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aussie_texan 10-16-2013 09:42 PM

Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
Rather than seeing QBs in the first i have tried go for something a little different.

Perhaps we have our QB of the future already on the Roster. Case 'the face' Keenum (yeah i just made that up pretty terrible but applicable ... the face of the franchise)

Assumed picking around 10 even though keenum has a good year still the team overall cant get in done, Kubiack and Schaub gone.

Round 1:
Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

I have always backed up Newton thinking his got the potential, but so far he isnt developing how i would like and his showing exactly what he is a 7th round pick. Will be moved to the swing tackle position where his value is maximised.

Lewan is a beast and along with brooks and Jones solidifies this line for many years even after Brown retires. Building a strong O-line around Case will help him tranistion to the NFL better. Also with a new HC we use more Power O and this guy is a animal in that department.

Round 2:
Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

I dont think we re-sign K-Jax, he'll be after a big contract and i dont think he reflects that value. We dont have anyone on the roster who can become that Number 1 CB, harris i have never been a fan of i think he bites on to many plays and doesnt have the smarts to play on the oppositions WR1, ceiling is a nickle CB. Fuller offers athleticism to cover and is physical enough in run defence. Has potential to be a ball hawking CB. Has been productive in all his years which is a real key when i look at prospects.

Round 3:
C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa

OD injured again hasnt played a full season since 2008. His contract is coming up and i have other priorities to re-sign (A.Smith, Watt etc)
CJ gives us that big bodied TE that will give us the much needed help in the red zone which has been our man problem on offence for the last few years.

Round 4:
Max Bullough, ILB, Michigan State

We need help at ILB. Sharpton has to get dropped his done jack ****. Mayo is a stop gap option till we find someone new. Even though i want that 2 headed monster at ILB and want one taken within the first 2 rounds i have bigger priorities that i need filling so i go with Bullough a real big boy and will greatly improve our run defence. His offers little in coverage but it doesnt really concern me. going forward he will be a first 2 down 'backer, then our nickle and dime defence takes over. This is another reason why i took ILB a little later because the way the NFL is going with spread offences, defences will need that extra CB or Safety on the field.

Round 5:
Prince Shembo, OLB, Notre Dame

With montegormy moving to DE (which i agree with) and apart from mercilus and reed no one else on the current playing roster was even drafted. Its about time we get some depth on OLB. T.Williams offers the speed in our depth but we need an overall player who can develop in to a solid contributor and add to team depth. Shembo has sacks against L.Johnson and my 1st round pick Lewan. Offers more in run defence but flashes with some quality pass rush moves.

Round 6:
James White, RB, Wisconsin

I see enough of woods to be a replacement for tate, so considering other priorities i have in the draft RB falls. White is in a running back by committee with Gordon at Wisconsin, but has experience on special teams which adds more value with this late pick. Does well in wisconsins powerful offence and with a new HC a move towards this offence should help White.

Round 7:
Caleb Lavey, ILB, Oklahoma State

Another 'backer to help out on Special teams, also with depth as we could see a number of ILB on the roster this year not playing next year.

The first few picks are based off what i have seen through online and live tv. bottom half is purely based off drafts sites like walter, CBS, etc

htownfan32 10-16-2013 11:41 PM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
If Case turns out to be the man, then I would not complain with this draft. I like Lewan (and that pick will simply solidify the line for years) and I like Kyle Fuller too. 3rd round might be a little high for TE because I think Graham is a good OD replacement, and I like what Griffin has to offer. 4th round ILB is a good pick, Bullough is a nice pick.
I don't know much about Shembo, but OLB depth is a good thing. Round 6 RB and Round 7 ILB for depth are also good picks.

Well done!

Wolf6151 10-17-2013 12:32 AM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
I thought about doing a mock like this as well, one in which the Texans give Keenum a year to prove whether or not he can be the man, I just don't know if the Texans will ever give him a real chance to prove himself like that.

1. Lewan, I like this pick. It's way past time to solidify this O-line with some quality talent and Newton ain't getting it done this year, though I don't think that's all his fault.
2. Fuller, I like the player and position. This seems to be a very good year for CB's.
3. Fiedorowicz, I really like the player but think we've got much bigger needs most every where than a #3 TE.
4. Bullough, I like this pick as well. I've got him in the 5th of my latest mock.
5, 6, 7. Shembo, White, and Lavey, you hit positions of need but I don't know much about these guys but like Lavey in the 7th as added special teams and camp competition. I've been considering Lavey in my latest mock in the 7th as well.

I'd really like to see at least 1 Safety, possibly 2. I think Ed Reed is a one and done player and we don't know if Manning will ever return. That only leave Keo and Swearinger, and Keo needs to be gone. IMO, Safety was a big need before Manning went down.

badboy 10-17-2013 06:05 PM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
I also have a mock without QB but waiting to post after I see Case this Sunday. I am ok with your first two but not the rest. As part of the 3 Amigos, we mocked Fiedo last draft and my partner Beerlover has him high on his board but I just don't see that with Graham looking so good + our success at getting the type of TE that coach likes later. I know you did say Gary is gone but still think my premise holds.

I do like you thinking outside the box and against most fans opinions.

aussie_texan 10-17-2013 07:29 PM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
the reason i took a TE was i want that bonafide stud at the position. Graham will be the starter for now but it doesnt mean that we cant get better.

in this mock im trying to load up on offensive talent to give keenum the best chance possible or if he fails to go into the 2015 draft and select a QB who can again transition a lot easier with an established team.

Our track record has been good in developing TE talent but not stars, only OD can be considered when at his best a top TE and he was taken in the 2nd.

aussie_texan 10-17-2013 07:33 PM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
regarding safety it was an odd one for me.
Clearly there is a need but i feel that college football doesnt develop safety talent as well as other positions. ideally i think we grab someone in FA who is adequate i.e. not to expensive.

Like the issue with TE, i have a clear idea of how i would build this team and drafting a safety is not part of that we need established NFL talent at the position. With Reed, Manning, OD and schaub all possibly leaving i have enough cap space to re-sign core players e.g. watt and ninja and find a good safety in FA

leebigeztx 10-17-2013 11:50 PM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
Regardless of how case looks, qb should be 1st rd no later than 2nd rd.

aussie_texan 10-18-2013 02:22 AM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case

Originally Posted by leebigeztx (Post 2231989)
Regardless of how case looks, qb should be 1st rd no later than 2nd rd.

i agree drafting a QB is top priority but for the point of discussion i wanted to offer something different

aussie_texan 10-20-2013 06:30 PM

Re: Aussie Mock 2014 over confidence in Case
over confidence has turned into confidence. also todays game reiterated my stance on drafting a TE

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