolutely there, however.

10. Detroit Lions--WR Sammy Watkins, Clemson

Calvin Johnson and Watkins on the field at the same time? Sure.

11. Tennessee Titans--T Cedric Ogbuehi, Texas A&M

Beat writer Jim Wyatt does not expect RT David Stewart back in 2014. Maybe that is one reason the Titans already invested so much into their offensive line, specifically on the interior. They could use defensive help, and who knows where the go at quarterback, but I think Ogbuehi is the second best tackle in this class. He reminds me of Tyron Smith and will test well in multiple phases. The junior could stay another season and move to left tackle, but I have seen enough.

12. NY Giants--CB Darqueze Dennard, Michigan State

Dennard is my top corner in the class. I would not be surprised if he runs a bit slower than other cornerbacks in Indianapolis, but do not let that fool you. He is extremely talented. In fact, I think he could move even higher on this list. Dennard forces his opposition to play at his speed, controlling their pace. He can press and play off coverage and displays valuable ball skills.

13. St. Louis Rams--S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Alabama

There is a chance Clinton-Dix goes earlier than this, but the Rams would be a great landing spot. Cortland Finnegan will be out, so Rodney McLeod could be pushed to slot duties. Clinton-Dix is a rangy player with the versatility to play near the line of scrimmage or in the deeper portions of the field.

14. Chicago Bears--DT Louis Nix III

Nix III ended his season on the sideline after undergoing knee surgery. The injury impacted his season, but there were shades of Vince Wilfork back in 2012. Obviously he can stop the run, but Nix can also press the interior and reset the line of scrimmage. Disruption between the tackles is a difference maker.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers--ILB C.J. Mosley

The Steelers should be locked in on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive back can be upgraded, but I think adding Mosley next to Timmons would allow Polamalu to play in the deeper portions of the field and keep everything in front. Mosley has always had the range and awareness in coverage, but he attacks blockers better than given credit for. The Sean lee comparisons are real...
bottom of 1st round here: http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/cf...ft-dec-30?pg=2

Texian 12-30-2013 06:32 PM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
about as bad a mock as I have seen. Rams have Jake Long and will not use #2 on RT. JAX takes a QB, Henne and Gabbert are toast. Cedric Ogbuehi will go much later than #11.

Playoffs 01-27-2014 06:46 PM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
Josh Norris Mock Draft: Jan. 27

1. Houston Texans - DE Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

If you do not have a quarterback, you have to go and get one. With that said, I think O’Brien waits until the second day, or trades back in to the first-round, to get his quarterback. That passer could be A.J. McCarron, but that is solely a guess.

Romeo Crennel’s odd front defense (I am attempting to stay away from 3-4/4-3) has been categorized as “traditional” in the past, but he told reporters he expects to be more versatile moving forward. Regardless, Clowney’s talent should not be limited to a specific scheme. He converts speed to power at a ridiculous level.

2. St. Louis Rams (via Redskins) - T Greg Robinson, Auburn

After hearing some of the buzz over the last two weeks, I would be surprised if Robinson is not the first offensive lineman selected in May. The NFL obsesses with upside, and even though I prefer Matthews as a player right now, the draft is not focused on the following season’s success.

Robinson was asked to make a number of blocks when crashing down and getting to the second level, which he did at a high level. Robinson makes some blocks look absurdly easy, gaining leverage with strength that starts from the ground up. I wish there were more individual pass protection opportunities out in space, but Robinson is a great athlete for his size.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

Run to the podium. I do not understand the questions surrounding Bridgewater. In fact, I believe we will laugh at the criticisms in a few years. His combination of pocket movement, eye level, timing and placement is top notch. Some will criticize his vertical route passing, but that is an overrated aspect to quarterback evaluations. Short to intermediate velocity and placement is far more important. In fact, I think Bridgewater was asked to throw with more touch on deeper balls, but that is solely a guess.

4. Cleveland Browns - QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

There has already been buzz linking Manziel to the Browns, and even more noting the Browns have thoroughly done their homework on this group of passers. Manziel is truly a unique evaluation. His pocket movement is his gift and his curse. The improvisational style Manziel displays is similar to Tony Romo’s, but Manziel takes it to another level. Manziel might frequently elongate plays, but he can be a very quick decision maker once buying himself time and space.

