View Full Version : Endzone PSLs for sale

02-01-2013, 12:10 PM
I am looking at selling my PSLs in section 138. I realize it's not the Bullpen where the cool kids sit, but it is a great section in the south end zone and it's the 5th row. I've had them since the inaugural season, but I've found myself sitting in my 500 level seats with my dad (he just doesn't like the field level experience) and giving away or selling these.

I have them for sale through the PSL exchange for a much higher cost than I'm willing to take because they charge so much. I'm looking for $12000 for the 2 seats. PM me if you are interested.

If and when they ever open the roof again, these seats are never in the sun.

02-02-2013, 01:25 AM
I'm actually looking for 10k for the 2 PSLs. I need a better proofreader.