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Social Group
This is a public group.

Arrows and Ammo

Group Created by Texan Asylum

A gathering for 'Texans Talk' hunters...whether your hunting is by string and stick, or powder and lead, this is the group for you!

Tell your tales, post your pictures, or share your advice.

Have you got a great site for gear? Share it here!

Other Texans Talk members...if you hunt and want to join the group, send a PM and we'll try and find a spot for you!

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  1. Texan Asylum
    Texan Asylum
    Well, we went out to a couple of really nice spots. They have produced some real nice deer for a couple of friends, but to no avail today for the 'Clan Gwin'. We seen a decent size spike on the run, but nothing else except tons of sign everywhere. There was so many tracks, the ground looked like a rototiller churned it up. Rubs everywhere, and of course trails and droppings. Perhaps the second season will produce some nice does for us where we were today, but it'll be next season if we want a buck.

    Best of blessings to all you guys and gal. If anyone has some nice recipes for something different, why not share 'em with the group. Perhaps it'll inspire some new recipes to try!
  2. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Good Luck Watchman and let me know how you and your son come out. I still have more doe tags I would like to fill but for now I am looking forward to picking up my meat from the processor.
  3. Texan Asylum
    Texan Asylum
    Congrats on the doe BTLV!

    Today is the last day of rifle season, so Vince and I are going out this afternoon and hitting it till dark. We have the extended season in January as well, so if no luck today, then there's always then. Right now, we are more interested in meat for the freezer.
  4. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Last Day or Rifle today. No bucks so I took tagged a doe. Looks like no buck this year unless I get one during flintlock (which is rare here because by then they are running scared). Probably take part in some late season archery (anterlerless only) after I get back from visiting Houston during the holidays. Just hope the weather is not too cold. It's tough sitting in a tree stand all day when its 10 degrees out.
  5. Texan Asylum
    Texan Asylum
    The group is beginning to take shape! This should be, by far, the most interesting and exciting group on the board.

    Pictures, stories, and recipes...the sky's the limit! Post what you feel might be of interest to the rest of the group.

    Thanks folks for joining...happy hunting to ya!
  6. Cjeremy635
    Wow, just saw the invite. Much appreciated! Sorry I haven't been around much. Works been kinda busy and I'm training a new crew as well as board meetings and regularly scheduled stuff. Also, learning the guitar has taken up some of my free time (which I'm not complaing about, I love it a lot). This hunting season really hasn't been that great due to lack of time. I went opening weekend of bow season and killed a turkey, doe, and mountain lion. My wife shot a buck the second weekend of rifle season and then I took her to a game ranch and she got a really nice 9 pointer about 3 weeks ago. I'm still planning on going on my trophy red stag hunt on January 8th and I'm going on a hog hunt with my buddy on February 18th. That'll probably be the end of my hunting year. Feels like a bust, what a shame I couldn't get out more. Maybe next year will be a little different. I may try to take the family back to the hill country in extended doe & spike season, sometime in January. I'll try to frequent the board more often when I get a break.
  7. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Thanks for the invite, let me tell you all about my great (sarcasm) hunting season:

    As some might know I live in Western PA so the good news is there is a lot of opportunities for public hunting, but the bad news is there are more hunters than any other area in the country. Our rifle season is only 2 weeks long - This year December 1-13. I was able to take a few afternoons for early bow (antlerless) but never got anything. In PA you can not bait deer using anything such as feeders, salt licks, etc only scents and calls. Combine that with the cold weather and hunting takes lots of patience. Here is how my rifle season has went so far:

    Scouting - I went to a public land 4 days before opening day and found a great spot with a good amount of rubs, scrapes, droppings, and deer trails. I marked my path with trail markers. I went the afternoon before opening day to drop off my climbing tree stand so I would not have to lug it deep in the woods at 5am. All the trail markers were torn down by some A-hole and the left the markers in a bush by the road. Luckily I still found the spot and left my stand on the tree for quick access in the AM.

    Opening day - Arrived at the spot at 4:45 am to see 6 other hunters entering the woods, so I quickly hauled into the woods and got up the tree. Freezing rain turned into snow with extemely high winds which made me quite nervous since I was swaying in a tree. 4 point and 6 point walked under my stand at 9:30am (Legal Western PA buck is 4 points on one side). Got out of the stand once to warm up a little, only out for 30 minutes the back in. 3pm 2 more 6 points but still no shooters, day over, exhausted freezing from sitting in a small climbing tree stand for 12 hours.

    Day 2 - No action except quite a few Doe, moved around to try to see if I could kick some deer out of the woods. They were in there good because I could not find them. Pretty uneventful day

    Day 3 - last day off of work. Planned on using my Doe tag to get some meat and was confident I could find some doe. Half way to spot my truck broke down spent the rest of the day trying to fix it, just got it fixed today - 1 week later. I have to work the rest of the rifle season.

    This has been a very frusterating season for me the only thing I have left is flintlock after Christmas (well when I get back from visiting family in Houston), and late season doe archery when its subzero every day. Joy Joy!
  8. Texan Asylum
    Texan Asylum
    Well, Vince and I went out on his first hunt. Although we didn't have the opportunity to get a shot, or to even see one for that matter, it was a good time nonetheless. With our good friend Donnie with us, we had a few laughs and learned a few skills. There will be a next time, and next time, we'll be just as excited as the first.
  9. eriadoc
    I have only been twice so far this season. I don't have anyone to join me and my wife hates when I go alone, so I have to keep her happy. The first time, I had a clear shot at two different does, but not allowed to take a doe here. I saw one nice buck the night before, as I drove onto the land. So of course, he was nowhere to be found the next morning.

    The second time I went, I saw not one deer. I found plenty of tracks, but nothing else. *sigh*
  10. DiapHer
    Thanks for the add...guess we won't be inviting SheTexan anytime soon!!! Can't wait to hear how TA Jr.71 gets along!!!!

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