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01-25-2012, 11:05 AM
I am sure there has been some discussion on these 2 in random threads but I figured they could use their own thread.

I am very high on our offensive line as a unit, and want to keep them together as long as possible.

What is it going to take to get these 2 back for 2012?

El Tejano
01-25-2012, 11:21 AM
This is why I'm thinking that FA and Draft need to have OL in them for us. They wont cost as much as the skilled players and that would help us sign our guys.

Ole Miss Texan
01-25-2012, 12:04 PM
I'm a big believer of building the trenches. We've got us a good solid unit on the OL and the key is to keep these guys together.

I honestly don't think they will be terribly expensive. The great thing about particular schemes is that not every team uses them so that really limits the number of other clubs that would try and sign your guys.... particularly linemen. These two are legitimate bonafide starters on our squad and I think should definitely be paid like that but I don't see franchise left tackle figures being required to keep them here.

Also, I don't really see starting Centers moving around all that much. They make so many calls at the line for blocking and have to have a good connection with the QB, you run double the risk trying to find a replacement.

Edit - And to piggyback on El Tejano's point... I think it's important to always draft some quality linemen that fit your team. Successful OL's are those that have a unit in place for a long time and as these guys retire or do end up leaving, you've got a replacement that has already been on your team and gotten some playing time for 3 years or so. You don't have to go find a new person to replace a G that leaves if you have quality depth, and young depth that can step up and fill in for the next 5+ years.

01-25-2012, 12:58 PM
Well we can start by comparing contracts. I found this old article from Alan Burge regarding the Wade Smith signing:

Let's look at some comps (to borrow a real estate term) to see how Smith's contract stacks up with a few other players in his 'neighborhood'

Chris Myers - ( 4 years, $11 million, 3 million guaranteed). The Texans acquired RFA Myers from the Broncos in a sign and trade deal in 2008. The deal also cost the Texans a 6th round draft pick.
Casey Rabach - (3 years, $12.3 million, unspecified guaranteed) The Redskins re-upped their 32 year old starting center on March 5 to keep him from becoming an unrestricted free agent. Rabach has 102 starts in eight NFL seasons.
Artis Hicks - (3 years, $9 million, $3 million guaranteed) The Redskins also signed unrestricted free agent Artis Hicks on Sunday. Hicks was the Vikings primary backup at right guard last season and is expected to compete for the starting right guard position at Washington. Hicks has 58 starts in his career.
Chester Pitts - Just for grins, let's throw Chester in the mix. Pitts made $4.38 million base salary for the Texans last season. It was the last year of a 4 year extension he signed in 2005 that was for 4 years, 19.7 million with $7.4 million in signing bonus and roster bonus. That was solid starter money for a guard when the deal was signed. Not sure if Chester is a real comp with Smith however, since Pitts was an iron man for the Texans over the past seven plus seasons with 114 consecutive starts before the injury.
Wade Smith (4 years, $12 million, $6.25 million guaranteed). Smith has 34 career starts in eight seasons.


I think Brisiel should be worth about what Wade Smith is making. 3 million a year average over 3-4 years with no signing bonus and about half the contract guaranteed should be good for a 28 year old guy. I think he can be our starter for at least 2 more years. That will give time for us to develop Caldwell and a rookie behind him and Wade. I really don't see another team offering him a lot of money.

Myers is a bit more difficult to peg. He did exceptionally well this year, but much of his success is likely system driven. He's a bit leaner than many centers in the league, which makes him more mobile for the ZBS. I'm not sure that many teams would be interested in him because he's not a mauler. He's certainly worth keeping for the right price though. Myers is 29, so that's something to consider as this will likely be his last good deal. Some comparable deals:

2009 - Matt Birk - Ravens - 3 yr(s) / $12,000,000 6m gtd avg 4m
2011 - Ryan Kalil - Panthers - 6 yr(s) / $49,000,000 28 gtd 18m signing bonus 8m avg
2010 - Nick Mangold - Jets - 8 yr(s) / $57,400,000 25m gtd 6.3m signing bonus avg 7m
2006 - Scott Wells - Packers - 5 yr(s) / $15,000,000 5m gtd avg 3m
2008 - Jeff Faine - Bucs - 6 yr(s) / $37,500,000 signing Bonus 12m avg 6.2m
2009 - Jeff Saturday - Colts - 3 yr(s) / $13,300,000 signing Bonus 7.45m avg 4.43m
2009 - Jason Brown - Rams - 5 yr(s) / $37,500,000 20m gtd avg 7.5m

Given all that I'd say Myers is worth around 5-6 million a year for 3-4 years. I can't see him getting offered more than that elsewhere, but it could happen.

Hardcore Texan
01-25-2012, 01:01 PM
This is why I'm thinking that FA and Draft need to have OL in them for us. They wont cost as much as the skilled players and that would help us sign our guys.

No way do we let these guys walk. I am okay with drafting for depth, but it takes a long time for unit like this to gel. If we lose one starter our offense will take a step back.

01-25-2012, 01:03 PM
Wow. I cant see him getting 6 million a year average. I am thinking 5 max. 5 year 25 million deal. Back loaded of course.

01-25-2012, 01:38 PM
Wow. I cant see him getting 6 million a year average. I am thinking 5 max. 5 year 25 million deal. Back loaded of course.

Maybe, but I see a lot of contract inflation in the market, and I think that's going to push up the numbers. Players know the cap is going to be raised in 2013 and will want some more money on the backend. I think Myers will have some demand though and the Texans will outbid the Redskins or whoever wants him. I'm sure Myers wants to stay, but he wants to get paid too.

01-25-2012, 02:09 PM
I hope we can keep our starting offensive line together because they have been playing together for some time now and have a sort of synergy with each other.

They know the system, they know each others strengths and weaknesses, and they have held their own against top competition pretty darn well so I see no reason not to resign starters if their contract(s) are up.