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Social Group
This is an invite only group.

Old Fart Brigade

Group Created by Double Barrel

Only old farts over 40! Must be getting grumpy and unable to comprehend pants that look like you took a crap in them because they hang down so low. If you are a young peckerwood or whoopersnapper, NO ENTRY!

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  1. Khari
    I invited myself even though I'm only 31.....it is good to have power.
  2. Vinny
    My Dad used to get mad at me for turning the TV dial too fast. "You are going to break that @#$! damn dial and I'm gonna bust your ass"....or something to that effect.
  3. Thorn
    so, who's got the Sprite for the Jack Daniels around here? Ya bunch ah old farts, what'd ya do, forget it again? LOL
  4. Showtime100
    Edited out.
  5. Double Barrel
    Double Barrel
    I remember being the tv remote control back in my youth, but I also remember being the tv antenna adjuster, too. We'd have a chain of people through the house...

    "that's good"
    (me "good?!?")
    "wait, too far!"
    "too far!"
    (me "now?!")
    "wait, go back, wrong channel!"
    "go back!"
    (me "go back?! in?!")
    yada yada yada
    "damn, there's nothing on tv!"

    I hated having to do that, especially in the rain.

    Kid's today, bah! They have it too easy!
  6. Showtime100
    Happy XLII Birthday gwallaia.

    Quick couple of questions fellow farts. How do I post a pic lie DB has above and how do I (or do I) send an invite out??
  7. gwallaia
    Tomorrow I turn 42. I know, I know I look much younger but I am really going to be 42.
  8. Showtime100
    Greetings farts. There's a lot of old farts that have yet to join. I think Bill's a fart. Thorn's a fart. We need more farts.
  9. jgl35
    Greetings gentlemen. Just checked your ages and found all of you are a bunch of kids. Have to hang around and keep you under control. Back to watching Penn State swishing to LSU and back. John
  10. Hervoyel
    We should remind everyone that back in the day when you bought a frozen pizza it took 15-20 minutes for the stove (that's the thing under the cook top you see your mom and dad stand in front of sometimes) to preheat AND THEN it took an additonal 30-45 minutes to have dry, tasteless cold in the middle but burnt on the edges pizza.

    I see too many kids these days complaining that it takes 5 whole minutes to nuke a frozen pizza and annoyed that they have to stop halfway through the cooking process to rotate it.

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