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05-07-2005, 01:12 AM
Poston Brothers Becoming NFL Laughingstock
By: Bob George/BosSports.net
March 28, 2004

Instead of waiting for Ty Law to shut up and accept things as the way they are, let's instead watch the marvelous things happening regarding Orlando Pace.

The behemoth left tackle for the Rams, and a former number one draft pick at that, is in the second year of being slapped with the franchise tag by the Rams. He wants a long-term deal and wishes to remain in St. Louis. But what is most intriguing about Pace is his recent remarks about what his agents are demanding versus what he's comfortable getting as a new deal.

At the epicenter of this whole thing are two agent brothers who are fast becoming persona non grata around the NFL. Carl and Kevin Poston, owners of Professional Sports Planning, Inc., have gained a notorious reputation for being tough and unreasonable negotiators over the years. But their shenanigans over the past two years involving six of their high profile clients may one day drive them out of the player agent business, as NFL clubs may become loath to doing business with these two men at all costs.



A league source with access to Wonderlic scores tells us that agents Carl and Kevin Poston could be successful in signing high-profile clients primarily because they're attracting guys who might think the key word in the title to this piece refers to some kind of a computer program.

Per the source, the six Poston clients who currently are embroiled in a dispute with their respective NFL teams (i.e., Charles Woodson, Julian Peterson, Orlando Pace, Ty Law, Ian Gold, and LaVar Arrington) generated an average score of 15.5 on the Wonderlic test, which in our estimation puts them somewhere between "mildly autistic donkey" and "pile of cracked bricks" on the overall intelligence scale.

For the sake of any mildly autistic donkeys that might be offended by the comparison, we're joking about those classifications.

But not about the numbers.

The trend continued with their 2003 draft picks. Lions receiver Charles Rogers scored a 10 on the Wonderlic, which puts him in a position to outwit a handful of moist soil.

Colts safety Mike Doss and Texans linebacker Antwan Peek each scored a 13, which means that their dogs successfully have trained them to fetch their own newspapers and slippers.


My question is.. is this why Peek has languished on the sidelines? Do we not want to have to give peek that big payday that the Postons are going to demand if we start him? Seems kinda stupid.. but it is possible that it has been a factor in the decision.

Also.. im kinda sad to see Antwan Peek is grouped in with these other guys.. and that he chose the Postons. Judging by the other stuff ive read on him.. he doesnt seem to be an unintelligent guy.. despite his Wonderlic score. Maybe.. if we are lucky.. he will change agents when it comes time to resign with us.

05-07-2005, 10:41 AM
I agree with Vinny about the whole not wanting to pay him thing. It's interesting, but it seems like the Texans wouldn't mind paying Peek like a big time performer if he shows to be one this coming season. If you stash a player away for the entirety of his contract in hopes of keeping his price tag low then you're really not allowing that player to make any valuable contribution to your team. That would negate any possible savings you could hope to acheive by hiding him from the rest of the league. In all likelihood Peek will be given his chance to shine this season, and if he proves to be worthy of the starting job then he'll have a good shot at getting the money he thinks he deserves (not what the Postons think he deserves). I'm really counting on him to make a major contribution this season.

05-07-2005, 11:54 AM
I agree that the not wanting to pay him thing is not likely, however, as I said, it would not surprise me if his choice of agent played a part in his being sidelined. Not saying its THE reason.. just saying it could have played a part.

And I dont trust profootballtalk for real news.. but this isnt really "real news". The wonderlic scores of those guys seems to be fairly common knowledge... (though Peek was a surprise to me). It seems, based just on those scores, that the Postons do attract the less intelligent players.

05-07-2005, 03:01 PM
Just came from reading the Peek story so here I go again on his defense. If he plays well pay him well. If he plays bad then we'll have to see if he's willing to take about the same salary or be cut. But I trust that Peek won't do anything rash.