The Aggie improved as a passer this season, and this article, via Greg Peshek, charts every one of Manziel’s throws from this season. It helps illustrate the areas of the field where he succeeds.

5. Oakland Raiders - QB Blake Bortles, UCF

The Raiders have plenty of self-evaluating to do this offseason. Obviously they have plenty of needs, but the quickest way to turn around a team’s success is with a quarterback. Not that I consider them similar prospects, but Manziel might remind the Raider’s staff too much of Terrelle Pryor, in terms of improvisational style.

Bortles fits the NFL mold. Honestly, I do not care about this part of his evaluation, but teams absolutely will. I like Bortles, but do not love him. There are some poor man’s Andrew Luck nuances to his game, but there is a clear gap between Bortles and the Colts’ quarterback.

6. Atlanta Falcons - Edge player Khalil Mack, Buffalo

7. Tampa Bay Bucs - Edge player Anthony Barr, UCLA

8. Minnesota Vikings - QB Derek Carr, Fresno State

9. Buffalo Bills - WR Sammy Watkins, Clemson

10. Detroit Lions - CB Darqueze Dennard, Michigan State

11. Tennessee Titans - T Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

Beat writer Jim Wyatt does not expect RT David Stewart back in 2014. Maybe that is one reason the Titans already invested so much into their offensive line, specifically on the interior. They could use defensive help, and who knows where the go at quarterback, but I think Ogbuehi is the best tackle in this class.

Some have mentioned Matthews could make a move to center. It could be true, but I do not think a team will be in a position to take Matthews if they want to do so as a center.

12. New York Giants - OL Zack Martin, Notre Dame

13. St. Louis Rams - S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

14. Chicago Bears - S Calvin Pryor, Louisville

Those with NFL connections have repeatedly brought attention to Pryor’s name, and thusly slotted him in the first-round. Pryor is a big hitter with aggression, but he could be athletic enough to fit multiple roles at safety. After Clinton-Dix and Pryor, the safety group might be fairly thin. I am a big fan of Jimmie Ward out of NIU.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Off LOS LB C.J. Mosley, Alabama

16. Baltimore Ravens - WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M

17. Dallas Cowboys - DL Kony Ealy, Missouri

18. New York Jets - TE Eric Ebron, UNC

19. Miami Dolphins - T Taylor Lewan, Michigan

20. Arizona Cardinals - T Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama

21. Green Bay Packers - DL Ra’Shede Hageman, Minnesota

With Hageman, I see a player that can line up at any one of the spots in an odd man front. He has played a lot of one technique this season, and has contributed at three and five technique as well. His athleticism will be on display at the Combine. That great workout could mean his future is projected as an end in a three man line, but I prefer him close to the center. Finding consistency is the key.

22. Philadelphia Eagles - CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

23. Kansas City Chiefs - DL Louis Nix, Notre Dame

24. Cincinnati Bengals - DB Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State

25. San Diego Chargers - CB Bradley Roby, Ohio State

26. Cleveland Browns (via Colts) - WR Odell Beckham Jr., LSU

27. New Orleans Saints - Edge rusher Dee Ford, Auburn

28. Carolina Panthers - OL Jack Mewhort, Ohio State

29. New England Patriots - TE Jace Amaro, Texas Tech

30. San Francisco 49ers - WR Jarvis Landry, LSU

31. Denver Broncos - Edge rusher Jeremiah Attaochu, Georgia Tech

32. Seattle Seahawks - WR Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State

Playoffs 03-01-2014 09:50 AM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
Evan Silva's first mock

This is my initial mock draft of the 2014 offseason. I'll probably end up doing three...

1. Houston Texans -- Central Florida QB Blake Bortles

I think this pick will come down to Bortles versus Jedeveon Clowney, and Bill O'Brien will push owner Bob McNair and GM Rick Smith to let the rookie coach put his stamp on the franchise with a quarterback who possesses many prototypical traits. At 6-foot-5, 232, Bortles lands somewhere between Andrew Luck and Jake Locker with plus athleticism and above-average arm strength, but suspect accuracy. Like Locker, Bortles' mechanics are a work in progress. Like Luck, Bortles is a physical, efficient pocket manager who isn't easy to sack. In an ideal world, O'Brien would sign a veteran "bridge" quarterback to open the season as Houston's starter, easing Bortles into the job.

