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This is a public group.

Metal Heads!

Group Created by Double Barrel

Because metal needs a social group. Rock on, my brothers in metal!

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  1. BeerTastesLikeVictory
    Hank III is coming to town soon, and I cant wait. He plays half country and half metal at his shows.
    He has pressed some of his metal stuff....look up As*jack. I haven't been to a good metal show in quite a few years. Pretty much since the wife and kid took over It has been 2-3 shows a year. Back in the late 90's I went to just about every Hardcore show there was, until the HC scene turned gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). As far as best shows go, it's hard to pinpoint but Cannibal Corpse/Broken Hope at The Abyss (either 95 or 96) was pretty good.
  2. Showtime100
    Beer And Metal is 42 today. He would enjoy this group DB.

    To answer the question about best show, metal show I assume, mine would be years and years ago.

    At the Music Hall I saw a three-band show in '78 (give or take a year). The opener was a band called the Godz, if it weren't for Coney Hatch the Godz would be the best band the world never heard of. Second up was Judas Priest, they were in full force at the time, probably the last tour they didn't headline. Last up was Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush. This would be the first night I ever threw up without being sick so FM and Mahogany Rush was probably better than I remember.

    The smoke from the audience was so thick you literally couldn't see the stage when the spotlights were just so. Damn what a night.
  3. False Start
    False Start
    My favorite shows, hell there's a big list. Well the best show Ive been to in the past few years has to the the Hank III show I previously mentioned on 9-12-06. See, it was that cool I even know the exact date, lol. Just the crowd energy and the overall flow of his sets were great. I went and saw Down in 07 at The Meridian that was a hell of a show too. Philip seems to be back to his old form on stage now that hes set the dope down. I also saw Exodus, and Napalm Death together that was a good show as well.

    My most memorable show was the first PanterA show I went to on the CFH Tour. It was my first so I will never forget it. Those were the days. Another show that brings back memories is the Superjoint Ritual show back in 04. That was the first time I got to meet my favorite front man, Philip Anselmo. After all the negative things I had heard about him being a dick, he was as cool a guy as you would ever want to meet. I still have a dollar bill signed by him and the whole SJR crew.

    A few others that gain honorable mention are : Crowbar, EYEHATEGOD, Slayer, and believe it or not, Marilyn Manson. The guy maybe a freak but he puts on one hell of a live show.
  4. mexican_texan
    Alter Bridge isn't metal, but they're pretty good. It's Creed with a new singer, but Mark Tremonti is pretty damn good.

    Now...time to introduce you old farts to real modern metal. Here's a few of my current faves: At the Gates, Wintersun, Between the Buried and Me, Necrophagist, and Children of Bodom. Some bands I'm going to check out soon include Eucharist, Vehemence, Scar Symmetry, Insomnium, and Edge of Sanity.

    Shame on whoever called A7X metal. Motley Crue are more metal than A7X.
  5. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    Lamb of God is one of my favorite current metal bands. I saw them a couple of years ago with Shadowsfall (another great band that sounds a lot like a modern take on late '80's thrash - i.e. Anthrax, Megadeth, etc.). They were supporting Slipknot on their Vol. III tour. LoG's "Ashes of the Wake" is one of my top 10 metal cds ("Sacrament" is a great one, too).

    What's y'all's favorite shows that you've been to?

    Mine is sort of a tie....Metallica at the Summit for the "....And Justice For All" tour still strikes me as one of the best concerts I've ever seen...but then I start thinking about all the Pantera shows (which all sort of blend together in my fuzzy 2 brain cell memory). Those shows made me want to quit playing guitar and dedicate myself to it all at the same time.

    The Clash of the Titans was a great one - Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth (with Alice and Chains opening...that was...strange?). It was the first time that I saw seats being removed at an arena for a mosh pit.

