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Space Aviation And Astronomy Heads

Group Created by Showtime100

For anyone who wants to talk about the Space Program, Shuttle Missions, Astronomy, and, oh yes, Aviation.

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  1. Showtime100

    NOT A ROCKET: News reports that a Russian rocket fell over the US mid-Atlantic coast on Sunday evening, March 29th, are probably incorrect. A spent Russian rocket booster did reenter Earth's atmosphere on March 29th, but apparently not over the USA. According to data published by US Strategic Command, the reentry occurred near Taiwan (24° N, 125° E) at 11:57 p.m. EDT. So what were those lights in the sky over Maryland and Virginia two hours earlier? Eyewitness accounts of the Atlantic Coast fireball are consistent with a meteoritic bolide--a random asteroid hitting Earth's atmosphere and exploding in flight.
  2. Showtime100
    Well, if anyone sees this in the next day or so I'm going to start filling this "thread" up with things I'm finding. There's a whole lot going on out there that never make it to this board and for all I know even the newspapers. One example would be two extraordinarily close asteroids missed this month alone.

    I've started a thread or two out there but they are met with little or no response, and I totally understand why. Not many folks are really into astronomy and aviation...etc. It's all cool from my viewpoint.

    Soooo, if you guys ever want to know what's going on up there this will be the place to go. There will probably be at least six posts per week from me here so keep it tuned in. Even if nobody looks I would enjoy keeping a log of sorts as to what goes on so it may look like I'm talking to myself, which I am of course...lol.
  3. Showtime100
    Comet Lulin is going to be the brightest on 2/24. I hope the sky in East Texas is clear that night.

  4. Wolf
    awesome pictures of the shuttle Atlantis and ISS with the sun in the background

  5. Wolf
    Astronauts were hunting for a missing party guest as they prepared to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the International Space Station.

    One of two spiders sent to the orbiting laboratory aboard the space shuttle Endeavour last week was added to the lost property list after the crew checked its tank and found it empty.

    Anxious to quash fears that the absent arachnid may be marauding around the space station, Nasa managers insisted that the second orb-weaver was not exactly lost, it just couldn’t be found.
  6. Showtime100
    So I'm watching a spacewalk with radio transmissions on, also listening to Pandora which was playing "Comfortably Numb." It made for some interesting viewing with intermittent transmissions, the music and this.....
  7. Showtime100
    If you guys in Houston are interested look to the south tomorrow night 11/18 from 5:52 to 5:54 and if the view is not obstructed at 29 degree elevation from the horizon you will see the ISS and SS cruise by. Magnitude is at -1.2 which is considered very bright as satellites go. 11/19 at 6:17 to 6:20 WSW 46 degree elev. and -2.2 (brighter and higher in the sky)

    We in Austin will see it tonight, then same as you guys Wednesday. (I like seeing it, reminds me of seeing Skylab as a kid)
  8. Texan Asylum
    Texan Asylum
    Sorry about the delay fellas, thanks for the invite!
  9. Wolf

    Shuttle Endeavour links with space station
  10. Showtime100

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