View Full Version : A couple of salary cap related tweets

nero THE zero
02-20-2012, 10:54 AM
I know the amount of cap room we (and others) have has been a contentious topic. Here are a couple of tweets from Schefter that shed light on the issue:
Adam Schefter
Teams with least cap room today: Pitt ($11 million over cap); Oak ($11 mil over); Carolina ($9 mil over); Giants ($9 mil over); Jets (even).
Teams with most cap room today: Tampa Bay ($67 million under cap); KC ($62 mil): Cincy ($60 mil); Denver ($49 mil); Washington ($49 mil).
This should shed some light on who our biggest concerns are and aren't so far as poaching our FA's go. And, while it doesn't list our cap figure, it should alleviate any worries (if they existed) that we're in the red.