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01-12-2012, 04:25 PM
This isn't Mudville anymore, people. We've now got a contender - yet one of our best hitters has been MIA, even after being fully rehabed.

James Casey - while doubtful that he should ever throw pass. Why is Casey not at bat?

The thing about this "fullback" is, he might be a slight notch down from what Vickers can do, but is he really? And does Vickers really need to be in the game between the 20s?

I'm sure everyone has heard that Arian Foster did better last year in a one back set (5.5 ypa), as apposed to when Leach was in the game (4.7 ypa)...and while this may seem like a miniscule difference, just remember, in the ZBS it's all about vision, cuts and finding the open lane (mostly) on your own. A quick decision by the halfback.

Vickers has suspect hands. James Casey does not. Vickers is like molasses rolling uphill in August. James Casey is PDQ.

In short, unless it's goal line, between the 20s, there's no reason for Vickers to be in the game. In fact, with Casey in the game, who can cover this many receivers?

WR = KW or JJ & AJ
FB = Casey
RB = Foster

Really, that's too much firepower and they won't know run or pass.

Let 'em do this right, huh?

01-12-2012, 04:29 PM
Nickel or Dime packages.

01-12-2012, 04:44 PM
Nickel or Dime packages.

I'm not EXACTLY sure what you're saying here, but in this case they're in the I or offset I. If the opposing D opts for dime or nickel, your package is already set for run, and chances are you'll gash them.

Play action works like a champ showing run, just as it's designed to do.

A major point is, it's doubtful that Vickers brings any more to the table. Indeed, I've seen Vicker's slow ass get in the way of Foster in or around mid-field. To be fair to Vickers, for the most part he's done a bang up job in the red zone. Otherwise, why wouldn't you use the personnel package at your disposal for most normal down and distances?