View Full Version : NLF Draft prop bets

Seņor Stan
04-25-2013, 02:56 PM

Interesting draft prop (over / under) bets...

Tyrann Mathieu (75.5)

It takes only one team to talk itself into Mathieu as a second-round pick. It'll remember the weed issues that surrounded Aaron Hernandez and how they've disappeared since he entered the pros (with a contract that fit his past). They'll go back on tape and see Mathieu's ability as a return man and as a defensive playmaker. They'll have spent time this April figuring out a way to use him as a hybrid player, as something resembling a safety capable of covering slot receivers and even tight ends heading up the seam. He's a Swiss army knife guy, and those sorts of players never seem to fall in the draft. I think he ends up with Baltimore or Houston and before the 75th pick, making this an under.

Wow...that would put Mathieu as our 2nd rounder. Unless we trade down and pick up an early 3rd...

also picking the "bridesmaids" who have to stay in the green room all Thursday night might be fun...might start a poll on that one...