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This is a public group.

Metal Heads!

Group Created by Double Barrel

Because metal needs a social group. Rock on, my brothers in metal!

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  1. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    Just found this band, and they kick ass!!

    Blotted Science The guitar player was with Spastic Ink - another progressive metal band - and the bass player is from Cannibal Corpse.

    I want to check out that Lamb of God show at Verizon. I just have to dig up some funds. They put on a great live experience.
  2. Nawzer
    Granted the vocals on previous Mastodon albums weren't great I still like them better than LOG. That's why I absolutely love this new Mastodon album, the vocals are the best compared to their other works. There is more melody and harmony in this album. This is the best album I've bought hands down in a very long time. But that's just my opinion.
  3. mexican_texan
    I never liked Mastodon...don't like the vocals.

    I'm checking out Lamb of God at Verizon Wireless...can't wait. Lamb of God...Children of Bodom...I don't know the other bands, but these two make it worth it.
  4. Nawzer
    Guys and gals. Drop everything you're doing right now and pick up the new Mastodon album Crack the Skye.
  5. ESAD2-14
    Pantera 95-96, was that Vulgar Display of Power tour or Far Beyond Driven? I'm thinking the latter and to lazy to look it up right now. I'd be interested in those Pantera DVD's, I can reimburse you the cost of the disks and shipping.
  6. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    I almost forgot!...I've been trading video bootlegs at the Buckethead forum (completely legal as it's purely trade and no cash involved, btw)...

    but someone is sending me a couple of Pantera shows from '95 and '96!! I can't wait to check them out. Those were some fantastic tours. I'm not sure of the audio and video quality, but if any of my fellow Metal Heads are interested, I'd be glad to burn you copies of the DVDs for you to check out.

    I'll give you a heads up when they arrive, then I'll just need to get the mailing address(es) of those interested.
  7. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    Lamb of God will be at Verizon on Friday, 03 April! It should be a great show!
  8. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    If you like progressive death metal, check out Obscura's new cd Cosmogenesis.

  9. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    Slipknot was awesome!! They put on one helluva' show. They only really need the five core members (guitars, bass, vocals, drums), but the other four dudes really add to the crazy atmosphere on stage. They owned Verizon, and I highly recommend any/all metalheads to check them out.

    btw, the new Lamb of God cd KICKS ASS!!! Seriously, this is a slab of pure grade A+ metal. They will be at Verizon on Friday, April 04. It should be an awesome show!
  10. ESAD2-14
    For you old school metal heads, August 15 Cynthia Woods Pavilion, Mayhem Fest headlined by Slayer (and others but who really cares, lol.)

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