2. St. Louis Rams -- Auburn OT Greg Robinson

Jeff Fisher's teams unfailingly prioritize offensive line play, pouring premium picks and free agent dollars into the trenches dating back to Fisher's tenure in Houston and Tennessee. Robinson is this year's highest-ceiling lineman at 6-foot-5, 332 with 35-inch arms and a freakish 4.92 forty time. Drawing Larry Allen comparisons inside the NFL, Robinson is ready to clear alleys in a pro run game. He's the most consistently dominant prospect in this class, regardless of position. As LT Jake Long is recovering from ACL and MCL tears, RT Rodger Saffold is a free agent, RG Harvey Dahl and C Scott Wells are cap-casualty candidates, and left guard remains a revolving door in St. Louis, the Rams don't have a single offensive line position settled for 2014.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater

Second-year Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell will have a regime-defining decision to make should Clowney and Bridgewater both "fall" to No. 3. Like division-rival Houston, I think Jacksonville would lean quarterback in that scenario, with hopes of landing an edge rusher at a later selection. Although Bridgewater is generally considered a somewhat low-ceiling passer, his pocket instincts, accuracy, touch, and leadership skills remind of Russell Wilson. As Jags coach and ex-Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley can attest, Wilson's had a sea-changing impact on his team.

4. Cleveland Browns -- Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel

As Jimmy Haslam has displayed an itchy trigger finger with hirings and firings in under two years as Browns owner, rookie GM Ray Farmer and coach Mike Pettine should feel overwhelming urgency to produce immediate wins. I think they're all but locked into quarterback at No. 4. Cleveland is also set up to hone an unconventional style of signal caller with Kyle Shanahan in place as offensive coordinator. During stints with Houston and Washington, Kyle showed an impressive knack for designing offense around his quarterback's strengths, rather than forcing square pegs into round holes. It can't hurt that Manziel would instantly energize an antsy fan base.

5. Oakland Raiders -- South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney

Hotseat GM Reggie McKenzie's fingers are crossed that one of the draft's top quarterbacks will last to No. 5. Clowney and Clemson's Sammy Watkins figure to be McKenzie's primary "fallback" options, as both are instant-impact prospects, albeit at positions of lesser importance. Clowney would fill a gaping need. Oakland's full starting defensive line is entering free agency: RE Lamarr Houston, LE Jason Hunter, NT Pat Sims, and DT Vance Walker. This position was arguably the Raiders' biggest 2013 team strength, creating a colossal cavity in coach Dennis Allen's defense.

6. Atlanta Falcons -- Buffalo LB/DE Khalil Mack

The Falcons are popularly viewed as a potential trade-up team based on GM Thomas Dimitroff's past draft-day aggressiveness, but this is a club coming off a 4-12 season that received bottom-five line play on both sides of the ball. Atlanta is not one player away. Dimitroff needs to stand pat and take best player available, and Mack is it at No. 6. Coordinator Mike Nolan's defense requires a front-seven makeover highlighted by a game-changing pass rusher. Mack could fill a Von Miller-like strong-side role, or play 3-4 rush 'backer. Nolan has history working with both alignments.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Clemson WR Sammy Watkins

8. Minnesota Vikings -- Texas A&M WR Mike Evans

9. Buffalo Bills -- Texas A&M OT Jake Matthews

The Bills are set at three positions on the offensive line, but lack stability at right tackle and left guard. Projected to various spots by various evaluators, Matthews would upgrade either. More consistent in pass protection than Auburn's Greg Robinson, Matthews is regarded as one of the surest bets in this year's draft class. Adding him would improve E.J. Manuel's odds of success.

