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This is a public group.

Metal Heads!

Group Created by Double Barrel

Because metal needs a social group. Rock on, my brothers in metal!

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  1. False Start
    False Start
    My personal opinion about the greatest metal band of all time would be Pantera
    That's what I'm talking about. I saw them 12 times in concert, and I have a PanterA collection that would make the biggest Kiss collector blush. My favorite piece of memorabilia is my picture with Dime. He was a hell of a guy.

    As far as the new Soilent Green, "Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction" you cant go wrong DB. It hasn't been out of my CD changer since I bought it. You wont regret buying this album. They put on a hell of a live show too. I saw them with NILE one time, and everyone there was tripping on Soilent. They were like damn these guys are bad ass!! I cant wait till they hit town again.

    Now I know if you like PanterA DB you have to know about Down. Their first album "NOLA" is one of my favorite albums of all time, good stuff. Everyone should own this album.
  2. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    LOL @ Hookem's comments about Bury Your Dead. Yeah, the singer has a bit to be desired. Apparently they have a new guy for their recent cd, but he still screams and then does the singy chorus thing. I dig the guitar grooves, but they don't play solos. It's whack for a metal band not to have a lead guitarist!! JMO

    What do you think of a progressive metal band like Symphony X? That dude can sing his ass off, and I've got a lot of respect for all of the musicians. Michael Romeo is a riff machine. He could write three good tunes for every song they have. It's crazy how he keeps writing good stuff. The singer has a lot of voices, though, which is pretty cool.

    I will give Alter Bridge a good listen.

    Glad you made it, Showtime! Cool smileys, too!

  3. Showtime100
    Thanks for the invite. I think I even have an emoticon or two to help.

  4. Hookem Horns
    Hookem Horns
    BTW, my favorite newer band is Alter Bridge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DRCVuvj6T8
  5. Hookem Horns
    Hookem Horns
    I have Napster. All you need is a protected music converter and it is pretty much like the old Napster with unlimited downloads that can be put in the Ipod or made into CDs. I just listened to that band you recommended DB called "Bury Your Dead" on Napster. They sound just like Hatebreed. Nice riffs but I am too old school (and a former vocalist) to deal with that "vocal" style.

    Back in the 80's it used to be hard for metal bands to find a good vocalist. Now I guess they can just throw any angry roadie up there and sound like that.
  6. Hookem Horns
    Hookem Horns
    I thought Dio blew Priest away also and I thought I would never see Priest get blown away by anyone. The problem with Priest is Halford has completely lost his range. Priest is just not Priest without his high end screams. Dio still sounds like he did in the 80's at the age of 66.
  7. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    Thanks for the heads up on Soilent Green, False Start. I've been jamming to some of their tunes on myspace, and I'm going to pick up their cd when I get some fundage soon. I like their southern power groove. Good stuff.

    mexican texan turned me on to Opeth awhile back, and I borrowed my brother's cd's. Guess I need to give them back and buy my own soon. Some good fresh metal out there, and that's what this group is all about.

    Hookem, I saw Dio recently with Heaven & Hell at the Woodlands. Man, that dude has still got some pipes! Judas Priest played all their standards and did a good job, but Dio and Motorhead blew them off the stage, IMO. Testament opened up the whole thing with their original lineup, and Alex Skolnick still has it in him. That dude ripped it up!
  8. Hookem Horns
    Hookem Horns
  9. TexansLucky13
    This group rocks! Thanks for the invite.
  10. Corrosion
    Originally Posted by mexican_texan
    I saw a pretty sweet band on campus called "Judgement Day." Ever wonder what metal violin/cello would sound like? Pretty badass.
    Bout in about 1992 I saw a similar band , and met the .... Violinist prior to the show and didnt know it , I was kinda rude to the guy. He looked like a complete freak , high waters in a plaid suit and coke bottle glasses .... slobbered all over himself when he talked. Was trying to hit on the girl I was with , she was scared. lol. Once he came on stage and began playing he was a totally different person. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the band .... But it was incredible.
    I still talk to her occasionally , next time I do I'll ask her if she remembers the name.

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