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04-01-2013, 07:09 PM
A compiled list of prospects that the Texans have talked to since the start of the draft process.

We understand that NFL TEAMS talk to as many prospects as they can, but still interesting to see the names.

East West Shrine Game

Anthony Amos, Wide Receiver, Middle Tennessee State (5-11, 183 lbs.)

Gerald Hodges, Outside Linebacker, Penn. State (6-1, 239 lbs.)

Eric Kush, Center, California (PA) (6-4, 304 lbs.)

Kayvon Webster, Cornerback, South Florida (5-10, 194 lbs.)

Sio Moore, Linebacker, Connecticut (6-2, 229 lbs.)

Senior Bowl

Hugh Thorton, Offensive Guard, Illinois (6-3, 320 lbs.)

Mike Glennon, Quarterback, N.C. State (6-7, 225 lbs.)

Markus Wheaton, Wide Receiver, Oregon State (5-11, 183 lbs.)

Jordan Poyer, Cornerback, Oregon State (6-0, 182 lbs.)

Maliciah Goodman, Defensive End, Clemson (6-4, 272 lbs.)

Jamar Taylor, Cornerback, Boise State (5-11, 192 lbs.)

Justin Pugh, Offensive Guard/Tackle, Syracuse (6-4, 307 lbs.)

Will Davis, Cornerback, Utah State (5-11, 182 lbs.)

2013 NFL Combine

Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma (6-6, 303 lbs.)

Cobi Hamilton, Wide Receiver, Arkansas (6-2, 199 lbs.)

Emmitt Cleary, Offensive Tackle, Boston College (6-7, 315 lbs.)

Robert Woods, Wide Receiver, U.S.C. (6-1, 190 lbs.)

Terrance Williams, Wide Receiver, Baylor (6-2, 201 lbs.)

Tyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame (6-5, 250 lbs.)

Sean Porter, Outside Linebacker (6-1, 231 lbs.) Story Here

Manti Te’o, Inside Linebacker, Notre Dame (6-2, 255 lbs.)

Devin Taylor, Defensive End, South Carolina (6-7 275 lbs.)

DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson (6-1, 200 lbs)

Kevin Minter, Inside Linebacker, LSU (6-1, 245 lbs.)

Confirmed Visits

D.J. Hayden, Cornerback, Houston (5-11, 191 lbs.) Story Here

David Amerson, Cornerback, N.C. State (6-1, 205 lbs.) Story Here

Tyrann Mathieu, Cornerback, LSU (5-8, 186 lbs.) Story Here

Jose Jose, Nose Tackle, UCF (6-1, 322 lbs.) Story Here

Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, California (6-2, 214 lbs.) Story Here

Jonathan Cyprien, Safety, Florida International (6-0, 217 lbs.) Story Here

Link (http://www.stateofthetexans.com/?p=10542)

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Nice thanks

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Thanks much for posting.

04-02-2013, 09:35 AM
The pre draft visits and interviews point to the Texans selecting at least one CB in this years draft.
7 CBs
1 Safety

04-02-2013, 10:07 AM
There's your future QB right there. Schaub 2.0 LOL.
Corrosion can have him in the seventh since people probably don't want him. :ahhaha:

04-02-2013, 10:23 AM
Sio Moore, love Justin Pugh, Woods, DeAndre, Cyprien.

What's your take on Cobi Hamilton, 76T?

04-02-2013, 10:32 AM
Sio Moore, love Justin Pugh, Woods, DeAndre, Cyprien.

What's your take on Cobi Hamilton, 76T?

Borderline third-fourth round.
I wonder if the 29-1/2 vertical for him is correct ?
If so, why didn't he try to better it at his pro day?
Kinda perplexing.