10. Detroit Lions -- North Carolina TE Eric Ebron

11. Tennessee Titans -- Notre Dame NT Louis Nix

12. New York Giants -- Notre Dame G/T Zack Martin

Aside from 2013 first-rounder Justin Pugh, Giants GM Jerry Reese's recent drafts have yielded sub-par results from offensive linemen. Teams don't often use back-to-back first-rounders on the same position, but New York's current situation requires it. Reese's front five fell directly off a cliff in 2013, regularly torpedoing the Giants' run and passing games. Martin played tackle for the Fighting Irish, but will be a guard in the pros. He stands in at 6-foot-4, 308 with 32 7/8-inch arms.

13. St. Louis Rams -- Alabama S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

14. Chicago Bears -- Pittsburgh DT Aaron Donald

15. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Florida State WR Kelvin Benjamin

16. Dallas Cowboys -- Alabama ILB C.J. Mosley

17. Baltimore Ravens -- Michigan OT Taylor Lewan

18. New York Jets -- UCLA OLB Anthony Barr

19. Miami Dolphins -- UCLA OG Xavier Su’a-Filo

The Dolphins seem locked into an offensive lineman at this pick for a couple of reasons. They need to put the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito fiasco behind them. And C Mike Pouncey is currently Miami's only worthwhile front-five starter. During a recent tape study of Su’a-Filo, SI's Doug Farrar dubbed him a "pure finisher" with a "nasty streak" who "seems determined to play right to (and sometimes through) the whistle." Su’a-Filo proceeded to tear up the NFL Combine.

20. Arizona Cardinals -- Auburn DE/LB Dee Ford

John Abraham turns 36 in May, and the Cardinals return a pedestrian foursome of Sam Acho, Lorenzo Alexander, Alex Okafor, and Dontay Moch behind him at outside linebacker. This team sorely needs a threatening presence off the edge. Ford is an explosive rusher with edge-bending ability at 6-foot-2 and 252 pounds. He's an ideal fit at outside linebacker in Todd Bowles' 3-4.

21. Green Bay Packers -- Louisville S Calvin Pryor

22. Philadelphia Eagles -- Minnesota DL Ra'Shede Hageman

An edge-setting five technique at 6-foot-6 and 310 pounds with nearly 34-inch arms, Hageman fits the Eagles' profile with a prototypical build. Snap-to-snap consistency concerns may keep Hageman out of the top-20 selections, but he would add high-ceiling talent to an Eagles defensive front seven that should be the cream of the crop in the NFC East this season. After locking up Riley Cooper, Jason Kelce, Jeremy Maclin, and Jason Peters, look for the Eagles to attack defense in the draft.

23. Kansas City Chiefs -- Northern Illinois S Jimmie Ward

24. Cincinnati Bengals -- Michigan State CB Darqueze Dennard

25. San Diego Chargers -- Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert

26. Cleveland Browns -- LSU WR Odell Beckham

27. New Orleans Saints -- Ohio State CB Bradley Roby

28. Carolina Panthers -- Notre Dame TE Troy Niklas

Wideout and offensive line look like bigger needs for Carolina on paper, but Niklas could assist in both areas as an impact in-line blocker with an enormous catch radius. He goes 6-foot-7, 270 with 34 1/8-inch arms, and is built country strong enough to block defensive ends. As the Panthers are short on wideouts, their base 2014 offense would make heavy use of 12 personnel with Niklas and Greg Olsen on the field together. OC Mike Shula is a proponent of smash-mouth offense, and Carolina could assert its will via this new “two-tight” approach, particularly in the running game.

29. New England Patriots -- Texas Tech TE Jace Amaro

30. San Francisco 49ers -- USC WR Marqise Lee

31. Denver Broncos -- Ohio State OLB Ryan Shazier

Assuming Denver retains free agent CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, its biggest team need is on the second level of DC Jack Del Rio's defense. LBs Paris Lenon, Wesley Woodyard, and Stewart Bradley all have expiring contracts. Look for Shazier's stock to soar at the Buckeyes' March 7 Pro Day, when he may flirt with 4.4s in the forty. Possessing outstanding range, cover skills, and striking ability, Shazier could play middle or weak-side linebacker for the Broncos.

