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04-16-2012, 12:25 PM
Pretty nice one-stop-shopping for 2012 OTs with measureables/assessments/videos: http://thesidelineview.com/columns/draft/scouting-draft-offensive-tackles

*note: this is LZ's site, and looks like his dad's (college and NFL offensive line coach for 32 years) breaking them down

No. 1 -- Matt Kalil, LT, USC
Height: 6'6/Weight: 306/Arms: 34 1/2"

Good initial quicks
Long arms and times punch well
Good balance
Drops outside foot on contact a little too much. Might indicate lack of anchor. Need to see him more.
Very athletic and runs well in space
Rolls hips on run blocks and fires out with quickness
Shows some power
Flexible and uses runs well in both run and pass
Good lateral movement

Overall: Early 1st round talent. Not quite as technically sound as I expected but great athleticism. He can block on all levels and doesn't show any obvious weaknesses. Easily the best tackle of all the ones I looked at.

No. 2 -- Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
Height: 6'6/Weight: 313/Arms: 33 1/4"

Not as fluid in pass set as Kalil or Martin
Uses hands well in pass protection
Re-direct is average
Second level adjustment is just average
Can pull and is good in space
Good anchor at times but at other times, his anchor is a problem due to issues with his pass set
Short kick step causes him to "back up" too much at times in pass pro
Can make backside cutoff block in running game
Good on B-gap blocks and shows good strength
Good lateral movement

Overall: Looks like an excellent run blocker with the ability to make backside cutoff blocks. Doesn't appear to have any limitations in terms of his run blocking. Pass sets get him in trouble at times. He can play LT but is ideally suited for RT. Speed and power rushers could very well give him problems if his pass set issues aren't corrected. Looks like a 1st rounder in the 20s.

No. 3 -- Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford
Height: 6'5/Weight: 312/Arms: 34"

Shows good timing on punch most of the time
Plays with good base and appears to be aware
Great arm extension
Shows problems with speed rushers
Loses with hands in pass protection at times
Problems with up and under moves
Not a waist bender
Uses quick, short steps
Average redirect
Sound technique
Average run blocker

Overall: Looks like he has the ability to play left tackle in the NFL, but there are concerns about how he handles edge rushers. Bends fairly well but not great on the second level in the running game. Technically sound with a good base, but needs more work with pass protection. Might be best-suited for the right side, but not a "right only" prospect.

No. 4 -- Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State
Height: 6'7/Weight: 323/Arms: 34"

Pretty good athlete
Good punch and good pass sets
Not a waist-bender
Doesn't play with great strength in the running game
Can re-direct and appears to be a finisher
Uses hands well in pass pro and has good initial quicks
Plays with only decent leverage when run blocking
Solid base in pass protection
Very concerned about his problems with guys who get on his edge.
Lacks power to re-direct when some players get into his edge.

Overall: Good pass blocking potential, but seems to lack strength. Could be a first rounder because of lack of depth at the tackle position this year, but I would feel better about taking him later than 1st. His issues with players who muscle in on his edge in pass protection is a concern.

No. 5 -- Bobby Massie, RT, Ole Miss
Height: 6'6/Weight: 316/Arms: 35"

Right off the bat, I'm not sure about his functional strength
Shows good balance and good flexibility
Can kick outside to wide rushers effectively
Sustains his blocks
Knee-bender who gets decent explosion
Adjusts well on 2nd level in running game and is a good athlete
Good quickness and lateral movement and can pull
Big issue is anchor strength. Worried about ability to redirect with power.
Has issues when guys get into his outside edge and that could be a problem for him his entire career

Overall: Massie has the length, foot-quickness, flexibility and athleticism you want, but on tape, his strength is a problem. He tends to get walked back at times in pass protection. Has traits that you want, but functional strength is a concern. Talented and worthy of a 2nd round grade. Best fit would be with a team who ran a full-time zone scheme.

No. 6 -- Mitchell Schwartz, OT/OG, Cal
Height: 6'5/Weight: 318/Arms: 33" 1/2

Like him but understand he has limitations
Marginal athlete with okay change of direction ability
Has very good functional strength to bounce pass-rushers of course
Stiff hips and lateral movement is just okay
Average re-direct ability on the 2nd level in the running game
Usually anchors well in pass protection, but did see some inconsistencies at times
Not quick-footed on pass sets
Okay puller but very good point of attack strength
He has the power to play guard but his strength to re-direct rushers makes him a candidate to play right tackle

Overall: He played much better against Nick Perry from USC than Jonathan Martin did and the reason is because he has better strength and re-direct capability when guys get on his edge. Okay fit for a zone team but probably best suited for a power team. Guys end up on the ground when they play against him. His ceiling isn't high due to marginal athleticism, but his strength makes his floor higher. Feels like a safe pick.

No. 7 -- Zebrie Sanders, OT, Florida State
Height: 6'6/Weight: 320/Arms: 35

Great size
Slow twitch player
Very marginal re-direct
Average initial quicks
Can engulf defenders
Decent strength
Will have problem with speed off of the edges

Overall: Not a big fan of him from what I saw on tape. He is big with some strength which means he should go in the second round, but he doesn't look above average at any one area of his game.