View Full Version : Browns Trent Richardson sued for assault of two women

03-23-2013, 11:10 AM
Once at the football player’s “compound” in Columbia Station, Richardon asked Jones and Hunter to leave. According to the suit, although the women were leaving, Richardson ran out of his house, yelling at them and saying they “Disrespected his house” by slamming a door.

Richardson pounded his fist on the hood of the women’s car and stood so they couldn’t drive away, while calling for the others inside the house, the complaint said.

“Defendant, Trent Richardson shouted curses, and commands, insisting that Defendant Sevina Fatu, come out of the house and physically assault the Plaintiffs in retribution of ‘disrespecting’ Mr. Richardson’s house,” the complaint said.

That’s when Fatu repeatedly hit Hunter in the face and dragged her out of the car by her hair, the plaintiffs said. Fatu and the two other unnamed women then beat Hunter and Jones at the urging of both Richardsons, according to the lawsuit.

The women said they were eventually able to get away, call police and get treatment for their injuries. The complaint said Trent Richardson caused $1,500 in damage to their car.