32. Seattle Seahawks -- Florida State DT Timmy Jernigan

Seattle's roster is loaded enough that GM John Schneider can stay true to his board on draft day. Highly disruptive versus both the run and pass, Jernigan can play one and three technique in a 4-3. The Seahawks released LE Red Bryant to save salary cap space, and three more key Seattle D-Linemen are free agents: DE Michael Bennett, DT Clinton McDonald, and DT Tony McDaniel. Jernigan would quickly challenge to start next to Brandon Mebane.

Also Considered: Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks, TCU CB Jason Verrett, Georgia Tech DE/LB Jeremiah Attaochu, Stanford OG David Yankey, Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller, Missouri DE Kony Ealy, Clemson OL Brandon Thomas, Arizona State DT Will Sutton, Fresno State QB Derek Carr, Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde, Clemson CB Bashaud Breeland, Virginia OT Morgan Moses, Alabama OT Cyrus Kouandjio, Florida State DB Lamarcus Joyner, Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews, Ohio State OT Jack Mewhort, Florida DT Dominique Easley, Washington TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Louisville DE/LB Marcus Smith, South Florida DL Aaron Lynch, USC C Marcus Martin.

Number19 03-01-2014 12:22 PM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
I'm liking the way recent mocks have Tuitt falling. He's having bone spur surgery in his foot and will be out 6 - 8 weeks. I'd pick him up at 2-33 if he's there.

aussie_texan 03-01-2014 06:33 PM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
i would take ealy at 2.1 in a heart beat with this draft

mussop 03-05-2014 12:31 PM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
Also Considered: Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks, Stanford OG David Yankey, Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller, Missouri DE Kony Ealy, Virginia OT Morgan Moses, Florida State DB Lamarcus Joyner, Florida DT Dominique Easley, Washington TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TCU CB Jason Verrett.

Man there will be some really good talent available at 2.1. I bet that's where we trade down from. Unless of course someone falls that is just to good to pass up. Out of the players listed above I don't know who would help this team the most. Cooks in the slot would be amazing. Probably offensive rookie of the year candidate in this offense.

So many quality defensive players and Some trench guys that could play at a high level for many years. Man I can't wait decor this draft.

Playoffs 04-14-2014 02:13 PM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
Josh Norris 4/14

1. Houston Texans

Edge player Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina - The rare talent in this class makes sense as the No. 1 pick. Don’t bring up a “poor fit in a 3-4.” Look back to 2012, when Tamba Hali only dropped on 8.6% of his snaps while Romeo Crennel was head coach.

2. Atlanta Falcons - from St. Louis (Previously pick No. 6)

Edge player Khalil Mack, Buffalo - The Falcons need to exit this draft with one of the top two edge players, but will need to trade up to nab one. The team has incorporated plenty of odd man fronts, and Mack has enough versatility to fit multiple alignments.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

WR Sammy Watkins, Clemson - The Jaguars are guaranteed one of three prospects (Clowney, Mack and Watkins). Some will want to wait and hold out hope for Justin Blackmon. At this point, anything he offers is extra. Team officials have said as much.

4. Cleveland Browns

WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M

5. Oakland Raiders

DT Aaron Donald, Pitt - Interior disruption is king, and Donald can offer it next to the center or guard. The Raiders applied old band aids during free agency. Donald can be a youth injection to that defensive front.

6. St. Louis Rams - from Atlanta (Previously pick No. 2)

T Greg Robinson, Auburn

7. Tampa Bay Bucs

WR Odell Beckham Jr., LSU - There is no doubt in my mind that OBJ is a top three receiver in this class, and it is in the realm of possibility he becomes the best prospect at the position from the group. He offers a vertical style and wins in contested situations better than most receivers his size.

8. St. Louis Rams - from Minnesota (Previously pick No. 13)

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Alabama

9. Buffalo Bills

T Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

10. Detroit Lions

CB Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech - Despite my infatuation with Fuller, I don’t think a corner is worthy of a top-10 pick. However, I do not see another area where the Lions can go. Fuller can win in off coverage, press situations, and is a physical tackler. He could play the Lardarius Webb role in Teryl Austin’s defense.