    Sepultura puts on one heckuva' live show. Saw them blow Ministry off the stage back at the old Coliseum, and then another time opening for Pantera.

    p.s. False Start on # 69 made a great Metal Heads banner for this subforum, but I'm having problem uploading it. As soon as I figure out the problem, I will get it posted. It is cool looking and fits as a sig, as well.
  6. False Start
    False Start
    Originally Posted by Second Honeymoon
    Lamb Of God is pretty good for current metal bands.
    You can say that again. I was so glad when they came on the scene. It gave me faith that there are still bands out there that know what real metal is. I saw them at The Engine Room in 05 and my ears are still ringing, lol. I saw them again with Slayer at Reliant Arena and they were great there too. There's nothing like seeing a show at a small venue like Engine Room and The Meridian. Its just a lot more up close and personal. Another thing, metal shows should not have seats!!! WTF? lol.

    I really cant stand the bands that will be singing like Backstreet Boys one minute, and the next trying to scream like a badass. Its seems like the new metal bands have never heard of a guitar solo.

    Hank III is coming to town soon, and I cant wait. He plays half country and half metal at his shows. His country is a lot like his granddad's style. Its old school country about new school situations. Anyone that can make it out to see him should definitely try and make it. I took a cousin of mine to see him, and he had been going to shows since 78. He said the Hank III show was one of the most unique and energetic shows he had been to. This is one of the most down to earth guys in music today. Hes very dedicated to his fans. After he plays his final song he sets his guitar down, jumps off the stage and meets and greets the fans and stays until he meets everyone.

    Anyways, I'm having show withdrawal, I haven't been to a show in almost 2 months!!
  7. Hookem Horns
    Hookem Horns
    We are in the same boat Showtime. Priest were always my all time favorite band followed closely by anything Ronnie James Dio touches. JP used to be sick in concert and nobody touched them. That was mainly due to Halford having an unhuman voice. For some reason he started smoking some years ago and trashed it. I saw them a few months ago in San Antonio and was saddened to hear him like that. Fortunately Dio was there also and hasn't lost a step.

    As I mentioned earlier, my problem with modern metal is every vocalists sounds like cookie monster and the guitar solo has been forgotten. I have heard some awesome hooks (chord progressions) in some modern tunes (example "This is Now" by Hatebreed) however when the "vocals" kick in it goes down hill fast.

    That is why I really dig Alter Bridge. The singer can sing and their guitarists Mark Tremonti is probably the best post "hair" guitarists out there. Actually Alter Bridge is Creed without Scott Stapp (vocalist). I always knew Creed could really be metal if they were allowed to be. From what I understand Stapp was the guy preventing them from really being metal and he held back Tremonti. They dumped Stapp and formed Alter Bridge to play what they really wanted. They basically sacrificed the money and success of being commercial to rock out. You have to love that, it's so metal.
  8. Showtime100
    That's sad to hear about Priest, yet completely believable at the same time. After hearing some of their later efforts I'll take British Steel, Point Of Entry, or Stained Class anyday.

    I'm going to love this group. I'm woefully old school when it comes to Metal. I figure I can get turned on to some new Metal by coming here.
  9. Second Honeymoon
    Second Honeymoon
    DB, Dio was incredible at The Woodlands wasn't he. He just wiped the floor with Rob Halford. Priest totally mailed it in but Dio/Sabbath put on a top notch show with class, skill, and integrity. Priest pimped their new horrible album and basically gave the finger to the old school fans. Motorhead kicked some arse at that show as well....their guitarist just had some serious issues with his amps and lack of volume.

    metal has so many genres now, its hard to say who is the best. Lamb Of God is pretty good for current metal bands. Well written, structured, and not pure cookie monster vocals. Amon Amarth is something to behold, their sounds is great. Blind Guardian isn't new but they have a lot of great songs too. I consider Tool metal, and they are still one of the tightest outfits going.

    Another thing that was annoying about Halford was that he kept staring at the stage all the time and had poor crowd interaction especially compared with Ronnie James Dio's pure class crowd interaction.
  10. ESAD2-14
    Well shit, now I gotta go buy some more tunes that ya'll turned me onto. I like how Down and Bury your Dead sound.

    Far as best metal band? I say it would be hard to beat Pantera, but for me personally there are to many to really name as best. Slayer, AC/DC(not really metal, but they still jam), "Old School" Metallica, Slipknot, Black Label, and the list goes on.

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