View Full Version : Texans/Dolphins: The run game

09-10-2012, 05:08 PM
If anyone with the ability to post frame by frame gameshots can please post pictures of Arian's run to the Left, with 9:10 left in the first qtr, I'd much, much appreciate it.

We're in the I formation, OD on the right, KDub & Aj to the left. At the snap, the line steps to the right & everything unfolds beautifully for a big run. Duane (very athletically) pulls off the line & heads out to the left, KDub crashes down on the DE, doesn't do a great job, but enough to slow him down, giving Casey enough time to get ahead of him & put a beautiful block on him.. that's the part I'd really like to see a picture of.

Everybody else is in perfect position, Wade gets in front of his guy, who eventually beats him, but by then Arian is already past him. Caldwell & Newton look very good. Meyers is doing his thing on the second level, taking out the Mike.

It only went for 6 yards, the Mo pushed Andre around.. c'mon he's a LB & gets in position to stop Arian. If not for that who knows.

But like I said, great block by Casey... you gotta see it.

09-10-2012, 05:12 PM
We follow with a 6 yard run by Tate to the right side. Nice blocking (this time) by KDub. Newton (very athletically) pulls around the TE & gets a great block on the safety. Tate should have planted his foot & followed Newton, that would have been a huge gain. Not complaining, just saying. Instead he bounced it outside & we had to settle for 6 yards & a first down. OD whiffed on blocking the other safety (maybe a CB #24) or that one could have gone the distance once Ben turned the corner.

09-10-2012, 05:39 PM
Truth be told Dansby and Burnett are very good run stuffers. I think we did okay given the run defense we were playing against. And if I were computer saavy enough to get you screen shots I would, sorry!

09-10-2012, 08:12 PM
my favorite run of the day was the 14 yard touchdown by foster. the blocking was about as perfect as it gets. myers was the standout on that play. something myers did earlier in his career here that frustrated me, was he'd release straight to the second level without cleaning up his lane first with at least a chip, leaving a guard without time to setup his block and allowing a DT to come in through myers vacated area. on that run myers got a good assist at the first level before blowing up a linebacker to give foster a huge lane. great execution all around.