11. Tennessee Titans

Edge player Anthony Barr, UCLA

12. New York Giants

TE Eric Ebron, UNC

13. Minnesota Vikings - from St. Louis (Previously pick No. 8)

QB Blake Bortles, UCF - I believe the talent at the top of the draft will prevent teams from selecting a quarterback early on. However, if the Vikings can’t trade up for a defender (Khalil Mack), they could try to get the best “value” for the top quarterback on their board.

14. Chicago Bears

DT Ra'shede Hageman, Minnesota - This might be Hageman’s floor. The Minnesota product has tremendous flashes of explosiveness thanks to lower have power and strong hands. He is also adept at contesting passes at the line of scrimmage. Hageman needs to display a better anchor when losing off the snap, however. He could play the 1-technique role in Chicago.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

NT Louis Nix, Notre Dame - Louis Nix instantly upgrades the interior of the Steelers front seven. The team struggled to prevent yards on the ground on first and second down, and Nix can help put defenses in better situations. He is different than other big bodied nose tackles since Nix can play in the opponents’ backfield.

16. Dallas Cowboys

G Zack Martin, Notre Dame - The Cowboys added Travis Frederick in the first-round last year. The two guard spots could still be upgraded, however. Some might view Martin as a tackle, and he might play that spot if Doug Free is not on the roster next season, but the Notre Dame product is an excellent guard prospect.

17. Baltimore Ravens

S Jimmie Ward, NIU - I prefer Ward over Calvin Pryor, and he fits what the ravens are looking for opposite Matt Elam. Ward wins in similar ways to Kenny Vaccaro, but is also comfortable roaming the deeper third of the field.

18. New York Jets

S Calvin Pryor, Louisville

19. Miami Dolphins

T Taylor Lewan, Michigan

20. Arizona Cardinals

Edge player Dee Ford, Auburn

21. Green Bay Packers

CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

22. Philadelphia Eagles

ILB CJ Mosley, Alabama

23. Kansas City Chiefs

G Xavier Su’a-Filo, UCLA

24. Cincinnati Bengals

LB Ryan Shazier, Ohio State - I debated corner here, but realized the Bengals might move Burfict to inside backer next year with Rey Maualuga's contract up. Shazier would offer so much range and explosiveness from the weakside. He could play early in certain packages.

25. San Diego Chargers

CB Bradley Roby, Ohio State

26. Cleveland Browns - from Indianapolis

QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M - No one knows who the Browns will covet at quarterback. Derek Carr could easily be the second quarterback selected. With that said, Manziel could reunite with Mike Evans and have a strong vertical threat in Josh Gordon.

27. New Orleans Saints

C/G Marcus Martin, USC - A surprise name, perhaps. The Saints need to exit this draft with a starting center, and potentially could need one or two guards after next season due to cuts. Most teams might covet Weston Richburg, but the Saints could view Martin as a starter at either interior spot.

28. Carolina Panthers

T Morgan Moses, Virginia - The Panthers need offensive line help in a bad way. Moses has right tackle experience but most recently started on the left side. He does not bend at the knees to absorb and redirect, but Moses has a ridiculous wingspan and shut down a number of quality rushers this year.

29. New England Patriots

QB Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville - Crazier things have happened. Bridgewater wins in similar ways to Tom Brady, namely pocket movement, eye level, and dominating the short to intermediate levels of the field. The team’s offensive dynamic would not need to be changed when Teddy takes over.

30. San Francisco 49ers

CB Jason Verrett, TCU

31. Denver Broncos

WR Brandin Cooks, Oregon State

32. Seattle Seahawks

OL Joel Bitonio, Nevada - Bitonio is viewed by a tackle and guard by multiple teams. He shut down a number of quality rushers at Nevada this season, like Barr and Demarcus Lawrence. I’ve been told his rise throughout the process was “Kyle Long-like.”

Scooter 04-15-2014 12:23 AM

Re: Rotoworld 2014 Mock Drafts
a lot of folks, including myself, are seeing the falcons trade up for one of the premier pass rushers. they've got a ton of talent on offense, some of the right pieces on defense, but they need work in the trenches. an elite edge rusher could make their defense, and possibly the team. every quarterback and both tackles are still available at 6, i'd certainly like to try to out bid the rams to make that trade.

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