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This is a public group.

Arrows and Ammo

Group Created by Texan Asylum

A gathering for 'Texans Talk' hunters...whether your hunting is by string and stick, or powder and lead, this is the group for you!

Tell your tales, post your pictures, or share your advice.

Have you got a great site for gear? Share it here!

Other Texans Talk members...if you hunt and want to join the group, send a PM and we'll try and find a spot for you!

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  1. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    very nice, I'm jealous. It's tough hunting in PA, but I'll take what I can get.
  2. Cjeremy635
    Here's the red stag pics. The first two are of the first stag and the second two are of the one I took later in the evening.
  3. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Sounds like fun. I was pretty wiped Saturday. Flintlock is a special season in PA and typically this late in the season deer are skitish and balled up typically moving more at night, so we put on drives. There were 8 of us and 3 would walk at a time pushing one hill at a time. Well I ended up shooting the deer on a drive (drive meaning people walking though the woods pushing deer, not actually driving a vehicle - for those unfamiliar), and I was about the furthest point on the drive I could have been from the trail, near about the thickest area of brush. This was already my third drive of the day so I was already tired (we had the old men out, so the younger guys drove most of the day). I left the deer and continued the drive then had to walk about a mile back though very thick stuff and slippery slopes, The weather went from snow to rain causing icy hillsides. Long story short, walking that far, and getting it with a flintlock, I feel I earned that meat. With a week and a half left I would like one more for the freezer, but the weather outlook is not looking to good. Might be below zero lows the rest of the week, and that is just cold. I really dont thing I could sit still long in that cold, even with my 1200 gram thinsulate boots. Might have to stalk and hope one is dumb enough to stand there and give me a shot with my bow.
  4. Cjeremy635
    That's cool, I've never hunted with black powder rifles. Always wanted to, just never had the opportunity to learn how to use them. Just got back from my red stag hunt yesterday and it's back to work as usual. The hunt went great, I took two really nice stags. It was a pretty demanding hunt and we stalked the first one for nearly 5 hours. Up and down hills and valleys and back and forth, trying to stay ahead of the herd. I was picking cactus needles out of my back and rear for a good part of Saturday evening and yesterday morning. Anyways, it was a great hunt and I'll post some pictures on here soon. The pictures really don't do the animals justice (I didn't take the pictures and it wasn't my camera, so it isn't my fault). I'll upload them shortly.
  5. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Well, no Buck again, but got a Doe with my flintlock 50 cal. yesterday.
  6. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Nice Buck... About the bullets I really dont know. I have had something similar happen once with a ballisitic tip, so maybe the bullet spreads too much upon impact. That is about the only thing I can think of. I just got back from TX, but no where to hunt and the extra cash it would cost to pack all my gear on the plane would not be worth it. Back to work now, and I have this Saturday for flintlock, and the following 2 weeks for late Doe archery.
  7. Cjeremy635
    Bullet question for you all. I killed that buck using the 30-06 ballistic tip Federal ammunition rounds. I've always had really good luck with those bulets, but this deer was different. He was quartered to me, so I took the traditional shoulder shot. It was foggy when I shot him, so I couldn't see which way he ran off that well. I waited a few minutes and went down to retrieve my buck. NADA! I was so bummed. I look all around and couldn't find a spec of blood. Finally a searched a different trail and he hadn't gone 10 yards, but he was behind a cedar tree and I couldn't see him until I was back tracking my trail. Again, there wasn't a single drop of blood, but he was as dead as a door nail. I flipped him over and the shot was perfect, but there was no exit wound, hence the lack of blood trail. Anyways, when I was skinning him out, the internal damage was amazing. It went in his shouder, but blew the muscle of his leg off. Now mind you, it was all internal, the leg looked normal on the exterior. Of course his lungs were exploded, I just couldn't get over the damage that was done internally, but the lack of blood externally, and no exit wound.
  8. Cjeremy635
    I've got my trophy red stag hunt coming up this weekend and I am really excited for it. Some friends and I are leaving on Thursday morning and hunting until Sunday. It ought to be a great trip and a great hunt. I'm going to try to take him with my bow, but if I can't get close enough, I'll fall back on the trusty 30-06. On another note, what happened to the other photos in this thread? I thought DiapHer had some of her son on here?
  9. Cjeremy635
    Well, I went hunting over the holiday weekend and had a great time. My father-in-law and I went to our place in the hill country, about an hour north of Kerrville. We got there on Thursday around lunch time and left yesterday morning around 9:00 am. The deer weren't moving, I think we probably only saw a total of 7 combined deer. However, I got lucky and took a nice 8 pointer on Saturday morning. He was about 115 yards out, eating some alfalfa that I had thrown. I took him at 7:10 in the morning. Here's a couple of photos of the deer.

  10. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    That reminds me of my opening day spot. So many fresh rubs trails, food sources, etc. But only non legal bucks. The thing about being a hunter and a Texan fan is the phrase "There is always next year" is often used. I'm not sure how I will cook my cuts this year, but if it is something out of the ordinary I will post it. In addition to regular cut and ground beef with pork fat I'm having some salami, italian hot sausage, and cajun sausage (not boudain - just some norther concoction that is well spiced) on the way. The one thing I miss about Texas hunting is that it takes less weapons to enjoy the full season. If you want to get out during every deer season here you need a Bow, Slug fitted shotgun, Rifle, and Flintlock muzzleloader.

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