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Social Group
This is a public group.

Arrows and Ammo

Group Created by Texan Asylum

A gathering for 'Texans Talk' hunters...whether your hunting is by string and stick, or powder and lead, this is the group for you!

Tell your tales, post your pictures, or share your advice.

Have you got a great site for gear? Share it here!

Other Texans Talk members...if you hunt and want to join the group, send a PM and we'll try and find a spot for you!

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  1. JB
    wow, just found this group. Hunting is my biggest passion outside of the Texans. Looking forward to a great year thisw year. Just pulled a nice pic of a young 10 pointg of my trail cam along with a lot of does and hogs. Nicest thing is that my lease is only 45 min from the house. Did a little bow hunting, but was sick for most of Oct. so did not get to do too much. Big Buck this weekend...lol
    Thanks for the invite!
  2. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Thought I would bump this group. I don't know about TX, but here in PA we can start whackin does with a Stick and string come Saturday. I'm ready to get back in the woods since I haven't hunted since spring turkey.
  3. eriadoc
    Does anyone have any experience reloading shotshells?
  4. mike moffat
    mike moffat
    CJ...I've got a Lyman .54 cal. percussion muzzle loader. It's more fun than getting dirty! I really enjoy it. I'm going to take it during muzzle season this year. I've shot at some rondevous and club shoots, but not at any game. This fall may be a first for me.
    I didn't go deer hunting at all this year. Did do pretty good with the pheasant season though. Limited every time out. My dog had a great year.
  5. mike moffat
    mike moffat
    I just wanted to say thanks for the invitation. This is right up my alley. Looking forward to participating.
    Thanks again,
  6. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Pretty easy to hunt with muzzleloads, even easier if you use an inline (like most of the stuff you see on TV). In PA we have to use flintlock muzzleloaders, meaning powder down the barrel with bullet in front and powder in a flashpan using a flint striker to ignite flash powder consequently igniting main powder then boom. Really if you do something wrong you wont blow anything up, it just wont go boom. Well hunting seasons over, just got a new Ruger SR9 pistol to have fun with at the range until next october.
  7. Cjeremy635
    Glad you joined Texecutioner. Post some of your hunting pics if you go to south Texas. That ought to be a fun trip. I want to kill some javelinas sometime this year. I think that would be fun, especially with my bow.
  8. Texecutioner
    Don't know when this group was started, but I'm glad I finally saw the invite.

    I might go out to SOuth Texas on a hog hunt soon. I can't wait. I have never killed one.

    And CJERAMY, that was a nice Stag you popped there man!
  9. Cjeremy635
    I've never hunted muzzleloader before, much less held, shot, or loaded one. I've seen the shows on TV where they hunt with them though. They seem pretty cool, I'm just too afraid I'd end up blowing myself up from not knowing what to do. Kinda tough to learn something new when you have nobody around you that uses one.
  10. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Got a new rifled shotgun barrel in the mail yesterday, now I am almost able to hunt every deer season to the fullest. Apparently in PA if you really want to hunt you need the following:

    1 - Bow (own)
    2 - In-Line Muzzleloader (do not have)
    3 - High powered rifle (own)
    4 - Slug shotgun (just got rifled barrel)
    5 - Flintlock muzzleloader (own)

    I think the state of PA is in business with weapons manufacturers.

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